BASED: NYC Black Man Runs for Office on Anti-Jewish Platform

report by Eric Striker from Daily Stormer
smoloko note – what pierre fails to mention is that poor white people are also being pushed out by the jews from the upper Manhattan area. but smoloko will hold it’s nose and put that aside for now and still support pierre because he is exposing the jewish control over new york city which is what is most fundamentally important here. 

 I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the centers of major cities are becoming insanely expensive – and SWPLy.

Jews tend to congregate in urban areas, and they are ethnically cleansing blacks and browns out of their immediate vicinity to replace them with a buffer of bearded privilege-checking trust-fund fags and college-brainwashed white women working in “marketing.” The emerging class of “Coastal Elites” is composed entirely of Jews and a modicum of upper class white transplants who prove themselves compliant.

As for the vibrant coloreds? They flee New York City rents and are resettled in small town white America, down in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in New York State. Everyone wins, as long as that everyone is Jews.

One black guy is apparently privy to this, and is running for the New York City Council on a platform that names the Jew by name.

‘Schwartza’ is a derogatory yiddish word the Jews use to call black people.

Arutz Sheva:

A Democratic candidate for the New York City Council has drawn criticism for his inflammatory rhetoric and attempts to stir up anti-Semitism in a race against a Jewish incumbent.

Jew opposition Mark Levine

Thomas Lopez-Pierre, 48, is vying for the New York City Council’s 7th District, which spans much of north Manhattan and is currently represented by Mark Levine.

All three candidates running for the seat are Democrats, and the race will effectively be decided by the Democratic primary vote in September.

The election garnered national attention in recent days following a series of provocative statements by Lopez-Pierre targeting the New York Jewish community.

Lopez-Pierre kicked off his 2017 campaign with a video advertisement, spread on social media, decrying what he described the “ethnic cleansing” of upper Manhattan by “greedy Jewish landlords”. Lopez-Pierre also accused local Jewish landlords of exerting political control over the incumbent,
Mark Levine.

“Mark Levine is controlled by Jewish landlords,” Lopez-Pierre claimed in the video. “Jewish landlords own more than 80% of the real estate in upper Manhattan, and they are at the forefront of pushing black and Latino people out of upper Manhattan. Together, if we organize, we can defeat Mark Levine, we can defeat Donald Trump, and we can defeat the Jewish landlords that are pushing black and Latino people out of Washington Heights and the Upper West Side.”

“Together we can defeat the Jewish landlords that are engaged in ethnic cleansing…I don’t take one dollar in campaign contributions from these greedy Jewish landlords.”

On Monday night, Lopez-Pierre pledged in a Twitter post to “protect Black/Hispanic tenants from ‘Greedy Jewish Landlords’,” citing the arrest of two Jewish landlords in 2015 to back his accusations.

Emails calling on supporters to donate to the campaign took a similar tack, with headlines like “SAVE HARLEM from Greedy Jewish Landlords”.

On his campaign website, Lopez-Pierre declares himself a “Christian man of Dominican, Puerto Rican and Haitian descent (born addicted to drugs, raised in foster care and group homes).”

The Jews are calling his protest of Jewish landlords an “anti-Semitic trope.”

Well, are the majority of slumlords and landlords in Manhattan Jews? Yes.

Are they greedy? Yes.

Is their act of jacking up the rent forcing minorities to flee their homes? Yes.

So where’s the controversy?

“Anti-Semitism” is quickly becoming a euphemism for the truth.

If you live in this part of New York City, make sure to vote for Based Black Man of the Year, Thomas Lopez-Pierre.

We’re not fans of Jesse Jackson here at smoloko, but we will give him credit where credit is due and that is for when he correctly pointed out that jews put israel first before their host and countries and that New York City is dominated by Jews and is in fact Hymietown. Hymie is a slang word for Jew

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