Ban the parasitic JEWISH group and save Humanity

Ban the parasitic JEWISH group and save Humanity

by alicia frischmann 

Imagine you have a box of eggs of 10 eggs but you wanted to cook an Omelet , when you finished, you discover that the omelet smells bad because the eggs are probably bad, maybe old or exposed to heat.. What you do? Will you still use the remaining eggs? Would you fear to be called “Hater” or “Monster” for throwing them?

This is the situation of the Jewish people, many of them are corrosive as elements in our society. The truth is, many of these Jews are the ONLY reason of ALL our problems

Most people see the skin but not the core, they start blaming the Muslims, the Blacks, the Latinos, the Homosexuals, the feminists… who cause our problem. But the biggest question is WHO brought these destructive agents to our societies? WHO brought the radical Muslims to our lands? WHO brought the Blacks who blame us on all their miseries? WHO produced the Homosexuals and the Feminists in our societies?

The solution to ALL PROBLEMS is one and unique, and was adopted by ALL those who solved the Jewish problem throughout History:

Ban the parasitic JEWISH group and save Humanity. Just consider them 2nd class citizens with fewer rights, however some of them are “good”.

Less rights to prevent their groups from accessing power, with that power they destroy us and manipulate us as they have always done in History.

JEWISH PEOPLE are the dirtiest bastard people on the planet and throughout History.

Most of these scumbags know that their tribe control our countries, and their tribe is behind the genocide of our civilization, because these devils KNOW WELL that in their terrorist state only Jews can be allowed, why they don’t see the difference? But instead they celebrate the destruction of our civilization.

JEWISH PEOPLE AS A GROUP should be banned, expelled, or treated as a 2nd-class citizens deprived of many of civil rights and not allowed to work many jobs from which they have used to destroy us such as the media and social organizations from which they protect, promote and import Islam to Europe.

These satanic JEWS are the ONLY REASON of the existence of Islam and Africans on the European beautiful civilization. And the ONLY solution to prevent Europeans of becoming minority in Europe, and ultimately disappear later due to their very low birth rate, is to BAN THE JEWISH PEOPLE

This is a WAR, it is the war of survival. It is NOT a simple war where everything can be rebuilt in few years. This is a GENOCIDE OF A CIVILIZATION, the replacement of the people who represent a civilization by other people who represent OTHER civilizations

THIS CANNOT BE REPAIRED with money and time, even with billions of $ cannot be repaired; This will require BLOOD to be repaired, and probably separatist groups if they are allowed) to create new countries within European countries. The other option is DEPORT the non-Ethnic Europeans and Muslims

BUT they will never accept to simply leave, they are here to take advantage of the fruits of the European people ancestors who built that civilization. But also they are here for strictly personal selfish economic reasons. the Muslims for example now consider Europe their land, so if you ask them to leave, or you use force to deport them, then they should apply the Quran

The Quran teaches them in dozens of Verses, such as those (2:191… 3:28… 3:54… 3:85… 5:33… 5:51… 8:12… 8:30… 8:39… 8:60… 8:65… 9:5… 9:28… 9:29… 9:30… 9:123… 22:19… 47:4… 65:4… – 2:191) to FIGHT, KILL and OPPRESS those who try to expel them from “their lands”

Europe is their land now, the Quran is Allah’s words, so you HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE THEN CIVIL WAR ! It was always like that during centuries when Islam and the Muslims Turks and Moors (North Africans) tried several times to conquer Europe with the help of JEWS in Europe such as in Spain

European ancestors shred rivers of blood because of the Muslims. It took decades of war in Europe to defend European civilization & Christianity. Today the Muslims are back again, same as when the JEWS brought them to Spain centuries ago and were expelled, them and their JEWISH masters (reconquista)

Muslims will be MAJORITY in Europe in 3-4-5 decades if the stupid Europeans don’t wake up to prevent hat scenario

JEWS started importing Muslims right after WW2.

Always remember –  antisemitism is when you oppose the Jewish control of your life and country ! 

comment from Renee ~ 

 Hiding in plain sight? New artwork beneath the Eiffel tower, France… Notice what appears to be black men dominating white women with a pattern that forms a star of David.”

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