Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler are my two heroes.

Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler are my two heroes.

by Glory B

written originally during Easter 2014

This year, when the world is so troubled by the presence of satanic Jewry, Christians should keep in mind a happy coincidence.

On Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014, I will join with billions of Christians around the world in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Only on that particular day, it will be hard for me and many others to keep our minds solely on the resurrection of Our Lord, due to that day also being the 125th birthday of His messenger, Adolf Hitler.

The more that I think about it, the more I realize that Hitler and Jesus Christ had a lot in common.

Jesus and Hitler were both born poor and obscure in a world dominated by the Jewish swine.

Both raised themselves up to unheard-of heights by their own hard work.

Both were prophets in their time (although Hitler was a mere human and Christ was divine) who traveled the countryside, preaching of the need to reform society and rid the land of the evil Jewish influences.

Both Jesus and Hitler rejected the riches that could have been theirs and turned to a simpler life.

Hitler and Christ both inspired millions of people throughout the world to follow their examples. Both were wonderful speakers whose words and deeds will live forever.

Both men lived full and rewarding lives and, sadly, both were taken away from their followers too young (Christ at 33, Hitler at 56).

And both Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ were murdered by the satanic Jews.

Christians should celebrate the birthdays of both Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler, as they had so much in common.

Also, all true Christians should consider the religious significance of the swastika.

The hatred and contempt that the Jews have for the swastika is equal to the hatred and contempt they have for the Holy Cross of Christ.

Jews hate and fear the Cross because it reminds them of what they did to the Savior in retaliation for His preaching against them.

The very shape of the swastika has the cross inside it, and the arms on the ends of the cross symbolize forward movement, that is, the future.

The swastika therefore means a Jew-free society, which is what we all should strive for.

The swastika should be as important to Christians as the Jew-star is to the Spawn of Satan.

Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler are my two heroes.

I worship Jesus and I revere Hitler as Christ’s prophet who was sent by God the Father to punish the jews for their crime of killing Christ and turning the world into a den of thieves.

There is still much to be done to complete the Godly work that both Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler gave their lives for.

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5 thoughts on “Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler are my two heroes.

  1. Part 1
    Jesus and Hitler both failed and Jews are still running wild. Hitler was too stupid to read the history of Napoleon and repeated the exact same winter death march of Napoleon out of Russia. And the Jews followed the defeated German army back to Berlin and wound up raping and torturing German women by the 100s of thousands. All because Hitler was too GD stupid to follow the advice of his generals.
    The sexual deviate Hitler then married Eva Braun to make it look like he was somewhat normal and either killed himself or fled to South America in disgrace.
    Jesus was soo GD stupid that he got caught by Jews and had to fake his death with the drugged sponge of “vinegar” so he would appear dead. One of the guards who came late to the scam poked Jesus with a spear causing blood and water to run out because he was still alive. The stone of his tomb was rolled away by extraterrestrials and later he departed via a space craft when “a cloud received him out of their sight.” Jesus left us with such things as “Do good to those who despitefully use you.” The Jews are slapping their thighs over that one for sure. And now you have the Jew books on top of the New Testament as per the orders of the wife and child murderer, the Emperor Constantine who told the scribes who issued 50 new copies of the new Bible “to make them to amaze.”. Thus was Jesus elevated to be consubstantial with the Father after repeated votes back and forth. The Empress Theodora had all references to reincarnation and karma stricken from the Bibles of he day by exchanging new Bibles for old so that she could attain to the status of goddess. THUS CHRISTIANITY IS A WHORE’S DREAM. Now you have the depraved concept of Hellfire and damnation and the only way you can escape is to pay cash down to the priests in advance and drink Jesus’s body and blood (are you listening little children?)
    “The concept that God wants blood is at the bottom of the Atonement and rests up[on the most barbaric savagery.”
    Hitler is not coming back and neither is Jesus. They are both pitiful failures and they suckers still keep putting money in the plate and going out and “sinning” more in the following week.

  2. Par 2
    “Where you have forgiveness of sins you will have sins in abundance.” Sports, politics and religion are the pursuits of the dumb and ignorant. You see all the faces of these masses of dumb and ignorant following sports, politics and religion on TV and they are indeed dumb and ignorant as they indeed look to the point where we are now on the brink of utter destruction. You have many incarnations yet to come but it will not be on this planet because it is most likely that Earth will soon look like Mars or the Moon because your stupid Redneck religion let the Jew through the gate. We are now one Trump blunder away from annihilation.
    Jesus and Hitler were 2 asshole failures and as they say “The proof is in the Puddin’.”
    We now await the decision of those who fly above whether any Earth people are worth saving.

  3. Subject: – World Class Investigative Truth
    From the Washington Free Beacon:
    White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner is leading an unprecedented effort to meddle in the White House’s National Security Council, causing mayhem for senior staff who say the president’s son-in-law is interfering in key foreign policy debates, according to Trump administration officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.
    Kushner has taken aggressive action to micro-manage the NSC, overshadowing even recently installed National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, according to sources both inside and outside the White House who described Kushner’s behavior as highly unusual and damaging to the country’s national security infrastructure.
    Never before has a White House permitted such a figure to intervene in the NSC, which is traditionally given leeway to investigate foreign policy matters and bring advice to the president.
    Sources who spoke to the Free Beacon described wide-ranging frustration at the NSC over Kushner’s influence over some of the most important foreign policy portfolios, such as Iraq, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and China, among others.
    Senior NSC staff are finding their hands tied when it comes to performing even perfunctory duties, such as talking points and statements on high profile issues that must go through Kushner for approval. Sources who spoke to the Free Beacon described this level of involvement as kneecapping the NSC and contributing to its difficulties formulating policy.
    End Part 1

  4. Part 2
    “Kushner is meddling in a lot of things,” according to one NSC official who spoke to the Free Beacon only on background. “Such direct control of foreign policy from the West Wing has never happened before. It just creates a lot of drama. People just don’t know how to deal with it. We’re respectful of his position, but it’s confusing the policymaking process.”
    Officials working at the NSC, State Department, and Department of Defense “are not happy that Jared is so powerful in foreign policy,” said one White House official. “They are expected to implement the president’s agenda, but have no input or ability to get ideas in front of
    Jared. It’s a one-man show and that’s creating a lot of frustration.”
    There is more detail HERE and there you have it folks, the REAL reason why Trump has seriously started to SUCK. He’s no doubt whacked out while ziocommie JARED runs the show!

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