Is ISIS Good For The Jews?

By Brother Nathanael Kapner

(Smoloko would like to answer that question – yes, for right now they are. ISIS-ISIL is serving as a Illuminati Banker Proxy terrorist group via funds and arms from it’s Western and Gulf state sponsors – The aim of ISIL-ISIS ? to destabilize completely the last few remaining non-globalist conforming secular Arab nation states that are not under Illuminati Banker Control for the benefit of Rothschild’s Israel – in this case…the targeted countries include Syria following next with Lebanon and Iran.)

Is ISIS good for the Jews?

Let’s see. For now they’re using them to break the Arc of Resistance against Zionism running from Iran, through Iraq, to Damascus, to Beirut.

Israel’s former ambassador to the US admitted last year that Israel prefers al-Qaeda to lawful rule.

[Clip: “The Israeli ambassador to the US says that Tel Aviv prefers al-Qaeda affiliated guys to groups backed by Iran. Israel’s initial message was that it had always wanted Syrian’s President Bashar al Assad to go even though the bad guys had links to al-Qaeda.”]


The Jerusalem Post just chimed in that ISIS “poses no threat to Israel.”

But Assad, who maintains stability in the region, he’s the threat.

When ISIS—the latest version of al-Qaeda—rolled into Iraq last month, the Pentagon said it was ‘taken by surprise.’

Bullshit !ISILpentagonCIAfraud

The CIA has been in Syria for three years, arming ‘freedom fighters’ comprised of al-Qaeda factions.

It knows very well that the caravan of Toyotas ISIS drove across Syria into Iraq matched the same trucks the US State Department gave to the ‘Free Syrian Army.’

ISIS and the FSA are united…cutting deals and celebrating together.

Former President of the FSA Military Council joined the celebration with his “brothers.”

[Clip: “Journalist: How is your relationship with the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL)?
Okaidi: It is good. My relationship with the brothers in ISIL is good.
J: Do you communicate with them?
O: Yes of course. I communicate almost daily with brothers in ISIL to settle these disputes and issues.”

The ‘Free Syrian Army’ was from the beginning a “brand management” created by America, Israel and Gulf governments.


Their leaders were marketed as the face of the Syrian opposition while serving as conduits of CIA, Saudi, and Turkish support for the more effective al-Nusra and brutal ISIS.

It’s these ‘moderates’—allied in ‘brotherly love’ with ISIS—who will funnel off the latest 500 million from Congress to “slaughter the Alawites,” namely Assad, protector of Christians.

Samantha Power, married to Neocon Jew Cass Sunstein, doesn’t care about Christians.

Toppling Assad is the Jewish aim.
[Clip: “Well, let’s talk about this moderate opposition in Syria. I’m a little confused at who we’re training them to fight. Are we training them to fight ISIS, or are we training them to fight Assad? Who are we training them to fight?
“Well, as you know, our national security imperative is to go after ISIL…”
“But is that what the Free Syrian Army wants to do? I thought the Free Syrian Army was trying to fight Assad. That they’ve been fighting side by side in some cases with ISIS. That’s why…Do they know that’s why we’re training them?”
“Uh, They do! But, but may I add the training will also service these troops in the same struggle they’ve been in since the beginning of this conflict against the Assad regime. Let me note, the Free Syrian Army and other mod…other moderate forces have been fighting ISIL since December. They have pushed ISIL out of strategic areas…”]

Liar. We just heard the former Free Syrian Army president describe relations with ISIS as “brotherly.”

The fraud begins anew. Arm the ‘moderates’ and our weapons are siphoned off and sold to ISIS…or whatever leading terrorist group emerges.


The Jewish neocon plan is to create a sphere of terror across eastern Syria thru northern Iraq breaking up the Arc of Resistance and providing a buffer zone within which ISIS can take out Assad.

One wonders who America takes orders from: 98% of its people or Neocon Jews?

Why are we letting Fred and Kimberly Kagan, William Kristol and Eric Edelman, and their ilk, hijack US interests?

It won’t end well.

Russia’s UN ambassador makes this clear.

[Clip: “When the United States decided to make toppling President Assad as the priority of the policy of the United States, we told them that it was the terrorists we needed to worry about.

“There are other terrorist organizations than ISIL in Syria, like this Jabhat al-Nusra and some others. So they may take over the territory which would be vacated by ISIL after American strikes. We fear that it may degenerate into a chaotic situation.”]

WITHOUT Assad, Iran, and Hezbollah keeping ISIS at bay— terrorism will flourish and chaos will rule.

Is ISIS good for the Jews? They think they are.

But this insanity will take America down the sinkhole of yet another Middle East quagmire.


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