The Jewish Genocide of White Americans

The Jewish Genocide of White Americans

by Chrissy Stone

JEWS in America created the “Open border act” in 1965 which opened the gates of the overwhelming White nation of America that was created by Whites to the all the races of the 3rd world. In 2040, White Americans are expected to become A MINORITY in the country THEY CREATED FROM SCRATCH.

America was a peaceful European country created by European race, advanced and prosperous, safe and moral. JEWS took control of the media and politics and started the destruction of WHITE CIVILIZATION.

They did all to reduce the birth rate of Native Whites as they do to Europe, Australia, and Canada. JEWS want to kill all the Whites as top priority, otherwise they CAN’T SECURE an eternal rule for JEWS over the lower average-IQ & less advanced mixed-race. It is all about race, JEWS see things in race eyes and religious eyes.

JEWS want the racial Genocide of White people, this will happen in THIS CENTURY unless we stand up now and we ask the creation of NATIONALIST WHITE states for Whites ONLY free from non-Whites, and we kick the JEWS out of our countries forever.

ALL JEWS know that JEWS run White countries, and ALL JEWS know that immigration is evil, and ALL JEWS refuse race-mixing. BUT ALL JEWS are criminal supremacist terrorists who REJOICE the destruction of White civilization. Otherwise WHERE ARE THE GOOD JEWS EXPOSING THE JEWISH ROLE IN WHITE GENOCIDE?

Only few, countable on the hands!



Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing) By JEWISH Emily Goldstein

Domestic Terrorists Vandalize Christopher Columbus Statues Across America


by yukon jack

Amerika is in serious trouble.  Police state Amerika has been infiltrated by Jews who have taken control of the nation and are driving it into total debt enslavement, multicultural hell, and endless war that terminates in a nuclear holocaust.  How did such a nation that start with such a great promise of “liberty and justice for all” end up so dead?  Jews.  The American people made the foolish and deadly mistake of letting the Jewish nation into their heartland.  Jews are a parasitic race+religion+nation unto themselves.  That may seem radical or extreme, but it is true nonetheless.

People do not understand the deadly threat of Jewry, because if they did they wouldn’t let them into their nation.  Take Germany for instance, when the hard working people of Germany woke up to the Jew problem they tried to get rid of them but that attempt ended up in their total destruction.  The Jew out maneuvered Hitler just as the Jew is outmaneuvering any American national attempt of stopping Jewish control of the nation.  Amerika is the new Weimar Germany.





As America people wake up to Jewish treachery within their nation the arrogant Jew will detect this unacceptable rebellion against them and make sure America is laid to waste in a nuclear holocaust.  The Jew will tolerate no dissent from the Goy, the Jew will off the entire nation of Christian slaves before it ever let’s go of control.  When the Jew is eventually defeated, America will be a uninhabitable nuclear wasteland.  That may seem radical or extreme, but it is true nonetheless.

Jews are not interested in your freedom, they are only interested in winning and making you a debt slave of their financial power.  When they are done monetizing every thing, making it impossible to sleep, pee or even breath without paying a tribute to their glory, Americans will figure out they’ve been had and try to escape the clutches of Rabbinic Jewish Talmudic dominance only to experience total destruction and greater suffering.

You must come to understand how the Jew operates, the Jew is the wrench in the machine, no matter what you build for a society the Jew will infiltrate, subvert, buy out, bribe, take over and drive the entire population into bankruptcy and ruin.  The real purpose of the Federal Reserve was to transfer the entire wealth of a great manufacturing nation into the pockets of these Jew criminals.  Now that America has been looted the buffoon Trump is made President to activate the destruction sequence.  Trump is the destroyer that we let in because we were fooled again.

debt enslavement is the goal, not the outcome

America has been raped to death by Jewish predators because they control the central bank.  This was their secret plan all along, they never had any intention of letting you get wealthy or be independent, their goal is now and always has been to enslave and demoralize any nation they infest.  Jews are a parasitic and the Gentile nations have greatly underestimated their skill at taking control and bankrupting nations.  That may seem radical or extreme to those waking up to Jewish treachery, but it is true nonetheless.

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The 100 % Kosher Zio Deep State Trump Witch Hunt Begins! We Must Make Trump Great Again!

report from

Today Dr. Duke addressed the Ziogarchy that rules America. There is no real difference between the Democrats and Republicans — they are simply two cheeks of the same Zionist ass. People who want to blame our problems on liberals or corporations or Masons or Rothschilds are simply missing the point. The United States is ruled by a Jewish tribal elite that is ruthlessly pursuing what they see as Jewish tribal interests. Mass immigration, multiculturalism, female empowerment, homosexuality, transgenderism, wars for Israel, gun control, etc. are all objectives that Jewish intellectuals have been calling for for decades. There is no other group or force that sees all of this as being in their interests.

Dr. Duke and Attorney Don Advo also talked about the arrest of Paul Manifort, which is a manifestation of the Jewish deep state effort to take down President Trump and block all the policy initiatives that he campaigned on.

This is another powerful show filled with information. Please share this show widely.

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Alice comments – 

The Jewish Matrix of power is made of mainly 3 sorts of powers that each one supports the 2 others and covers the global power of the Jews.

First power is the media, the second is central banking, the 3rd is politics

JEWS control all aspects of life in a country and use the monetary system to enslave their victims. Every JEW plays a role, most of the times the role of partial truther who says he opposes the evil government and evil banks without mentioning the Jews behind government and central bank

Dr David Duke made an amazing 15 min video explaining how the JEWISH power enslave us:

CNN Goldman Sachs & The Zio Matrix”

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