Did the Jews have John Lennon murdered ?

Did the Jews have John Lennon murdered ?

Did the Jews have John Lennon murdered ? It’s a strong possibility that they did.  John Lennon once said in a tv interview that ”Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion”.  What he meant was that the Jews totally control entertainment and that the purpose of Hollywood and the music industry is to sell concepts to the goyim on behalf of the chosenites.

We all know that any celebrity or famous person who publicly exposes the control Jews have over our society will be targeted for career assassination or physical assassination. John Lennon was murdered on December 8, 1980 by a lone gunman by the name of Mark David Chapman. Chapman could have easily been mind-controlled and manipulated by the Jewish run terrorist agency, the CIA, to assassinate Lennon in order to shut him up from waking up too many of his goyim fans about Jewish control.

Wes Penre notes – 

John Lennon made his famous comment, that ‘only queers and Jews can get on in show biz’.

In retaliation Israel was alleged to have banned a Beatles visit and arguments over missing money threatened to split the Beatles. When John went to the USA, the FBI took the flat above him to listen in as he was in bed with Yoko Ono [emphasis in original, editor’s note].

Mark Chapman blamed the book; ‘The Catcher in the Rye’,  which is said to be a Tavistock Institute mind control manual for social engineering, coming up continually in these shootings, with its concealed passages and subliminal messages. There are many who say Mark Chapman did not fire the shots, or that he was a mind controlled assassin, but in any crime always ask: ‘who gained from this‘?

Remember that the death of Rolling stone Brian Jones was recently discovered to be murder — Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson are among a long list unusual deaths, where they are said to be worth more dead than alive.

What is interesting is that John Lennon was making noises about Jewish control, just as many say Princess Diana’s decision to go to Palestine to continue her campaign against landmines ensured her death, and universal denigration and humiliation for Paul McCartney’s wife Heather Mills for her work against landmines… So John Lennon’s death was sealed with his demands for a  peace campaign, and for vocalizing about Jewish exploitation.

Smoloko note – Now I would like to say that I am no big John Lennon fan, in fact I never liked the beatles and always thought their music sucked. I always loathed Lennon for promoting the Jew globalist world with no borders agenda in his song , ‘imagine all the people’, but after finding out about his mentioning of the Jews it appears to me that he went too far off the Jew hymiewood plantation and became too much of a liability for the Jews to keep alive when he started dropping redpills so they had him murdered with a mind-controlled killer.  There are many other quotes of Lennon where he hints at Jewish control which also must have been pissing off his Judeo-Satanic handlers big-time.

I also read in this article that John Lennon was leaning to Christianity before his untimely death, which is interesting.

Hamish writes –

John Lennon had become not only a secular activist; he was engaging in spiritual warfare.

Namely, the lyrics in the songs ‘Help Me Help Myself’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Face It’ reveal he was seeking some higher Truth and purity:
Well, I tried so hard to stay alive
But the angel of destruction keeps on houndin’ me all around
But I know in my heart
That we never really parted, oh no
They say the Lord helps those who helps themselves
So I’m asking this question in the hope that you’ll be kind
‘Cause I know deep inside I was never satisfied, oh no
Lord, help me, Lord
Please, help me, Lord, yeah yeah yeah
Help me to help myself
Help me to help myself
Say you’re looking for a place to go
Where nobody knows your name
You’re looking for oblivion
With one Eye on the Hall of Fame
Well now you’re lookin’ for a world of truth
Trying to find a better way
The time has come to see yourself
You always look the other way
I don’t wanna face it oh no
I don’t wanna face it no no no no
Well I can see the promised land
And I know I can make it!

Indeed, Lennon’s final music indicates that he was seeking redemption and his salvation was approaching a Christian tone that would have blasphemed the JWO –or at least stunted much of its counterculture revolution.

Lennon may have been one of a long list of performers who outlived their usefulness to the (((Dark Power))) that rules the planet.

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In the words of Julius Streicher, He who fights the Jews, battle the Devil ! Rest in peace John

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