What is the most holy mission on earth?

What is the most holy mission on earth?

A message from my friend Alicia frischmann to her followers on facebook after returning from a 30 day suspension

Hello friends, I am back after 1 month of ban

What is the most holy mission on earth?

I would say that fighting the JEWS is the top and the most necessary mission of every human being.

Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf: “by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord”

The friend of Adolf Hitler and one founding father of National Socialism Germany, Julius Streicher, said “He who fight the Jews, battle the devil.”

Read the full and uncensored Harold Rosenthal interview here

I often also thought and believed that God exists and God allows the JEWS to destroy the planet for one main reason, it is to make us believe in God. Therefore JEWS are the disciples of the devil, or Lucifer, the incarnation of the personality who defied God and wanted to be Master of the universe.

Satan, Lucifer and JEWS are one and the same, even Bobby Fischer, the famous Jewish chess player who turned against the JEWS, compared the JEW to the Devil. They indeed are, the same nature and doings, the planet would be a paradise today if the JEWS didn’t exist


Therefore paradise would be on earth and most humans won’t believe in almighty God creator of everything if the JEWS don’t exist.

But JEWS will be defeated one day, nobody knows when, but we should just react to them naturally as when a bacteria enters the body and the body rejects it and fight it by sending the blood to that infested region.

Humanity is so sick because of the JEWS, almost all sadness and miseries happening on the planet are because of the JEWS directly and indirectly, they are the triggers, the architects of chaos, the planners of all clashes and wars, they are the reasons of sufferings, of poverty, of crimes, of psychological and moral troubles. Few can measure how much JEWS are involved in world miseries unless we connect the dots and we ask this question:

“What would be the situation if JEWS don’t exist?”

 Joseph Goebbels , another founder of National Socialism said in his last essay that “Humanity would sink into eternal darkness if the JEWS would win this war.”



Hitler was sent by God to teach us about JEWS

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