Antifa and White Liberals are stupid tools of the Jews

Antifa and White Liberals are stupid tools of the Jews

by alicia frischmann


White Liberals (Marxists) are the most stupid tools ever found by the JEWS. They indirectly and unconsciously work to progress the JEWISH agenda of destroying Western civilization and bring a world Communist government. They pretend to “fight fascism” without knowing that fascism is loving your own nation and doing all to strengthen it and make it happy. They don’t know that all their ideology is inspired by the fundamentals of Communism which is anti- family, anti- gender, anti- Christianity, anti- White, anti- patriotism, anti- Nationalism, anti- Freedom.

They are indeed the STUPID TOOLS of the JEWS to destroy Western Christian White civilization. This will be done by a simple concept called “Equality”. Equality means there should be no rich people, no merit, no achievement. Also there should be no White couples, no White kids, and no White civilization. There should be no Christianity but Atheism or Islam. There should be no different genders with different abilities, different roles, and different behavior but they should be equal humans who just differ by their sexual organs. There should be no Christian marriage with one man one woman forever united but should be polygamy (Islam) or homosexuality (JEWS), Transgender (JEWS). Women should be promoted to decide if she wants to KILL (abort) her baby. White Men should shut-up because all White men are responsible forever for the evil in the world. White males are not allowed to show any masculinity or even show patriotism and loyalty to their nation, but should be peaceful loving altruistic open minded Zombies.


Antifa are the Footsoldiers of the (((System)))

report from the Daily Stormer

This isn’t a real Onion headline (link leads somewhere else). If it was it was deleted.

But it sure is accurate.


The “edgy” antifa and whatever other liberal tools are exactly that: tools.

They are the soldiers of the system.

All of their beliefs are the exact beliefs that they are told to have by the entire ruling establishment:

  • Open borders
  • Faggots
  • Trannies
  • Black lives
  • Islam is peaceful
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.

They have not a single “rebellious” belief, other than that they hate the cops, which is something Obama and other global leaders have also endorsed.

There is nothing. Absolutely nothing. That these people are rebelling against.

And there is nothing on the planet gayer than people pretending to be rebels while supporting every single aspect of the ruling elite system.

And at least a third of these are male.

Out fighting for a system that wants to destroy them.

That is what declining testosterone has done to our men.

You all need to read up on how to maximize your testosterone levels and reduce the chemicals and behaviors influencing its decline.

It’s very, very, very important.

Simply shedding excess fat goes a long way. But you also need to avoid plastics. And get to the gym. Stay mobile. Stand more. Stop eating chicken and drinking milk. Eat more red meat. Clean carbs only – no bread. And CUT THE BEER. None of it. If you want to drink, drink red wine, vodka or gin. Beer is liquid estrogen.

I’ll put together a big article on this in the future.

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comment from Yannick Herman –

“You don’t have to be a racist or supremacist to love your race! All races are attacked by the Jews but the White most of all…The Jews want to wipe it out completely and rule the Planet! You can fuck whoever (adults only) you want for all I care, just don’t let the Jews decide that for you! They have a hidden agenda behind this: GENOCIDE of the WHITE race through miscegenation to destroy all the culture, history, etc.. so they can rule over a ‘valueless’ new ‘mixed race’.

You should not take what I wrote personally, the Jews are behind this plan of destruction and use other groups to achieve it… If you deny that this is the truth then u are only helping the rotten jews… Blacks and Arabs are brought by millions through forced migration orchestrated by the jews….Many of them from third world countries, with very low IQ, others from countries bombed by the same jews…..It’s all part of the Jewish plan to destroy Europe and the White race that poses the biggest threat to the Jews”

Please watch the following videos !

Lessons of Babylon Race mixing (MUST watch)

Exposing The Race Mixing Agenda

JEWS CONFESS Quotes1 White genocide

JEWS confess Quotes 2 White genocide

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From a historical perspective, antifa began as a Jewish anti-German militia group. The Jewish Daily Forward was kind enough to detail this in a recent article. It’s really funny to see what Jews admit to doing in publications that they gear for Jewish consumption!



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