Assad did not gas his people. It’s Jewish fake news

Assad did not gas his people. it’s jewish fake news

Assad DID NOT gas his own people. Assad is a great leader who cares about his country and his people.  The truth is that the recent chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians was another JEWISH FALSEFLAG designed to manipulate American public opinion against Assad  and to emotionally blackmail and pressure Trump into attacking Syria for the benefit of Israel.  Assad is a secular leader who has protected Christian minorities against Islamists. Going to war against him does not benefit any political actor in the region with the exception of Israel.That’s what this is all about. The Jews want war in order to take over Syria.

Seriously, what kind of ‘evil dictator’ visits a christian church on Christmas Eve ?


This is nothing new. Remember, back in August of 2013, there was a chemical weapons attack committed against Syrian civilians that was immediately blamed on Assad without presenting any evidence he did it by the (((western media))). It was then later exposed that the Sarin gas used against Syrians on August 21st, 2013 was in fact carried out by the JewSA backed ‘moderate’ rebels and not the Assad government. The JEWS must have figured the dumb goyim forgot all about all this so hey, let’s try it again !

21stcenturywire notes – 

The following are links to a small sample of factual reports publicly available which clearly show that the alleged “Sarin Attack” in 2013 was in fact the work of (((western))) and Gulf-backed ‘opposition rebels’ (terrorists) and not the Assad government, and all of these reports have been more or less ignored by (((CNN))), (((BBC))) and the entirety of the (((western mainstream media))) – because they do not fit into the (((western))) ‘regime change’ and (((US-led))) military intervention narrative:

Seymour M. Hersh

Peter Lee

C.J. Chivers

Alex Newman

Carla Del Ponte, UN Inspector

Swedish Doctors for Human Rights

Patrick Henningsen (2013 chlorine incident)

Robert Parry

Julie Lévesque and Prof Michel Chossudovsky

MIT Researcher: Syria WMD ‘Facts’ Were Manufactured to Fit a Conclusion for Ghouta in 2013

More on the MIT study debunking West theory on Ghouta:

*Guide: Mainstream Media Fake News Which Leads to Wars – By Patrick Henningsen

Ask yourself why Assad would do something so retarded as gassing his own people just 5 days after Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Press Secretary Sean Spicer expressed goodwill towards the Syrian government, both saying it was up to the Syrian people to decide Assad’s fate. This pissed off the Jews big-time, how dare the US pursue it’s own geopolitical interests and stop advancing Israel’s regional hegemony! So the jews, like the devious evil bastards they are, staged yet another ridiculous falseflag against Assad to sow discord between Trump administration and Assad. Most importantly of all, even if true, Jews in the media blasting atrocity propaganda of dying children in your face is not about humanitarian concern, but about Israeli geopolitical interests and getting you to support a third world war. Every time Russian/Iranian/Syrian troops attack ISIS and Al-Qaeda, the Judenpresse claims that only women and children die.

The million dollar question right now is whether or not Trump will succumb to the enormous jewish pressure he is under and attack the Syrian government. I am praying he doesn’t, but his statements about ‘red lines’ and changing his views on Assad were most disturbing. sickening really. This is not looking good. If he strikes at the Syrian government in “retaliation”, dark days are ahead. Strap on your seat belts brothers and strengthen your relationship with Christ, we could be in for a very bumpy ride. After all, 2017 marks the 100th year anniversary of the Judeo-Bolshevik revolution.

note from Alice –

Why people say that the JEWS want Assad removed? It is all about Hezbollah, a Lebanese armed resistance that acquires its weapons & money from Iran to resist the terrorism and wars of Israel on Lebanon. Syria under Assad allows the transfer of weapons and supports Hezbollah. This alliance is called “Axis of resistance” and is made of Shia Muslims. JEWS support the Sunni Muslims who hate Iran and Hezbollah for religious reasons and want to create a non-secular Islamic big country. JEWS want these radical Islamic regimes near Israel, so the JEWISH Western media can convince the Western people to support the Zionist wars on those lands to “eradicate terrorism”, but in reality are wars for the JEWS to expand in the future the current land of Israel to “Greater Israel” stretching from Iraq to Egypt.

note from Tank –

The jews are trying to sew distrust and division in Trumps inner circle. Fuck them. And fuck any suggestion of acting against Assad. This is really what it is all about. Get Trump upset, confused, distrustful, then bombard him with bullshit stories about gassings. They have tried everything else so now they are trying to isolate him, to divide his cabinet, turn everyone against him! This is a typical thing from their playbook, spread gossip, accusations, false stories,to turn people against each other. If any gassings really did happen, it was carried out by Mossad. I think this is what actually happened and is happening. They broadcast stories like this to make Bannon or other staffers feel betrayed, in order to get him or another staffer to do something to damage Trump. They want Trump confused and embattled so they can manipulate him . As far as Syria goes, we hove no proof of anything, just accusations and “eyewitness” testimony ( the eternal weapon of the jew), which is about as real as the testimony about gas coming from shower heads in Auschwitz. Message to Trump – if you get us involved in a war with Syria then you can kiss your presidency goodbye! The people that are trying to take advantage of you, trying to manipulate you, will be the one’s piling on and criticizing any actions you take in Syria. They want to alienate your base from you and then turn on you! This is a jew trap and you better start to recognize their tired tactics!

comment from Jewstein –

What changed his mind? One guess ((( )))

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7 thoughts on “Assad did not gas his people. It’s Jewish fake news

  1. Trump has Jew blood just like Obongo. He has committed himself and the USA to war with N. Korea and Syria either of which can set off Jew WWIII as the Jews want. It will either be war or he will have to eat crow pie and slink off in disgrace. Either way the USA has been set on the Jew conceived path to destruction. The only way out for him is to resign in disgrace which will likely happen before years end.

  2. Trump is paying off for the Zionists like a rigged slot machine. From the beginning, I have suspected that the media attack on Trump was staged in order to convince voters that Trump was “anti-Establishment.” Once Trump’s anti-Establishment persona had been fully developed, he could safely drop all his anti-Establishment b.s. and carry out the Zionist plan for the Middle East, which included the overthrow of Assad and the Balkanization of Syria. Trump should be given an Oscar.

      It is time to call him out on this. Trump has tried to do a lot of good. For the most part, he has done very good things. But the bad cannot be ignored, when the bad is THIS BAD: TWO HUGE FAILURES.

      He has failed to protect the alternative media by not cracking down on google, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube and others.
      GOOGLE: By doing nothing as Google used monopoly status to kill advertising to perfectly legitimate alt news outlets, Trump has basically ensured the death of his true base. Fox news is not his true base, and even if it was, it is borderline criminal to simply allow Google to use monopoly powers to kill alternative views. Additionally, Trump has done nothing to stop Google from censoring alt media in an attempt to kill it off.

      Maybe Trump is not tech saavy enough to realize that simply typing a web site address into Google and having Google give you that site, (which you obviously already know about) is not a test of censorship, and instead, to prove censorship you have to do topic searches and have topics turn up web sites when they should. If it won’t do that, it is censoring.

      FACEBOOK: Trump simply sat there and did nothing as Facebook put in place artificial intelligence to wipe out his support base. Now Facebook is a dead zone, and Trump was too stupid to realize that there is such a thing as a false flag news outlet that can be set up to show openness (I am sure Facebook allows Jew critical content) but it has to be a sanitized version that looks crazy and brainless. No one in the elite class is afraid of “crazy and brainless” and it seems more and more that any “dissent” you are allowed to see can be classed as that. Ditto for Google. Ditto for Reddit.

      Youtube: Youtube is wiping great content left and right in the name of “combating hate”. But censoring while “combating hate” is a classic soviet / Bolshevik tactic and if you don’t know enough about history to know that, you are going to be severely hampered when put in charge of something like a nation.

      Trump’s support base will be killed off, because Trump allowed it to be killed off
      If Trump does not break up Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and others and make them the subject of anti trust laws, and basic “live and let live” rules of the road, he’s going to have no one to serve, and no votes again, EVER. He rode the wings of the alt media into power, and is now doing nothing to help it in a very real war to destroy it. THIS CONSTITUTES A MAJOR FAILURE, HIS FIRST FAILURE.

      The second failure: Falling into neocon hands, and cranking up the war machine. SEE THE SYRIA COVERAGE FOR DETAILS, Trump violated ALL LAW by attacking Syria. And he did it for idiotic and totally unfounded reasons. My God, he’s supposed to be the president, NOT the second place contestant in a 10th grade civics class!

  3. Trump has Jew blood and is as was his father an Illuminati Mason. Trump is fully controlled by Kushner who is the real one in control with direct hot line access to Netanyahu 24/7. Trump whored out his daughter to Kushner after no doubt using her himself. The USA is sold out to Jews top to bottom. The Christian churches keep their congregations stupid on Jews and 911 and all world wars while giving their dead GIs a good Christian burial for their body bags full of burned rotting bones, hair and guts for a under the table fee of course. Now a carrier strike group is steaming towards N. Korea and so we will have a 2 front Jew world war before trump completes 100 days in office. China and Russia are not going to loose face over this stupid Jew loving asshole in the Oval Office. My suggestion to you is have your kids over for a simultaneous real early Thanksgiving and Christmas for it is unlikely that you will see the New Year come in.

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