Jews pushing for mass Islamic immigration into America and Europe

Who Is Pushing for Mass Refugee Migration? “Jewish Organizations of All Kinds”

Have you ever wondered who is pushing so hard for mass refugee migration in the United States and in Europe? Well, look no further!! Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer explains “Jewish organizations of all kinds” are the pushing this agenda. She says, “Can you image over 1,200 Rabbis to agree on one thing? But, agree they did! And what they agreed on was to ask our elected officials not to halt, or even limit, the United States Refugee Admissions Program.” These Jews want a borderless world filled with low IQ mixed-race brown people that they can rule over from Israel.

Meanwhile the world’s biggest hypocrites are accepting ZERO refugees into Israel!


State Department “Quietly” Allows for Massive Increase in “Refugee” Flood

report from the Daily Stormer

This is good for the economy.

It’s almost like Donald Trump wasn’t even elected at all.

New York Times:

Despite repeated efforts by President Trump to curtail refugee resettlements, the State Department this week quietly lifted the department’s restriction on the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States.

The result could be a near doubling of refugees entering the country, from about 830 people a week in the first three weeks of this month to well over 1,500 people per week by next month, according to refugee advocates. Tens of thousands of refugees are waiting to come to the United States.

Despite the fact that the US is the most racist country in all of human history, wherein live the baddest of all goyim, millions of third world brown people are dying to come live here.

Why are they willing to deal with this oppression, you ask?

Because they love the Constitution.

Also, maybe they need white people to pay for their fertility treatment.

The State Department’s decision was conveyed in an email on Thursday to the private agencies in countries around the world that help refugees manage the nearly two-year application process needed to enter the United States.

In her email, Jennifer L. Smith, a department official, wrote that the refugee groups could begin bringing people to the United States “unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place.”

Infinity refugees = infinity prosperity.

After all, George Washington was a refugee.

And he invented the phonograph.

Who knows which of these refugees will be the next great inventor?

Although it came the same day as an appeals court ruling that rejected government efforts to limit travel to the United States from six predominantly Muslim nations, the move by the State Department had nothing to do with the court ruling.

The department’s quotas on refugee resettlement were largely the result of budget constraints imposed by Congress in a temporary spending measure passed last fall. But when Congress passed a spending bill this month that funded the government for the rest of the fiscal year, the law did not include any restrictions on refugee admissions.

A State Department spokeswoman, speaking on the condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to discuss the issue publicly, said the department had consulted the Department of Justice about its refugee quotas and had decided to adjust them.

President Trump has sought to lower the ceiling on the number of refugees annually allowed in the country to 50,000 from 110,000. Mr. Trump’s executive orders on immigration, the first of which he issued on Jan. 27, also sought to suspend all refugee admissions for at least four months. Federal judges stayed those orders, but the confusion over them has contributed to a falloff in refugees entering the United States.

While 13,255 refugees were admitted in August, that number plunged to just 2,070 in March. So far during the 2017 fiscal year, 45,732 people have been admitted, just a few thousand short of Mr. Trump’s proposed cap.

Refugee groups now predict that entries into the United States could increase so rapidly that the total number of refugees admitted by Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year, could exceed 70,000. That is well below the 84,994 refugees admitted in fiscal year 2016, but not by nearly as much as many advocates had feared.

Refugee advocates were delighted by the State Department’s decision.

“This is long overdue, but we’re very happy,” said Mark Hetfield, president and chief executive of HIAS, an immigrant aid society.

Notice the hand-rubbing gesture of Mark Hetfield, which is sign language for “I’m a Jew, are you?”

That’s the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society – HIAS.

They are the biggest lobbying group for mass importation of third world “refugees.”

It’s in the AP stylebook that when you use a acronym the first time in an article, you give the full name of the organization, unless it is a universally recognized organization (i.e. “NATO”). But in the case of HIAS, they must skip that rule, due to the fact that if the goyim knew that the leading organization pushing for mass Islamic immigration into America under the guise of a “refugee program” was Jewish, it could lead to anti-Semitism.

In fact, when you go to the HIAS webpage, you don’t get told that the first word of that acronym is “Hebrew.”

If you want to know that this is a Jewish organization, you have to navigate to the “About” section, and then to the “Mission and Values” tab.

And then, you will finally learn that they are guided by Jewish values and history.

But you can’t just put that on blast everywhere, or all of these racist bigots who think somehow it is bad to bring tens of thousands of Somalians, Eritreans, Pakistanis, Afghanis, etc. into America to live on welfare would turn their irrational hatred toward the Jews.

That’s why the New York Times can’t follow AP stylebook rules when dealing with HIAS.

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Alicia Frischmann notes

Liberals, Muslims and JEWS promote Islam in Europe but never say WHY Islam is “the fastest growing religion”

The reasons are:

1. the JEWS
2. Muslims have the highest fertility rate
3. Interracial marriages

What would be Europe today if JEWS don’t control it ??

Europe would have almost Zero Muslim today, and especially would be a healthy moral Christian land, not a liberal open Multicultural corrupt pervert homosexual land hosting a completely opposite Muslim foreign blood community that will become in the next decades the majority

“Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there” ~ Rabbi Baruch Efrati, 2012“We are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which MUST TAKE PLACE . Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. JEWS ARE GOING TO BE AT THE CENTER OF THAT. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make… and JEWS WILL BE RESENTED BECAUSE OF OUR LEADING ROLE” ~ Barbara Lerner Spectre, JEW leader in Sweden

“You have to really change the policy of immigration inside Europe, this is very important, they are not anymore only whites … they are Multicultural places in the world” ~ Anetta Kahane, JEW politician in Germany

“Multiculturalism is the destiny and challenge for Europe whether the Europeans want it or not” ~ Göran Rosenberg, JEW author in Sweden

“(When Europe becomes Muslim) the gentiles there will adopt a healthier life with a lot of modesty and integrity, and not like the hypocritical Christianity which appears pure but is fundamentally corrupt… Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there… Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity… Even if we are in a major war with the region’s Arabs over the Land of Israel, Islam is still MUCH BETTER as a gentile culture than Christianity” ~ Rabbi Baruch Efrati, 2012

“The Messiah will come when Edom, Europe, Christianity, has totally fallen. So I ask you: Is it good news that Muslims are coming to Europe? It is excellent news, it means the coming of the Messiah! Excellent news! ” ~ Rabbi Rav Touitou, 2013

“Arab migration has been the best thing that’s happened to Europe in the past 50 years. Arabs in Europe are a fact of life… It’s true, Europe won’t be what it once was, but that’s a good thing… The more migrants from Africa and Asia who arrive, the better off Europe will be. Sooner or later, their children and grandchildren will marry into veteran European families and change the DEMOGRAPHICS of their countries” ~ Yigal Ben-Nun, Israeli Writer, Haaretz 2013


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