All 100 US Senators Complain that Israel is Not Being Treated Fairly at the UN

report by lee rogers from the Daily Stormer

The United States Senate is controlled by Jews and Israel.

The United States Senate is under the subversive influence of Jews and the foreign power known as Israel. There is no questioning this. Why else would all 100 Senators take time out of their schedule to draft a letter demanding better treatment for Israel at the United Nations? The Senate has never done this for any other foreign country. So why Israel?

Arutz Sheva:

All 100 United States Senators on Friday sent a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, in which they demand that he work to end the ongoing bias against Israel at the world body.

“Through words and actions, we urge you to ensure that Israel is treated neither better nor worse than any other UN member in good standing,” the letter said, according to The Washington Post.

“As both the UN’s principal founding member and its largest contributor, the United States should insist on reform,” the letter added. “We are deeply committed to international leadership and to advancing respect for human rights. But continued targeting of Israel by the UN Human Rights Council and other UN entities is unacceptable.”

The senators asked Guterres, who assumed leadership of the world body in January, to seek such institutional changes as the removal of a standing agenda item for the UN Human Rights Commission sessions that has been used as a forum to denounce Israel.

The letter comes following the continued efforts by the United States Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, to end the global body’s anti-Israel bias.

In theory, Senators are supposed to represent the interests of Americans who elected them to their office. They are not supposed to represent a foreign power on the other side of the world. The fact that every member of the Senate signed this letter shows conclusively that they are representing the interests of Israel first and foremost.

Since we have so many in the political establishment concerned about foreign influence over domestic politics, it is curious to see how none of them raise any questions about this situation. We’ve heard over and over again about how Russia is subverting domestic politics with very little if any proof. Compare that to the open subversion of domestic politics by Jews and Israel and it is obvious that this is a much larger issue.

We need to purge Jews and Israel from having any influence or position in the American government. It is a national disgrace that this situation exists to begin with.

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