PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP MORE AND MORE DAY BY DAY TO THE FACT THAT ISRAEL IS A ROUGE TERRORIST STATE UNRESTRAINED FROM INTERNATIONAL LAW AND OVERSIGHT – the zionist propaganda just isn’t cutting it anymore and the zionist used-car salesmen like ted cruz aren’t able to peddle their lies and deception like they used to because of the power of the internet & social media !


Zionist traitor and agent occupying the position of Senator – Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was booed off the stage at an event hosted by a Christian organization in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night.

The phony “conservative” pudgeball delivered the keynote address at an event hosted by In Defense of Christians, an organization that raises awareness of persecuted Christian and minority communities in the Middle East. But the audience turned hostile when Cruz said, “Christians have no greater ally than Israel.” Yeah right…and sharks don’t eat people I guess either according to Cruz…

“I will say this: I’m saddened to see that some here, not everyone, are so consumed with hate,” he said, as more members in attendance began to boo. “I will say this: If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you. Thank you, and God bless you,” he said, before walking off the stage. Zionist’s like Cruz paint any resistance to Zionist tyranny as “Anti-Semitism”, it’s the Rothschild’s oldest trick in the book to shield themselves and their sick personal toy known as “Israel” from any prosecution or conviction of their heinous crimes.


According to The Daily Caller, IDC Executive Director Andrew Doran then came on the stage and said, “For the love of God, we’re here to talk about Christians and we’re here to be united.”

In a statement issued after the event, the IDC blamed a “few politically motivated opportunists” for the incident.

pictured – IDC executive director Andrew Doran

(Sounds like IDC  Executive Director Andrew Doran should rename the IDC the  IDZ (in-defense of Zionists) not Christians…since he is so quick to call people who are aware of Israel’s genocidal policies towards Palestinians “Politically motivated opportunists”)

The Assyrian International News Agency interviewed several attendees, most of whom said they were present “to discuss the plight of the Christians in Iraq, not the Israel-Hamas conflict, and they resented the senator’s attempt to ‘hijack’ the summit,” the agency reports.

In a statement following the incident, Cruz said the event “unfortunately deteriorated into a shameful display of bigotry and hatred.” (no Teddy, you are the only hate filled bigot here peddling lies and deception for the Zionists who finance your campaigns and supply your paycheck)


“I came to this event tonight to help shine a light on the tragic persecution and slaughter of Christians by ISIS and Islamic radicals throughout the Middle East. American leaders have been far too silent as to this horrific evil,” he said. “But bigotry and hatred have no place in this discussion. Anti-Semitism is a corrosive evil, and it reared its ugly head tonight. After just a few minutes, I had no choice. I told them that if you will not stand with Israel, if you will not stand with the Jews, then I will not stand with you. And then I walked off the stage.”

Oh god doesn’t this guy make you sick. He looks like a fucking pig and is so scripted he makes a rookie news reporter look like a professional. Seriously Ted, you’re telling us that if we don’t stand with a tyrannically ruled Israel, then we American’s don’t stand with Israel ? Are you fucking kidding me ? What if a politician said this about China or any other country ? Just imagine it, “If you don’t stand with China, I will not stand with you”. It would sound absolutely ridiculous, but since it’s Israel and “Jews”, well it’s okay then…PSHHH…People are sick of this Zionist hogwash because day by day it is starting to sound more and more absurd.

What we don’t see & hear behind the scenes…



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