There are some good CIA agents, unfortunately they usually end up dead for doing the right thing…Smoloko wants to remember Roland V. Carnaby – a decent man and goodhearted CIA agent that had patriotism towards his country, not international bankers.


CIA Agent Gunned Down by Houston Police


The shooting death by Houston police on April 29 of retired CIA agent and CIA contractor Roland V. Carnaby is being called an “assassination” by many intelligence professionals who knew him and his past work for the CIA.

Carnaby was shot to death by Houston police in the middle of the morning near the Galleria, Carnaby’s office, and the home of former President George and First Lady Barbara Bush. There is evidence that Israeli intelligence agents inside the Houston Police Department issued the order to shoot Carnaby.

Attention is being focused on the statement made to the press by Houston Police Department Homicide Captain Steve Jett who said that the Houston police officers who stopped Carnaby were told to “find something” on which to hold Carnaby. Investigators want to know who issued that order and why. Foreign intelligence elements who wanted Carnaby silenced may have infiltrated the Houston Police Department at a high level and issued the order to “hold” Carnaby on any charge.

Carnaby’s actions were likely those of an experienced intelligence officer who understood that he was being set up, a routine event in many hostile intelligence environments where CIA officers must be on constant guard against being detained by the police on trumped up charges.

The Houston police have not yet released their video camera footage from their patrol cars, adding to the belief that the police are engaged in a major cover-up of the circumstances of Carnaby’s shooting death. WMR has also learned that the two pistols and a shotgun allegedly found by Houston police in Carnaby’s Jeep Commander after it was impounded were “drop guns.” Drop guns are a hallmark of the Houston police,which often plants hard-to-trace weapons on the victims of police shootings.

Why Carnaby Was Killed

The Bush-Cheney administration has allowed to flourish in the United States a ruthless and brutal organized crime syndicate that has its roots in Russia and Israel and festers in its criminal dens in Brighton Beach, NY; Miami, FL; Houston, TX; London, England and other cities.


The shooting death of Carnaby was the result of a high-stakes turf war between Israeli intelligence agents livid over the CIA’s and FBI’s renewed takedown of an old Israeli intelligence network operating deep within the bowels of the US government and the CIA and FBI, which have joined forces to rout out Israeli intelligence moles.

Two weeks ago, 84-year old Ben-Ami Kadish, an accused longtime spy for the Israelis at the US Army Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, was arrested. FBI agents are trying to get Kadish to spill the beans on high-level Israeli spies inside the government. Israel’s Mossad and its allied assets inside the Russian- Israeli Mafia, have retaliated with a vengeance, according to WMR’s US intelligence sources.

On April 15, as FBI agents surveilled Kadish at his New Jersey home and the National Security Agency (NSA) had a full digital intercept on Kadish’s email and phone communications with his intelligence controller in Israel, another group had its eye on an Austin, Texas school teacher named Riad Hamad. Hamad was a significant donor to the Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund. The FBI had Hamad under investigation for “supporting terrorism,” a favorite canard used against Americans who support the Palestinian cause. Hamad had been a target of the neocons for years but they could never pin anything on him.

On April 16, Hamad’s body was found in Lady Bird Lake in Austin. His eyes had duct tape over them and his hands and feet were bound. The police ruled it a suicide. However, Hamad would be the first victim in an Israeli hit on individuals who helped US back channels to the Palestinians and other groups targeted by Israel and the neo-con cell operating deep within the Bush administration, the Israeli-influenced cell that the FBI, in its arrest of Kadish, wanted to flush out.

Hamad once had a significant colleague in Austin, a University of Texas PhD student named Salam Fayyad. Fayyad is now the Prime Minister of Palestine and governs with the support of both Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah and Hamas. Recently, the US Consul General in Jerusalem handed over $150 million to Fayyad’s Palestinian government. Fayyad and Hamad represent a threat to the Israeli hardliners and their allies in the Bush administration who do not want a real peace agreement with the Palestinians and, above all, do not want to see any dialogue with Hamas.

Enter Roland Vincent Carnaby, known as “Tony” to his Houston and Langley colleagues, a retired CIA counter-terrorism and financial intelligence expert, who was operating a CIA private intelligence contractor in Houston, was involved in homeland security measures for the port of Houston and the Houston airports, was the head of the Houston chapter of the Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO), but above all, was contracted by the CIA for operating a financial intelligence group consisting of some 40 people in Rome that was tracking Russian-Israeli Mafia money flows, particularly with regard to off-shore Panamanian corporations.

WMR has been told by a knowledgeable source that Carnaby had successfully penetrated a major Israeli financial ring that was tied to various Israeli intelligence operations in the United States. Carnaby, a Lebanese-American, also had extensive contacts in the Middle East, including Lebanon and its major political force that is anathema to the Bush neo-cons and their Israeli puppet masters, Hezbollah.

Tom Delay – Sneaky looking little bastard

But it was Carnaby’s role in identifying Israeli intelligence financing that apparently made him public enemy number one for the Israelis. WMR has been told by a knowledgeable source that Carnaby possessed detailed information about former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s relationship with convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, information that connected DeLay and other top Republicans to pay-offs from organizations and individuals linked to the Russian-Israeli Mafia and Israeli intelligence. Specifically, the pay-offs came to the US Family Network, set up by DeLay’s former Chief of Staff Ed Buckham, from Russian oil and gas interests connected to top Russian-Israeli Mafia tycoons living under the protection of the British and Israeli governments.

Zionist Jew Lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Buckham headed the Alexander Strategy Group, a GOP lobbying firm that represented Group W Advisors, Inc., a defense contractor owned by Brent Wilkes. Alexander also represented Eli Lilly and Company, once headed by former Assistant Secretary of State Randall Tobias, named as one of the clients of the Pamela Martin & Associates escort firm of the late Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

Wilkes was convicted on November 5, 2007, on 13 counts of conspiracy, bribery, money laundering, and wire fraud in the Randy “Duke” Cunningham scandal. It was Wilkes who helped arrange with former CIA Executive Director Kyle “Dusty” Foggo “poker parties” at the Watergate and Westin Grand Hotels attended by then CIA director Porter Goss. WMR has previously reported that Washington area escorts were transported to these parties by Shirlington Limousine. WMR also learned from the late Deborah Jeane Palfrey that Wilkes phoned her from his Poway, San Diego headquarters on a number of occasions to organize escorts for these parties. Palfrey said he only used the name “Brent” when he called.


Abramoff had also been under an investigation by the US Attorney for Maryland is using Palfrey’s escorts. On October 27, 2007, WMR reported: “Shirlington Limousine and Abramoff have been linked to the investigation by fired US Attorney for Maryland Thomas DiBiagio of the use of prostitutes by the office of then-Maryland Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich, Jr. DiBiagio, based in Baltimore, was fired after his investigation leap-frogged well beyond the business of the Pamela Martin & Associates escort service and into the activities of Ehrlich and his staff.”

Carnaby, Abramoff and 9/11

WMR has learned from knowledgeable sources that Carnaby also had information on Abramoff’s Sun Cruz casino boat operation in Florida, a case that involved a mob hit on Sun Cruz’s former owner Gus Boulis, and the events of 9/11. Abramoff reportedly entertained at least two of the 9/11 hijackers, including Mohammed Atta, on a Madeira Beach, Florida casino boat days before the 9/11 attack. This editor recalls Palfrey stating over dinner that she had information from some of her escorts that involved pre-intelligence on the 9/11 attack. The intersection of Abramoff and his Russian-Israeli mob gang to knowledge possessed by Carnaby and Palfrey suggest that their deaths may have been as brazen as hits as the gunning down of Boulis on a Fort Launderdale street by hit men. That assassination was blamed on Abramoff and his associates.


Carnaby’s widow has filed a lawsuit in Houston in the US District Court for Southern Texas against the City of Houston and Houston police officers Cecil Foster and Andrew J. Washington for the shooting death of Carnaby. The complaint states that Carnaby “died of a gunshot wound to the back which caused fatal loss of blood.”

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