This is a Jewish intervention plot.

report by Lee Rogers from the Daily Stormer

A myriad of anti-government protests have hit Iran over the past few days. With ISIS now a non-factor in the region, many are speculating as to what the Zionists will do next. We may have found our answer.

It is reasonable to say that these protests didn’t just come out of nowhere. This looks like another attempted color revolution, similar to what we have seen in places like Ukraine. The exact reason for these protests is foggy, but it allegedly has to do with some combination of women’s rights, economics and Iran’s military support of Syria. In other words, the rationale is centered around a bunch of Jewish nonsense.

Jews and Zionists have come out in unison supporting the protests in the name of freedom and democracy.

Here’s just a handful of tweets from the blue check mark crowd. Twitter has gotten so ridiculous with their censorship that a blue check mark on the platform is practically the equivalent of a “jude” star. Most people with the blue check mark status are either Jews or supporters of Jews.

The President is also supporting the protests which is not a surprise considering his consistent anti-Iran rhetoric. His position on Iran is a major disagreement that many of us have with the President.

Here’s the State Department’s official statement.

The fact that there has been a unified front supporting these protests is an indication that this an attempt by the Zionists to destabilize Iran from within.

You’ll notice that there was no unified front supporting Palestinians protesting Israel. The kikes even killed a man with no legs and there was no outrage!

“We’ve got bullets! Bullets for brown people! No legs? No problem!” -Jews

And how about what happened in Charlottesville a few months back here in the United States? There was no unified front expressing outrage over a criminal conspiracy to shut down an attempt to hold a peaceful rally.

So to say that these people are concerned about freedom and democracy is the most retarded thing imaginable. This is about creating chaos in a nation that is opposed to Israel. It has nothing to do with freedoms.

Annual rallies supporting the Iranian government are being held today. It looks as if these pro-government rallies will be larger and more widespread than the anti-government rallies.


Annual nationwide pro-government rallies were held in Iran on Saturday to mark the end of unrest which shook the country in 2009, state media reported, while local news agency and social media reports said a third day of protests had begun.

State television showed a rally in the capital Tehran and marchers carrying banners in support of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest city. Pro-government rallies were scheduled in more than 1,200 cities and towns, state television said, events held annually to mark the end of months of street protests which followed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election as president in 2009.

While anything is possible, it is doubtful that this revolution will succeed. The Iranians are well aware of America’s historical interference in their nation’s affairs. This interference which created a socially degenerate cesspool under the Shah is what led to the 1979 revolution and the formation of the Islamic Republic.

Just look at these free and independent Iranian sluts before the revolution! The revolution put these skanks in their place!

The United States needs to end its continued interference in the internal affairs of Iran. This is a country that has no means to militarily invade the United States. Any interference in their internal affairs only benefits Israel which contrary to popular belief is not our greatest ally. Israel is America’s greatest enemy and people need to start recognizing this fact.

Trump Pushes For Overthrow of the Iranian Government

report by lee rogers from infostormer

The President has posted a series of tweets pretty much advocating for the overthrow of the Iranian government.

Trump’s stance on Iran is one I have consistently disagreed with. He spent a good part of his campaign bashing Iran and talking about the bad nuclear deal. And look, I get that the Iranian nuclear deal wasn’t great, but that doesn’t mean we should be advocating for the overthrow of their government.

This is not an America First position, this is an Israel First position. Overthrowing the Iranian government is of primary benefit to Israel. It’s not like the Iranians have the military capability to strike the United States so this has nothing to do with national security.

The United States has been interfering in Iran’s internal affairs since the 1950s and it hasn’t been of any benefit to us. Forcibly changing their government in a color revolution is not going to change that.

What I find interesting is how all of these Merchant Right characters are shit posting all sorts of crap on Twitter supporting the overthrow of the Iranian government. Many of these fools started pushing heavy pro-Israel positions over the past few months. This happened simultaneously as Twitter began banning numerous people who expressed their opposition to Israel and Zionism. I do not believe that any of this was a coincidence.

These dishonest rats pushing all this Zionist propaganda are operating without any real ideological opposition.

Take for instance Jack Posobiec this spook fuck who is continuously spreading disinformation and propaganda.

Nice try Jack. How about you tell us who your handler is? You must have a case officer right? Or are you just doing independent contract work and cashing pay checks from the Mossad?

Suffice to say, there is a massive psychological warfare operation underway in an attempt to topple the Iranian government. This is for the sole benefit of Jews and Israel. There is no reason to support this.

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Iran Blames (((Foreign Agents))) for Unrest and Violence

report by lee rogers from infostormer

Iran is blaming foreign agents for the unrest and violence taking place in the country. They are right to do so. It is not a coincidence that these mass protests are occurring just a short time after the military defeat of ISIS.


At least two people taking part in pro- and anti-government rallies in Iran were killed, local media reported, citing officials. These are the first fatalities attributed to the recent mass protests.

The deaths were reported in the city of Doroud (Dorud), 325 kilometers southwest of Tehran, in Iran’s western Lorestan Province, the semi-official Mehr News Agency reported. The unauthorized rally ignited clashes, Habibollah Khojastepour, the security deputy of Lorestan’s governor, told the agency, adding that two protesters were killed in the clashes.

“The gathering was to be ended peacefully, but due to the presence of the [agitators], unfortunately, this happened,” Khojastepour said. The official did not specify the causes of the deaths, adding that “no bullets were shot from police and security forces at the people.”

The ongoing protests across Iran started on Thursday as a demonstration against soaring food prices and unemployment, snowballing into the biggest anti-government movement in eight years.

Speaking to state TV, Khojastehpour said that those killed in Doroud were targeted by foreign agents, not the police, Reuters reports. “We have found evidence of enemies of the revolution, Takfiri [Sunni extremists] groups and foreign agents in this clash.”

ISIS was a major asset for the Zionists. When engineered protests failed in Syria, they propped up Islamic terrorists to try and overthrow the government. That’s what ISIS was all about. Now that this asset has been defeated, they’re attempting to engineer a color revolution in Iran.

One of their favorite tactics is to shoot protesters, blame the government and spread propaganda about human rights violations. They’ve done this before in previous color revolutions. Even the President has said that they’re looking out for this sort of thing.

I don’t think this is going to succeed though. The operation seems as if it was hastily thrown together and is being executed out of desperation. The Jews are in a bad spot. ISIS has been defeated and the Arab world is refocused on Israel after Trump’s Jerusalem declaration.

I’d like to think that Trump has been forced to support this, sort of like the missile strikes he ordered against Syria this past April. However, his rhetoric has been consistently anti-Iran. He may legitimately perceive Iran to be an enemy even though they’d make a natural ally in the region if we weren’t so deeply entrenched with Israel and the Saudis. Either way, I totally disagree with the position. It puts Israel before America.

The Iranian government is promising to punish the protesters having already shut down various means of communication throughout the country. We’ll see how it plays out from here.

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Iran Shuts Down Social Media as “Persian Spring” Intensifies

report from the Daily Stormer

So, this isn’t going away.

It’s highly concerning.

This could absolutely turn very quickly into something you were not ready for.


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addressed the country Sunday night after several days of anti-government protests that have rocked the nation.

Rouhani’s remarks came after the state-run media outlet IRIB reported that Iranian officials had temporarily restricted access to social media apps Instagram and Telegram, which have been used by Iranians to share news about the protests.

“We are a free nation,” Rouhani said in his prerecorded speech on state broadcaster IRINN. “And according to the constitution and citizen rights, the people are free to express their criticism and even their protests,” he said.

“But,” Rouhani continued, “criticism should not be accompanied with violence or vandalizing public property.” Rouhani also acknowledged the economic and social hardships some Iranians face.

The demonstrations, which have erupted against a backdrop of rising food and gasoline prices, began Thursday in the northeastern city of Mashhad before spreading to other cities. Those included Tehran, Kermanshah, Arak, Qazvin, Khorramabad, Karaj and Sabzevar, according to state-run media outlet IRNA, which cited First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri.

The idea this is spontaneous is absolutely ridiculous.

Right exactly when Israel needed it… it just all of the sudden began.

I’m sure this is all going to be documented, as the Ukrainian revolution was – where it ended up the EU was paying people 50 euros a day to protest – but we don’t need that documentation to know what is going on. This is a Jewish intervention plot.

Protests were ongoing Sunday, the fourth day of demonstrations, according to videos circulating on social media that originated in Tehran and other parts of the country.

Earlier on Sunday, the Iranian Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli issued a stern warning that protesters who cause public disorder would “pay the price” after the demonstrations reportedly turned deadly.

“The events and occurrences of the last few days have preoccupied, saddened and hurt our beloved people,” semi-official news agency ILNA quoted Fazli as saying, before adding “those who destroy public properties, create chaos, lawlessness and insecurity in our society, will be held legally responsible and must answer for their behaviors and pay the price for it.”

The social media shutdown is the same thing leaders tried to do during the Arab Spring.

It worked for some countries and not for others… but it was pretty much that it worked for the countries Jews wanted it to work for.

We’re going into day 5 of protests.

Despite the fact that it’s January, there isn’t ever going to be a temperature problem.

Once these things get started, it is very difficult to stop them.

Which is why Machiavelli and so on recommend not ever letting them happen in the first place.

If you’re in this situation, the Machiavellian solution would be to punish the leaders of the protest harshly. But Iran is dealing foremost with an external enemy waiting to attack them, and a brutal response would give fuel for the Jews pushing for “humanitarian intervention.”

Libya, you shall recall, was bombed into oblivion on the premise that the bombs were helping protesters.

This is literally how it started:

The protests in Libya, as with the rest of the Arab Spring (at least most of it), were manufactured by the West and the Jews.

They are trying the exact same play yet again in Iran. And it is definitely a frightening development.

A war with Iran would presumably mean a war with Russia. And Iran isn’t Syria or Iraq or any of the other shit countries we’ve been doing interventions in for the last couple of decades – it is a real country with a real military. So even if it was simply another proxy war with Russia, like Syria was before Trump cut the cord, it would be a much more extreme scene.

An Alt-Right protest in Washington in support of the Iranian government would be good, I think. Anything that we can do to remind the people of the fact that this is the same exact story, again.

If we had an honest media, they would be saying “this looks very similar to previous regime changes orchestrated by the Zionist establishment…” – but guess what? We do not have an honest media. We have a Jewish media. And they are telling us that although Iran has been basically starving since the early 2000s, it’s just right now, as they are finally gaining some bit of military advantage on Saudi and Israel, that people got angry about it.

By cohencidence.

We have power now and we need to remind the people that we’ve seen this movie before.

I wish Trump was on our side in this.

But regrettably, he is not.

In fact, he is parroting very old Jewish talking points on the issue 100%.

He would do well to read his own tweets on the media with regards to the above claims.

Mr. President: why would they lie about everything except Iran?

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smoloko comment –

I’m really starting to think that the JEWS are prepping us for war ! Have you noticed all the new hollywood war propaganda the jews are churning out at us lately? Take a look at the new JEW CBS show ‘Seal Team’ which glorifies the Navy Seals who are in reality nothing but killers and thugs for international jewry.

There is also a new movie coming out soon called ’12 Strong’ that is strongly promoting the jewish fraud known as the war on terror. It doesn’t take a genius to realize what’s going on. The JEWS are preparing us for war and all this recent war propaganda is to get the goyim on board for a huge war with Iran which will lead to WW3 with Russia and China. Be ready for a bumpy ride this years brothers, and be sure to make yourself right with Christ before it’s too late.

PS…Anybody who joins the military in this day and age with all the knowledge and information we have such quick and easy access to via the internet is truly a retard. If you haven’t gotten the memo yet by now, let me break it down for you. 1. The 9/11 attacks were planned and carried out by Israeli intelligence. 2. America is ruled by Jews and their bought and paid for puppets we like to call ‘the government’. 3. You aren’t defending ‘freedom’ or ‘serving your country’. You’re serving Jewish plutocrats and defending and imposing global Jewish supremacism onto the rest of the world. If you really want to serve your country, start first by educating yourself about the Jewish problem and you’ll soon find out who the (((enemy))) really is.

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