“Gender-Neutral” MTV Movie Awards 2017 – The Most Insane Jewish Propaganda Yet

Wow, just wow. Jewish owned MTV once again proves it is the most degenerate network on cable. It’s 2017 Movie awards went even further this year in it’s efforts to corrupt and destroy the souls of it’s mostly young teenage TV audience. Mark Dice’s video analysis speaks for itself, and even though he fails to connect MTV and it’s gender bending/gender destroying agenda to the Jews and their plan to genocide the white race, it’s still worth watching just to see how satanic the Jews running MTV really are. It should also be noted that this year’s host, Adam Devine, is a filth-peddling KIKE.

Once we accomplish removing the Jews from power and are able to strip them of having any kind of influence over our society, MTV and the entire judeo-satanic mainstream media will be shutdown and replaced with wholesome, family fun entertainment that promotes good European Christian values. No more will the Jew use moral subversion to place us under his dominion.

Why are Jews hated ? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Jews are the corrupters of traditional morality and promoters of every kind of filth?

bring back justinian’s code !

It was Emperor Justinian of the 6th Century who – in his “Justinian Code” – forbade Jews from participation in banking, holding civil office, and from teaching positions. He understood—as did his Christian subjects—that Jews were to be kept on a short leash, otherwise Jewish tyranny, betrayal, and rapid moral decline would destroy Christian society. And now that very destruction has been unleashed.

Hitler and many before him like St Justinian the Great of the 5th Century Byzantine Empire FORBADE “LEGALLY” for Jews to have any civil authority both politically and culturally. THIS MUST BE DONE AGAIN TO SAVE OUR NATION AND THE WESTERN WORLD from the continual Judaic Destruction of Christendom.

How can this be accomplished?

1. Throw the Jews out of banking and they cannot control the economy.

2. Exclude them from civil office and they cannot subvert national interests.

3. Disgorge them from teaching and the media and they cannot corrupt the morals of our youth.

Hitler and the historic Church STOPPED the Jews and their devastation in the past.

In a revival of Hitler’s Nuremberg laws or Justinian’s ‘Symphony of Church and State’…we can surely do so again…

message from ALICIA FRISCHMANN ~

I don’t like to be rude, but to be honest why not? imagine we can get rid of the JEWISH race in 2-3 generations. We will establish paradise on earth again if JEWS don’t exist. If we can’t ban them by LAW from having influential jobs in media from which they brainwash us to destroy us, and from government from which they manipulate us to progress their satanic agenda and wars, and from banking from which they rob our handwork money and impoverish all humanity, then it would be possible for us to promote the SAME Genocide they promote for us.
In few decades we can get rid of this satanic tribe of Judaism and DEFEND ourselves from the ongoing destruction of humanity by the JEWS

This is self-defense, not hatred, this is reaction, not action. Their tribe is the aggressor, we are not. We are stupid in fact, we don’t defend ourselves, even we have the number to do it and the physical power as well. Just see all these millions of Muslims invading Europe, but because they have no leadership and are cowards, they don’t invade Israel

We the Whites, we are doing almost nothing, we don’t descend to streets when our governments go for wars abroad for the JEWS. We attack the Nationalists who want to create a White spaces or close the borders, we call them Nazi, we vote for the left and liberals…

Our men watch porn instead of getting married, they even watch race-mixed porn. Our women behave like sluts in Nightclubs and don’t want to be mothers anymore, but want to dominate the man and show him she is strong… So many shit we are doing to destroy ourselves, many things in different domains. But especially we love other groups of people but we don’t love ourselves. We don’t adopt orphans from Ukraine for example, but adopt the 9th child of an African mother.

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