There isn’t going to be a wall

There isn’t going to be a wall

Hitler would have already had the US border wall built because he was a real leader who kept his promises made to the people. But with Trump there’s not going to be a wall built, there is not going to be any ‘making America great again’. Why ? Because the Jews don’t want a wall built and Trump is the Jews puppet. Why don’t the Jews want a strong US border wall built ? Because the JEWS want to genocide White Christian Americans through mass illegal immigration. Why ? Because non-white third world people have lower-iq’s and are easier for the Jews to control and make slaves out of. The ultimate goal of the Jews is a world with no white people and this is the agenda behind the New Orleans mayor ordering confederate monuments to be taken down in the middle of the night. Do you see Trump expressing any outrage over this ? Nope. But he is signing holohoax remembrance proclamations at the moment.

Trump’s supposed conflict with congress to get funding for the border wall is just a kosher psyop designed to give off the illusion that he is fighting to uphold his campaign promises, when in reality he’s just carrying out the jews white genocidal program. He’s no different than Obama. Black or white, they take orders from the same political class: the Jews who control the money, the policies, and the media.

But what’s most sickening about all this is that the same congress that unanimously votes to give untold billions to Israel in foreign military aid is now telling the American people that there is just not enough money to fund a border wall ! Israel first, America last, that’s how congress works.

Funding for the US border wall could be solved overnight by removing Jewish control over the monetary system and cancelling all foreign aid to Israel, but don’t except that to happen anytime soon. Nothing has changed since Trump has become president and nothing will. Illegal immigration, poverty, unemployment and wars will accelerate under Trump because those are the natural consequences of following the orders of America hating Jews. Trump isn’t playing some 4d chess strategy and all those who still say this are blind, deaf and dumb. The Jews are still in full control of the Federal Reserve and by extension the media, government, courts, law enforcement, education etc.  Stop living in a fantasy land and face the facts.

As it was with Bush,Clinton and Obama, the United States is still a vassal state of Israel and controlled by the Jews. We cannot vote ourselves out of this situation. Democracy today means Jewish despotism that breaks down to which political candidate gets the most jewish money and jewish media coverage. I regret supporting Trump on smoloko and should have realized that there will never ever be any real change through the ballot box because it’s a one-party system controlled by the Jews. The Jews pick our presidents, it doesn’t matter if a republican or democrat gets elected, each party is only concerned with advancing the Jewish world government agenda.

Like Bobby Fischer said, ”  There is no United States as people think of it. It’s just a puppet in the Jews’ hands. It’s a plaything for the Jews… The US government and American Jewry are virtually interchangeable… They’re lying bastards. Jews were always lying bastards throughout their history. They’re a filthy, dirty, disgusting, vile, criminal people… They’re just unbelievably wicked…”

The only way White America can save itself from destruction is by organizing and raising arms against the Jewish occupied government and system of control. Will it happen ? It looks unlikely, but never say never. Hitler overcame almost impossible odds to take back Germany from the Jews, we can do the same. Whites still make up about 60% of America, but within just three decades White Americans will be a minority and when that happens, the Jews will forever be in control and America will be finished, for good. Now is the time to educate those around you about the Jewish problem, your nation and race depend on it, white man.

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