Meet Jacob Rubenstein — AKA Jack Ruby

report by Phillip Marlowe aka incogman

WE ALL KNOW just how much the JFK assassination has been endlessly debated for the last 47 years. Besides Pearl Harbor, it’s easily the 9/11 of the 20th Century. What happened in Dallas, Texas has spawned tons of books and documentaries; in fact, “conspiracy theory” used to be virtually synonymous with November 22, 1963, until 9/11.

But anyone who’s at least a little familiar with the theories, counter-theories and serious debunking efforts should take notice of the fact that Israel and Zionist Jews having anything to do with JFK’s assassination is always completely ignored by the mainstream media. They know to even touch on the possibility, risks getting immediately “sanchezed” (fired for saying anything about the precious Jews, like CNN’s Rick Sanchez).

When Oswald was shot and silenced forever by Jack Ruby (real name: Jacob Rubenstein) in that Dallas police garage, millions watched in real-time. CBS News was actually reporting his real Jew last name during the first hour of coverage; yet someone soon ordered them to only use his crypto-Jew name (Ruby) and it’s been that way ever since. Of course, the fact of him being a Jew is usually known by those studying the JFK assassination, but rarely, if ever, among the braindead sheeple.

All kinds of “red herrings” are out there. Flamboyant strip tease dancer Jada Conforto worked for Rubenstein’s Dallas Carousel club, but her motorcycle death in 1980 was probably accidental.

In 1911, Jacob Leon Rubenstein (his full Jewish birth name) was born in Chicago to Polish-Russian Jew immigrants. He was a street gangster and hustler, noted for his wild temper and bad behavior; earning him the nickname “Sparky.” Both him and his two brothers spent some unknown time in foster care because his mother was certifiably nuts and his father refused to work for 30 years.

And Jacob was also an orthodox Jew. Chances are, he was also major supporter of Israel, too. Plus, his Mob connections were through Meyer Lansky, the “Don of Dons,” the biggest and most powerful mobster ever. Lansky was well-known as a Mother Israel fanatic.

Let’s get something straight for those of you checking into the Jew stuff for the first time. The Israeli MOSSAD has something called “Sayanim” (plural for Sayan). These are Jews anywhere in the world who will do whatever is necessary for sacred Israel — even if it means traitorous behavior to the very country they live in. This makes prospecting for traitors not too dangerous for the MOSSAD, since fellow Jews will at least keep mum about the enlistment effort.

Usually, it’s something relatively little, like asking a Jew landlord to furnish a “safe house” available for when it’s needed. It might be a Jew who owns a car dealership who can provide vehicles for MOSSAD teams. Or it might be a Jew doctor called in the middle of the night to dig a bullet out, to furnish drugs or whatever. Sometimes it can be a whole lot bigger. Like spying for Israel at the Pentagon, or buying the entire World Trade Center (with help from other rich traitor Jews in high finance and insurance, of course).

It’s like the whole race is one vast criminal conspiracy!

The Jews could have gone to Rubenstein before, or even right after the assassination and said: “Can you try to do something critically important for the Motherland or Jews in America?” They would have appealed to his ego: “This must be done, Jack. If you have the opportunity, take it. You will be remembered by your people one day in the future as a great hero of our Chosen Race!”

The media says Rubenstein was merely a big Kennedy supporter and didn’t want Jackie to have to testify in court during Oswald’s trial. And he was crazy to begin with. After all, he did leave his prized pooch in his car when he walked over to the police garage and only got lucky to arrive in time for Oswald’s transfer. Funny, the media neglects to report that he left his identification in the car, too.

And who’s to say the Jews didn’t have other Sayanim lined up to kill Oswald if Rubenstein failed?

William Kuntsler, radical Jew lawyer

In his book called “My Life as a Radical Lawyer,” (1994) written by big-time ’60’s radical and Jew, William Kunstler relates that Rubenstein told him before dying:

“I did this that they wouldn’t implicate Jews.”

And right before Kuntsler leaves on his last visit, Rubenstein hands him a note that reiterated his motive. It read:

 “Protect American Jews from a pogrom that could occur because of anger over the assassination.”

Now look, we don’t have to “parse” this out too much. Basically, one Jew is telling another that the reason he killed Oswald was to protect “American” Jewry should the rest of us Goyim find out what really happened on November 22, 1963. Oswald could have easily said something that would lead back to the real perps, making the skinny little Commie wannabee a huge danger that needed to be quickly silenced.

On his deathbed, Rubenstein tells a friend who asked him why he shot Oswald:

“Listen, you know me well, and you know that I am a reasonable businessman. I wouldn’t have done it if I did not have to.”

“Conspiracy debunkers” try to sound all so reasonable when they say “well, if you set out a killer to silence the assassin, then you have to get someone to kill him and so on and so on.” BS! They fail to take into account the racial loyalty of Jews to Jewry and to Mother Israel (it’s so obvious). Nor do the debunkers seem to know anything at all about “Sayanim.”

Watch this interesting interview (@2:56) with “Sparky.”

Rubenstein mostly kept his mouth shut during the trial, but soon asked Earl Warren (chairman of the Warren Commission) to fly him to DC under protection so he could tell them personally why he did it. Surprisingly, Warren refused this relatively small request.

Sounds to me a whole lot like the 9/11 Commission, huh?

Meyer Lansky, the “Don of Dons” and Zionut.

Meyer Lansky is supposed to have famously told his wife the mob was “bigger than US Steel” (the line was uttered by the Lansky-like character “Hyman Roth” in the movie “The Godfather, Part II”). Like Rubenstein, Lansky’s family came out of Russia and he thought all the Goyim were out to get the Jews. He said the Senate investigations of his illicit activities were only because of “anti-Semitism.” Some things never change.

Although Lansky escaped to Israel (avoiding extradition for over 2 years), but he was too hot in the US public eye for the Tribe to protect him over there forever. He was likely asked privately to go back to the US and face a rigged trial. Of course, he ended up acquitted. Unlike the movie character, Hyman Roth, Lansky dies peacefully in his bed in Miami, free from spending any precious Jew time in Goyim prison (perish the thought). Even the FBI stopped any more surveillance.

One of Lansky’s mob flunkies most likely delivered the crucial message to Rubenstein that for Jewdom, he had to take Oswald out no matter what. The quiet conversation may have taken only minutes. Rubenstein’s roommate did report him talking intensely on the phone to unknown people several times before he shot Oswald.

Jacob Rubentein, AKA Jack Ruby, dies just 37 months after the JFK assassination from terminal cancer. He probably was secretly drugged (maybe with LSD) so he would act batty and also exposed to a carcinogenic. And that’s not all that crazy, either. Tiny doses of radioactive Thallium or Polonium 212 could easily have been added to his prison grub or cigarettes without anyone knowing. Once in the belly of the beast, you’re at their mercy.

Jews could have easily played on Lee Harvey Oswald’s ego, too. No one ever satisfactorily explained the guy named George DeMohrenschildt. This worldly stranger with possible CIA connections comes out of the blue into Oswald’s life, and had numerous contacts with him that we know of. He could have readily met with Oswald at times we don’t know. He also knew Jackie Kennedy’s family and had contacts with George H. W. Bush (Dubya’s dad).

In addition to which, Oswald may have worked for the CIA even before his supposed defection to Russia. If true, the document HERE proves it. There’s all kinds of mysteries surrounding Oswald from his days in the Marines right up to the assassination.

Oswald could have been both the lone gunman and the patsy. What better find for such a hit? Some crazy ex-Marine with sharpshooter skills and a fervent desire to advance the Marxist cause. He may well have been on their radar for quite some time.

Oswald may only have delivered the rifle to another shooter in Book Depository, or a second gunman in a building nearby backed him up and made the killing shot. Snipers at the time could have done it 1000 yards away. The Grassy Knoll business may be a giant red herring, as it would have been too close and open for a shooter.

And there’s plenty of motive for the Jews to have whacked Kennedy. JFK wrote a letter to Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion stating he wanted US inspectors to visit Dimona, Israel’s secret nuclear bomb making facility. Knowing the letter was on it’s way (probably through embedded Jew spies in the State department), Ben-Gurion quit before it could be delivered and said Kennedy put Israel’s existence in danger.

The Jews had at least 200 million tied up in getting the bomb by that time, much of it from “American” Jewish donors. They were bound and determined to get the Big One. And they certainly were not going to let some Goyim Catholic boy put the kabosh on the Jew’s efforts, not when they were so close. Ben-Gurion once met privately with Kennedy in the Waldoff Astoria hotel in Manhattan about all this, and it’s no secret that he thought little of JFK, arrogantly telling other Jews:

“He looked to me like a 25-year-old boy…. At first, I did not take him seriously.”

Ben-Gurion meeting the Bloomfield brothers.

Ben-Gurion was associated with the Bloomfield brothers — Jew globalists living in Montreal, Canada, and top figures in the Zionist Israel Lobby. They were the owners of the international corporation Permindex, started by a former MOSSAD agent. All of these Zionists were later linked to the JFK assassination via Clay Shaw, Lansky underling Carlos Marcello and the CIA’s MOSSAD liason officer, James Jesus Angleton, as outlined in the underground best-seller, “Final Judgement” by Michel Collins Piper. Read this dangerous book HERE.

Anarchist Jews may also have gotten President William McKinley assassinated back in 1901, when crazy Leon Czolgosz fired two bullets from a 32 caliber Ivor-Johnson revolver into his gut at the Pan-American exhibit in Buffalo, New York. Like always, we have to believe that it was only a single mad man behind that event, too.

In the coming years after the assassination of McKinley, all kinds of bad things started happening to America. The “Money Trust” got their hands on central banking and even more Jews flooded the country from Poland and Russia. Eventually, Woodrow Wilson was put in office by pumping the ego of Teddy Roosevelt to run as a Bull Moose candidate, dividing the electorate much like what happened when Ross Perot ran in 1992.Image result for infostormer jew gif

With Woodrow Wilson, the first Jew Supreme court judge was installed, the Federal Reserve act was signed and income tax on people’s labor was enacted. He also got us into a World War, and gave 20 million American dollars (quite a lot back then) of our 100 million war chest to the Red Marxists who had just taken over Russia. I’m certain his Jew pals in New York had no complaints.

Funny how big things favoring International Jewry just seem to happen soon after historical events tainted by Jewy involvement. But I guess that’s all nothing but coincidence, huh?

Let’s also not forget Kennedy signed an executive order to allow the Treasury department to print bills backed by government silver deposits. This probably made the parasites behind the Federal Reserve a bit nervous. One of the first things LBJ did when he became the president was rescind that order.

Speaking of which, LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson) probably was a Jew himself. After assuming the presidency, he reversed everything to favor Israel big time. Besides being a huge Israel lover, he enacted or signed social legislation for much of what now plagues America today. Civil Rights, “The Great Society,” changing the immigration laws to favor non-Whites in 1965, etc., etc. Plus, he probably ordered the Gulf of Tonkin incident (totally a false flag) and ordered the carrier plane stand-down when Israel attacked the US Liberty during the 1967 Six Day war. He was the one president most responsible for tens of thousands of dead Goyim in Southeast Asia during Vietnam.

The International Jew Banking class and military/industrial complex must have loved him!

Close to the end of the video above (3:52), Rubenstein is being escorted down a hall and tells someone off camera “…if Adlai Stevenson was the vice president, the assassination of Kennedy wouldn’t have happened…” Meaning LBJ was indeed part of the plot. The ambitious Johnson did think he deserved to be president and it enraged him that the young punk JFK was his boss.

Kennedy was this nation’s greatest hope. We may never have had any president since come as close to him in greatness — regardless of the political party. For the Jews to have killed him for selfish Jewish racial reasons should indeed anger all of us Americans to the core.

The more you know about the Kennedy assassination and the facts of Jewy involvement in 9/11, the more you will look at these creeps in whole new light.

Walter Cronkite once said:

“I can’t think of any group – with the exception of Israeli intelligence that would have been able to keep the JFK assassination under wraps for so long.”

— Phillip Marlowe


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