Study Says Moslem Populations in Some European Countries Will Triple by 2050

report by Lee Rogers from the Daily Stormer

All Moslems need to be sent back to the Middle East. No exceptions.

Europe is facing a major demographic crisis in the years to come. If blood and soil nationalism is not implemented, many European countries are going to be overrun with Moslem savages. This is assuming that existing trends remain intact.

A new study is stating that some European nations could see their Moslem population triple by 2050. This is largely because these Moslems breed like rats. This is obviously not a good situation.


The Muslim population in some European countries could triple by 2050 while it will barely change in others, according to new projections released by the Washington-based Pew Research Centre.

The report, Europe’s Growing Muslim Population, shows a stark west-east divide. The Muslim share of Germany’s population could grow from 6.1% in 2016 to 19.7% in 2050 if high migration continues, whereas over the border Poland’s share would change from 0.1% to 0.2% in the same scenario.

Even if all current 28 EU members, plus Norway and Switzerland, closed their borders to migrants, the Muslim population share in the west would continue to grow owing to a younger age profile and higher fertility rates, but remain very low in the east.

It is no surprise that Western European countries will be the most impacted by what’s going on. They’re the ones who have been letting these third world hordes enter in massive numbers. Some like Germany are even encouraging them to migrate by promising them free stuff.

In places like Sweden, the police use their full resources to attack and harass Swedish nationalist groups while letting Moslems run amok. It is a totally insane situation.

Look what happened a few days ago when some nationalists simply tried to give fliers to people.

At least Eastern European countries are filled with Moslem hating Slavs. They are not accommodating these Molsem invaders and this is why there are few if any Moslems in these countries. The nations that existed behind the iron curtain during the Cold War seem to have been the most resistant to this madness. Variants of nationalism and populism are currently ruling the politics of these countries.

It’s going to be an uphill battle in Western Europe though. Ultimately it is probably going to come down to rounding up these savages and putting them in concentration camps. Some might leave voluntarily but many will not. Either way, they all have to go one way or another.

Trump Re-Tweets String of Hardcore Anti-Moslem Videos from Britain First

report by Adrian Sol from the Daily Stormer

So Trump just re-tweeted these:

This is exactly why we elected Trump. He’s boosting our message to millions of people, exposing them to information that the mainstream has concealed for years. And as you can imagine, the media is going nuts over it.

New York Daily News:

President Trump gave the platform of the U.S. commander-in-chief to a British far-right leader, reposting a string of anti-Muslim videos on his Twitter.

Jayda Fransen is the deputy leader for Britain First, a civic nationalist party in Britain advocating for immigration restriction, especially of Moslems.

By re-tweeting her, he’s showing support for the nationalist opposition in the UK, which seems like a major diplomatic statement on top of being very politically incorrect.

He injected the American political bloodstream with a series of three videos including “Islamist mob pushes teenage boy off roof” and “Muslim Destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary!” on Wednesday morning.

None of the videos were immediately verifiable and Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported that the third video “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!” was in fact “fake news.”

It covered the clip from the website Dumpert in May, and said that the original video, which led to the arrest of a 16-year-old from the Dutch city of Monnickendam, said nothing about an alleged ethnic attack.

What do you believe, “De Telegraaf” or your lying eyes? These retards are saying that the video is “fake news,” because it was posted with an accurate description of the contents whereas the original reporting on the story pretended like this was not ethnically motivated.

Don’t these media people realize the “fake news” term is now an Alt-Right meme? It’s now basically a synonym for lugenpresse.

Using it in their articles just confuses people by this point. The average reader is like “wut? I didn’t know Britain First was a subsidiary of CNN. You learn something every day, I guess.”

The fact is that these videos have a realistic quality to them that no explaining away on the part of the press can suppress. Their propaganda value is great, and by putting them out like this Trump is helping to radicalize his base. If he keeps going like this the average normie Trump supporter will become increasingly indistinguishable from Alt-Righters.

source –

Global Jewry Swings into Action to Attack Trump’s Tweets

report from the dailystormer

The main Jewish ethno-activist organisation in Britain immediately denounced Trump’s retweets of BritainFirst. The main Jewish ethno-activist organisation in the US did too. So did lots of lesser Jewish groups.


The Jew as ally of the Muslim is a story that stretches from 7th century Arabia to 21st century Britain. The Jews know that Islam is the best weapon they have ever forged against Christendom and they are not going to give it up easily. Yet still we see deluded gentile Countjihadis pathetically seeking the favor of those who are leagued with their enemy.

In my experience, Britain First aren’t that reliable a retweeting source. Their twitter feed seems to consist of old videos endlessly recycled. The videos are quite good, but they are usually old and often mischaracterised in some way. When I’ve pointed out some of the inaccuracies* in their labelling, they haven’t responded or corrected them. (For example they have one where they say a Muslim is praying in a Spanish cathedral but in fact it is the Alhambra, a former Muslim palace)

To my knowledge, Britain First haven’t shown any signs of antisemitism. In fact, it has been claimed that Fransen herself is of Jewish heritage. Britain First even offered to work with Jews in 2015. The offer was spurned. Being pro-Israel and philosemitic gets you nowhere with these people if you go against Muhammad.

In 2015, Community Security Trust, England’s Jewish anti-Semitism watchdog, rejected an offer of cooperation from Britain First.

“They are a far-right, nasty, racist group that intimidates minorities, especially Muslims,” Dave Rich, a spokesman for the Community Security Trust, told The Times of Israel at the time. “The Jewish community should and will not have anything to do with them.”


comment from Alice –

Western people have to LEARN about Islam, they really have because the JEWS took the decision to Islamize White lands, they will use the Muslims for erasing Christianity by birth rate, and for creating civil wars that will be used by JEWS to establish their totalitarian supervised anti-freedoms societies. We have to admit that Islam is NOT compatible with Western culture based on freedoms and Christianity!

Why people don’t READ some of the Quran? For example read an entire Chapter, Chapter 9, or Chapter 5, you can find many Quran online translated! Why people don’t do any single research but just assume that “Islam is a wonderful religion” just simply because the Jews make wars on Muslims in teh Middle East?

A Muslim leader in Britain thanked the JEWS officially for Islamizing Europe and fighting for Muslim rights

Jewish Rabbi says that Islam invading Europe and conquering by birth rate, is a Jewish “prophecy” that “should happen”

Jewish hand behind Islamization of the West

Jewish Rabbi: Islam is “religion of future” It’s why Jews spread Islam in Europe)

Jewish Rabi confess Islamization of Europe Good for Jews



Jews pushing for mass Islamic immigration into America …                     


Justin Trudeau Cries as He Apologizes for Canada’s Treatment of “LGBTQ2” Persons

report by Lee Rogers from the Daily Stormer

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently issued a tearful apology to a myriad of faggots and mentally ill people. He specifically referenced the “LGBTQ2” community. It was one of the most insane and pathetic speeches a major world leader has given in some time [at least since Juncker said he was in contact with space aliens -Ed.].

He was sad that these sexually dysfunctional individuals were not treated well by the Canadian government in years gone by.

And LGBTQ2? They just keep adding letters and numbers to reference different varieties of faggotry. Who the hell can keep track of this insanity? It is all faggotry regardless of how they categorize or classify it.

It is ridiculous that societies throughout Western civilization continue to embrace this madness. Faggots  are sick and should be institutionalized. Telling these people that their behavior is normal is only further encouraging their destructive behavior. It is the equivalent of giving an alcoholic more alcohol and telling them that they should embrace their alcoholism.

If you can’t stomach watching Trudeau’s whole speech, you should at least watch this short clip from it. It’s some of the most pathetic cuckoldry imaginable. If I were in that chamber watching this I would have broken out in laughter.

What was most interesting about what he said was his statement about the government keeping its citizens safe. He seems to think that this is one of the most important functions of government. If that’s the case, it is interesting that he feels so strongly about flooding Canada with violent third world savages. Is importing violent populations of third world hordes keeping the people safe? Doesn’t seem that way. So on top of being a pathetic cuckold pussy, he’s also a hypocrite.

If Jews weren’t pulling the cultural strings in our societies it is highly doubtful that pantywaists like Justin Trudeau would reach any level of political power.


Jewish NBC Executives Protected Jew Sex Predator Matt Lauer

report by Eric Striker from the Daily Stormer

Andrew Lack – the live action A. Wyatt Mann cartoon who leaked the Trump pussy-grabbing tape to manipulate our election – is in trouble yet again. Remember it was the Jew Lack who tried to kill Ronan Farrow’s revelations about Harvey Weinstein.

The temperature’s rising in the oven, with Lack and fellow NBC executive (((Noah Oppenheim))) being accused of enabling and protecting fellow Jewish sex predator Matt Lauer.

Matt Lauer’s behavior is being portrayed as a product of white cis-male “Mad Man” culture.

But this isn’t wealthy and powerful men bringing career-climbing whores back to their place after work. This Jew was so eccentric, and so drunk on his feelings of invincibility, that he would expose himself to women in his office and hand co-workers dildos.

This too was an open secret. Here is Meredith Vieira talking about the big bag of dildos he kept in his office. He plays it off in what, judging from Vieira’s expression, is a lie.

Various Jewish publications complained about the fact that we independent journalists consider the Jewiness of these moguls and media sex-weirdos an important part of the story.

I’ll let the audience decide if this bizarre and neurotic behavior is normal or typical in the work place for a non-Jewish man.



Matt Lauer exposed himself to a female co-worker, and gave another one a sex toy as a present — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg — according to dozens of current and former NBC staffers.

The former “Today” co-host also allegedly enjoyed playing the game “F**k, Marry, Kill” in regards to his female co-hosts at NBC. The bombshell allegations came out in a Variety investigation.
One woman says Lauer once delivered a sex toy to a female co-worker, and attached an explicit note … detailing how he’d use it on her. Several accusers claim his office was ground zero for much of the sexual misconduct. For instance, he allegedly called a female employee into his office … dropped trou, and flaunted his penis.

According to the report … Lauer’s office also had a secret button under his desk, so he could lock the door without getting up.

Kind of hard to believe Lack and Oppenheim didn’t know, seeing as he was out in the open.

Variety Fair has spoken to numerous sources that admitted to the fact that everyone, especially Lauer’s best buddy Andrew Lack, knew about his behavior. Another Jew named Matt Zimmerman was also in with the tribal clique but got fired shortly before Lauer.

So here’s some speculation, admittedly based on little more than a hunch: who is cleaning this vermin out of our media?

You can’t tell me this isn’t being coordinated. These women are all coming forward at the same time. With surgical precision, they’re bringing down top anti-white Jewish media and cultural titans.

They’re creating chaos and paranoia within fake news manufacturers like (((NBC))).

(((Gloria Allred))) and all the other “feminists” don’t represent women if they’re accusing their Jewish friends in the media. What is a press conference going to do? You can’t call the cops on the cops, as Harvey Weinstein accusers approaching the Jew York Times, NBC and even the NYPD/LAPD over the years figured out.

Is it Trump? Is it Bannon? Those pesky Russians?

There are few Goys in this nation of 323 million with enough power to take on the ruling Jewish cabal like this.

Something is going on. It’s a good thing for once. Whatever it is, knowing how dirty these mentally ill inbreds are, this is only the beginning.

comment from Richard –

Did you know?

Jews are 2% of population, but Jews are 59% of the men accused of sexual predation this year

comment from olivia

President Trump is my leader and I will die for him because he is standing up to and fighting back against the Jewish plutocracy that has subverted our once great country. #MAGA

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