Multiculturalism destroys the 1st world, it is the SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY

Multiculturalism destroys the 1st world, it is the SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY

by Alicia Frischmann

Different races have DIFFERENT ABILITIES in many sectors especially in the AVERAGE OF IQ, the levels of Hormones that control temperament or the tendency to violence and crimes, the social behavior of “altruism” that characterize the White-Europeans. Also the TYPE of intelligence such as the arithmetic and logic intelligence that is high in the North Asians and the Imagination for Aryans



The JEWS indoctrinate the Whites and non-Whites about “equality” and that the ONLY REASON why Arabs-Muslims, Africans, South Asians, and dark-skinned people have poor countries, is BECAUSE the Whites are evil oppressors who during all the last centuries destroyed their “advanced civilizations”

The TRUTH is these people have NEVER HAD any advanced civilization on their own and their is no single PROOF of their advanced civilization, but there are proof of advanced civilization ON THEIR LANDS but NOT BUILT BY THEM, but by the OLDER RACES THAT WERE EXTERMINATED either by wars and conquests such as when the Semitic and Muslims conquered Egypt, Iraq (Babylon) or the Afro-Asians who invaded the Aryan Maya tribes of South America

RACE-MIXING killed those advanced civilization that were existent in the current 3rd world places!

You can DO RESEARCH and verify these statements alone. BUT DO RESEARCH and stop being manipulated by the JEWISH system of “Equality” that will make the hole planet a 3rd World to become more easily controlled by the JEWS than a White-European big number who can fight and uncover the JEWS

Start by WATCHING this

Race Differences In Average IQ Are Mostly Genetic, Not Cultural

Do you feel offended? Blame the SCIENCE and God also

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