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 BE PROUD TO BE part of the alt-right ! we are on the rise and will take our western lands back from the jew and throw him and his third world hordes out! be proud to be AN ANTISEMITE ! those who are not antisemitic are blind and ignorant !

The Religious Origins of Globalism

by Hervé Ryssen

JUDAISM created Communism, Zionism and Globalism to destroy all non-Jews. You can understand their plan when you start thinking in terms of phases, on the long term, in terms of decades, centuries or the next 200 years. How Humanity will be by that time when Jews will be publicly recognized as the “chosen people” who deserve to rule over all non-Jews?

If you talk with a rabbi, he will immediately tell you that the Jews aspire above all to the creation of a world of peace, a world in which all conflicts will have disappeared, whether they are social conflicts or conflicts between races or nations. It is necessary to arrive at this world of universal peace, since they identify the world of peace with Messianic times.

Hebraic prophecies thus promise the progression of humanity towards a unified world, and parallel to that, the suppression of social inequalities. Here one can see the primitive sources of Marxism as well as the inspiration of our planetarian ideology at the beginning of third millennium, which, propagated by the media, is the dream of so many of our fellow citizens.

Here is the heart of the Jewish vision of the world. One must start here if one wants to understand the mental universe of the Jews. This is what explains why the Jews always mouth the word “peace.” Their “combat for peace” is ceaseless.

One can thus argue that the concept of “promised land” means nothing less than a hope of planetary dimensions, where all the nations will have disappeared.

It is thus this unified, pacified world that will be the “promised land.” Sometimes these texts lend the impression that in the minds of certain intellectuals, the idea is taken in the literal sense: that is would be good if the whole Earth were promised to them! Which sometimes leads to behaviors that are a bit invasive

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  1. Great synopsis! Puts it all together and breaks it down at the same time! If only the White masses could get their heads out of the Jew’s ass for a minute they would get it!

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