Jews are the reason the political left is anti-White.

Jews are the reason the political left is anti-White.

by Kendra Carter

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The White race is going extinct and this is fact.

Our birth rates are below the rate of replacement. Our fertility is too low.

Why is this happening and what are the root causes?

Darwin said that whenever a tribe begins to go extinct it’s due to the conquering inroads of rival tribes.

” each race is constantly checked in various ways, so that if any new check, even a slight one, be superadded, the race will surely decrease in number, and decreasing numbers will sooner or later lead to extinction. the end, in most cases, being promptly determined by the inroads of conquering tribes.”

” Extinction follows chiefly from the competition of tribe with tribe and race with race”

” when a weaker tribe is not thus abruptly swept away, if it once begins to decrease, it generally goes on decreasing until it becomes extinct ”

Decreased fertility rates, even slightly, causes a tribe to go extinct. Decreased fertility is the primary cause of tribes / races going extinct.

So what tribe could be the cause of this? Who has the motive and means to carry out such a plan?

Here’s some pretty frightening facts:

Jews are instructed by their religion to commit genocide against rival tribes.

” To exterminate the seven Canaanite nations from the land of Israel (Deut. 20:17) ”

” Not to offer peace to the Ammonites and the Moabites before waging war on them, as should be done to other nations (Deut. 23:7) ”

” To destroy the seed of Amalek (Deut. 25:19)”

“That the evil done to us by Amalek shall not be forgotten (Deut. 25:19) ”

These are just a few of many examples found within Judaism which instruct them on how to conduct war and genocide. This is in their holy books. It’s part of their Mitzot laws which is essentially Jewish law.

So I know what you’re thinking. What does this have to do with White people?

Well the Jews use Amalek and Haman ( tried to genocide the Jews from ancient Persia) as archetypes and consider all enemies of Jews to be Amalek or Haman. Many Jews consider Hitler to be Amalek and the Whites of modern day to be the seeds of Nazis. Judaism instructs them to eliminate us as they did with Haman and Amalek.

” The Nazis and Adolf Hitler have been referred to as Amalekites.[25]

A prominent 19th and early 20th century rabbi, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, claimed upon Kaiser Wilhelm’s visit to Palestine in 1898, three decades before Hitler’s rise to power, he had a tradition from his teachers that the Germans are descended from the ancient Amalekites.[26] ”

The Jews are instructed by their religion to take preemptive action against those they consider to be Amleks.

” Jews in post-biblical times sometimes associate contemporary enemies with Haman or Amalekites, and that some Jews believe that pre-emptive violence is acceptable against such enemies. ”

Jews are eliminating Whites in retaliation to the so called holocaust.

The Jews hold global banking monopolies. The Jews are the original global bankers. They print the money. Judaism states that ” God gave the right to manufacture wealth to the Jewish people” and that Gentiles ( non-Jews ) are to do services in exchange for the wealth they create. Money is power and they print it. They already own society since they can generate wealth at will and buy anything they want. They can take possession of whatever they want at will.

They also hold media monopolies which is well documented and known. They control the media.

They also control Hollywood. Life imitating art.

These are how they control and influence society.

Forced immigration and multiculturalism is breeding Whites out of the gene pool. These policies all come from the political left. Everything the left does destroys a nation. Immigration, open borders, legalization of drugs. Now is it a surprise that 78% of Jews vote for the Democrats?

They support immigration and multiculturalism in the West but oppose it for Israel.

Israel pays it’s African refugees 3500$ to leave Israel and sends them to Sweden because they say immigration is harmful to the Jewish character of their state.

So Jews admit that immigration is harmful yet promote it in the West.

Jewish owned media also promotes race mixing in the West, yet Jews are prohibited from intermarrying themselves.

Here’s the most condemning evidence I’ve been able to find of Isreal conducting genocide against Etheopians in Isreal. The Israeli government secretly sterilized Ethiopian women with vaccines.

So Jews clearly understand that decreased fertility and immigration leads to extinction and use it to carry out their work against rival tribes.

The shocking part about this article is that I have left out 95% of the story. This is a very brief rundown. The entire topic is too complicated to explain in an easy to read article. This is just the preface.

And BTW, those claiming that Jews have forgotten? Think again.

” So, what does being Jewish mean to most Jews? Again, according to the Pew poll, 73 percent of Jews said it was about remembering the Holocaust. ”

I believe I’ve demonstrated solid proof that Jews are instructed by their religion to commit genocide against rival tribes and that they use Darwin as their play book. I’ve also proven that Jews are actively engaged in genocide against Ethiopians living in Israel.

Jews are the reason the political left is anti-White.

This article may be hard for some of you to understand, but you need to grasp that the world is comprised of competing tribes and groups. The Jews have always known this and have made Whites forget.

Jews have been expelled 109 times from 109 different locations throughout the last two or three thousand years, and always for the same reasons. They control and take over nations and are not required to be moral and civil towards the native Gentiles.

Jews are a conquering tribe and if you read into their history you’ll see what they do. They make rival tribes go extinct.

They are the true racists.

This article is just a small piece of the picture. The simple parts to understand.

Jewish people are set up to destroy the west

by Alicia Frischmann


When seen globally, WW2 was a war between two opponents Nationalism: JEWISH nationalism and White Nationalism. The JEWS won WW2 by using the Nationalistic natural instinct of White people of Europe and America to destroy Germany who opposed the globalist JEWISH ideology of Communism. JEWS won and established the JEWISH Nationalism of the Zionist state of Israel. Since then they re-launched their old ideology of Communism, or a One-World-Government, that they branded as “Globalism”…

This isn’t a war that started in 1945 in WW2, it is the ancestral JEWISH hatred of the White-European race and that will end up by the success of the JEWS by wiping off the earth the White people as a distinct group that should exist as all other groups of humans.

Globalism is Communism, is Capitalism, is Judaism, the One-World-Government is JEWISH, is the view that JEWISH people, led by their JEWISH elite rulers of the planet, will become superior beings who should preserve their Nationalism and destroy all White Nationalism. They should strive to destroy the core concept of countries and nations except their’s. This is done progressively in phases. People don’t understand the JEWS because they fail to think like JEWS. They always look to the present and the next year or 5 years. The JEWISH plans are MOST OF TIMES for the long term

The most important issue aver faced by White (European ancestry) people is simply they are being LITERALLY WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH BY THE JEWISH PLANS. There is no getting around this stark reality. Massive immigration of non-Europeans into White nations, low White birthrates, and high rates of intermarriage IN EVERY WHITE COUNTRY, will ethnically cleanse the planet of European heritage. This is not fanciful or alarmist, it is happening at this very moment. America, Europe, Australia, Canada are being ethnically cleansed!

Yes, it is true that our culture and moral and physical health is being eroded, but the media and its politically correct personalities don’t permit a word of discussion of the greatest human catastrophe of all time: the abolition of the White-European race

Two World Wars, wars “on terror” for the Zionist JEWS in the Middle East, wars “for democracy” for the Rothschild JEWS across the globe, the moral decay, the destruction of White family, of values, of Christianity, of sexual identities, the open borders policy, the race-mixing propaganda, the impoverishment, the political correctness, the brainwashing, even the physical harm by Vaccines and chemtrails… will all end the White-European civilization in this century!! The war of JUDAISM against White-European-Christian civilization will have taken 2 centuries and every JEW will be then considered a master of this planet populated by brown, Blacks and Asian poor people

Will you fight the JEW for all his doings? or you are only concerned by your selfish individualistic interests?

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