Germany: 88-Year-Old Grandma Sentenced to Gulag for Fact-Checking Gas Chamber Hoax

report by Eric Striker from the Daily Stormer
An 88-y/o Grandma in Germany is going to jail simply for having an opinion that the (((State))) views as “incorrect.”

Chancellor-for-life Angela Merkel is going after “dangerous neo-Nazis.” At the top of the list? A little old lady who actually lived through the war. She says the story about millions of Jews dying in gas chambers is a lie, and refuses to perjure herself in a kangaroo court to say otherwise.Lady justice is supposed to be blindfolded. Yet here we see the German legal system discriminating based on race and national origin. Seeing as only Jews (not American, Polish or Russian POWs, not anyone else interned in German labor camps) claim to have seen millions perish in gas chambers, this is a he-says she-says that warrants objective historical arbitration. Instead, it is illegal for someone who was actually in Europe during WWII to question the hear-say of 40-year-old Jew “Shoah historians.”

Daily Mail:

A German court on Monday sentenced an 88-year-old ‘Nazi grandma’ to six months in jail, the fifth in a string of similar convictions for the repeat Holocaust denier.

Ursula Haverbeck has often denied the mass murder of millions of Jews by the Nazis, which constitutes incitement of racial hatred under German law.

And although she has been convicted on several occasions, she has not served any jail time, as the cases are all still under appeal.

During a public event at the end of January, Haverbeck repeated her claims, saying it was ‘not true’ that there were gas chambers at the Auschwitz death camp.

She also disputed the fact that 1.1 million people were killed at the concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.Image result for ursula haverbeck quote

During her trial, Haverbeck argued that she was only quoting from a book that she was presenting at the event.

She also filed an immediate appeal against Monday’s ruling.

The Soviets deserve far more respect than these liberal deMOCKcracies. With the commissars, they’d pick you up in the middle of the night and tell the public it’s because they don’t like your opinion on something. That’s honest and predictable terror people can get together to resist.

But in “free” Germany, they have a drawn out show-trial where your very defense is illegal. There is no point to a judicial process, but they force it through so boiling goyim frogs don’t see it for what it is.

They might as well skip the trial and lock the old lady up. The stress of these drawn out kangaroo courts is enough to kill someone at this age. Why not show the world who your Goy Of The Year dictator Merkel really is?

Or you could leave her alone to think whatever she wants. The fact that historians, political dissidents and old ladies get more jail time for thought-crimes than immigrant rapists get for rape makes the German government illegitimate!

This lady has decided to sacrifice her last few years on earth for her people. As a member of Germany’s greatest generation ever, this can inspire revolutionary zeal in the West’s lost and oppressed youth.

Ursula resists! 

Deutschland Erwache! 

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