Family-Feud is Anti-Family. Thanks Jews

Family Feud tv gameshow is anti-family. thanks jews

I know there are much bigger issues related to the Jewish problem to talk about than this. But I have to point it out because it proves that there isn’t one aspect of Western/Christian civilization that the Jews haven’t corrupted, even once wholesome family fun tv game-shows have now been ruined by the Christ-hating Jews who are in control of the media and entertainment industry.

I happened to have Family Feud on the tv the other afternoon with my little nephew and I immediately noticed that the majority of the questions that Steve Harvey (the jews pet schwartza) asks the competing families are mostly centered around sex and every other form of perversion imaginable. I turned the TV off with disgust and told my nephew, NEVER watch this jew filth again. If you don’t believe me just take a look for yourself below at a few of the video clips .

These are just a few of many videos I found demonstrating that ‘family feud’ is in fact ‘anti-family feud’. The Jews corrupt everything that was originally meant to be good. In the words of Houston Stewart Chamberlain,

“Not only the Jew, but also all that is derived from the Jewish mind, corrodes and disintegrates what is best in us.”

In the video above, one ‘goy’ didn’t want to degrade himself for jew shekels on national television and instead chose to remain silent after getting asked the filthy question, “which of the 7 dwarfs describes your wife in bed.” You can bet on it that the hooknosed writers must be having a good laugh and taking pleasure from behind the scenes as they watch the ‘goyim’ make fools of themselves and their families for a few jew shekels. For nothing gives the Jew more pleasure than demoralizing and degrading Christians, and now they’re doing it on once wholesome family fun TV gameshows.

As you can see below, once upon a time family-feud was a clean wholesome family-fun TV show but now the Game-Show ‘Family Fued’ has “abdicated” to diversity and degeneracy. Wonder (((why))) ?

When we remove the destructive Jewish control over the media and society in general, moral depravity and degeneracy like this will come to a screeching halt, mark my words.

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