Remembering the USS Liberty – When Israel bombed a American ship purposely

Remembering the USS Liberty – When Israel bombed a American ship purposely

from pages 509-510 of Rodney Stitch’s ‘Defrauding America‘.


Israel just doesn’t limit their assassinations to Arabs, Israeli forces deliberately machine gunned and bombed a virtually unarmed U.S. Navy communication ship, the U.SS. Liberty, off the coast of Lebanon on June 8 1967. The Liberty carried clear markings indicating it to be an American ship and Israel knew that. As the Israeli aircraft approached the Liberty, the fighter pilots radioed and protested to their base, “It’s an American ship!”. Tel Aviv disregarded the the pilots protests, and ordered the fighters to attack. The brutal and bloody assault continued for almost half an hour, during which time and missiles napalm and torpedos were used to kill thirty four U.S. Navy men injuring 171 others.

The U.S. sailors had intercepted Israeli radio communications relating to a planned attack on syria which occured the following day, and Israel felt Americans would expose the sneak attack. Israel’s plan was also to blame Egypt, and have the US retaliate against Egypt. ( just like what Israel did on 9/11 – blaming their own self orchestrated falseflag terror attack on Muslims in order to create tensions between the arab world and the us, and viola – the US fights yet another war for on israel’s behalf !)

For damage control, to prevent the american public from learning the truth, the powerful U.S. funded Israel lobby in the US sprang into action with disinformation to the media and pressure on members of congress who were recipients of their political contributions. (i.e., US taxpayers money) It worked. The American public never learned the truth. Even White House officials acted to protect Israel, publicly accepting Israel’s apology that the attack was an “accident”. The American service men were expendable, as they were in Vietnam and other CIA operations.

Seeking to evade blame, Israel assured that they thought the liberty was another ship, the El Queser. They were lying. But that Egyptian supply ship was in Alexandria, a fact known to Israel. The ugly truth of the deliberate killing of us military personnel by Israel was shown through radio messages intercepted by the American embassy in Beirut, which were slowly and belatedly leaked out. In 1991, former U.S. ambassador, Dwight Porter revealed the radio communications intercepted by this office in Lebanon on that fateful day in 1967, revealing that Israeli commanders knew the ship was an American ship and that they were killing American sailors.

Porter’s revelations are supported by Seth Mintz, a Major in Israel’s IDF who was present in IDF headquarters for several hours before starting the attack on the U.S communication ship. Shortly after Mintz made these statements he was threatened by Mossad agents, causing him to recant his earlier statements.  In a dispatch in Ha’aretz on November 7,1991, Mintz expressed “grave anxiety over the media interest in him” relating to the Liberty Affair. He told Ha’aretz, “Everyone is after me now, and that is what I’m afraid of. I don’t need the Mossad and Shin Bet knocking on my door.” His knowledge of Mossad assassination squads and their practice of assassinations certainly justified his anxiety. The orders to attack the U.S. Navy communication ship came from a high Israeli official, reportedly General Yitzhak Rabin, who later became Israel’s Laborite Prime Minister. President George Bush Sr’s White House staff tied to portray Israel’s Rabin as a peacemaker, despite his long history of terrorist activities.

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