‘the Federal Reserve nightmare must end’

smoloko reprises an older interview originally posted last october 2013 on between journalist Mike Harris and PressTV – the underlying message here is that when you hear a POLITICIAN say “we need to balance the budget”, he/she has no intention of balancing anything because there is no way you can “balance a budget” in a economic system when all of the money in that system is created in the form of debt to privately owned for-profit central banks..

We need strong God fearing moral men in government to seize the Federal Reserve right fucking now from the
Illuminati Jews who run it. Now more than ever, we need God fearing men with massive balls in Government who will use the power of eminent domain to take away the Jewish Fed’s money creation abilities and put them back into the treasury and allow this ability to be a treasury function where we do not have to pay interest for money that we can print ourselves for the US currency.

 why is the US bothering with the Federal Reserve?! It is a private banking consortium that is unconstitutional !

the federal reserve act of 1913 was passed in the dead of night, it has been a hundred-year nightmare for this country, it has absolutely ruined and sucked the financial vitality out of the United States since its inception.


It has failed in everything it has been meant to do, including protecting the value of the dollar. So really what the US government should do is to seize the Federal Reserve.

Mike Harris from VeteransToday News says : Use the power of eminent domain to take that function back into the treasury and allow this to be a treasury function where we do not have to pay interest for money that we print ourselves for the US currency.

That really is the problem but that is more aggressive than what this question was asking.

Press TV: Mr. Harris, the banks are being blamed for dragging down the entire economy now in the US and one writer was saying that you simply cannot restructure the whole system to accommodate banks, which are taking off of the government, and that writer was saying when the banks now have become the government you cannot do anything about it. Now it is too late and that is why the economy is headed for another slump.


Would you agree with that argument?

Harris: Well, absolutely I would. The failure of the government here is that after the 2007, 2008 financial collapse, the mortgage fraud, all of this; there have been no prosecutions.

The bankers got off scot-free, you have not seen any of them in handcuffs… nobody has been arrested and the reason for this is that banks control the government.

The politicians are beholden to the government and big businesses. That is where it goes and it is time for the American people to say: “No we will not take it anymore!”

If we do have a collapse, if we do have a financial collapse, you could look for the American people who take to the streets and burn these banks to the ground and hang these politicians who sold out their constituents.

That is what you could look forward to and, do I advocate that? No I do not! But if this thing is out of hand, if these guys do not come to their senses or if our politicians forget that it is we the people, the American people, who they work for and not the big banks and corporate interests, there is going to be blood in the streets in the United States of America. I will promise you that.
Press TV: And the concluding remarks by Mr. Harris; what is your idea? Do you agree with what was said there?

Harris: Well, I do not know what is going to happen. I really…, you know, one part of me hopes that we can avoid the default because of the turmoil that it is going to cause. Another part of me hopes that there is a default because then the system will crash, the banks will crash and perhaps we will have an opportunity to rebuild an entirely new economic system in this country.


This usury-based system, this debt-based system issues credit from thin air, it does not work! And it is time that we look at some other financial methodologies and some other economic models, something that is going to work better and serve the people, something that is more populist in its nature and not so much…, it is the problem that we have in this country that the rich gets richer and the poor have children and wealth, since the creation of the Federal Reserve greater and greater wealth has been accumulating in fewer and fewer hands.

So the rich, really, are getting richer and everyone else is suffering and it is time to make this a fair and equitable system where anybody has the possibility to get wealthy.

I just do not know what is going to happen. I really hope that the cooler heads prevail and I hope that we can avoid a collapse but if we do, let us take that as an opportunity to retune and reinvent our entire economic system away from this usury-based credit

Continue reading the Mike Harris interview with PressTV here


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