Chuck Todd: Yet Another Brainwashing TV Jew!

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smoloko note – in light of Trump calling out the filthy lying nbc jew rat Chuck Todd for being nothing but fake news, I am reposting this exceptional article by phillip marlowe, aka the incogman.

By Phillip Marlowe

You’re probably telling yourself “man, this INCOG guy didn’t know that already?” Tis’ true, tis’ true: I didn’t. I can’t know everything. It’s impossible, unless I’m also a relational database expert and can afford to pay a staff of data miners working non-stop for my evil Whitey boy hate site. Brahahaha!

When I read over at INFO STORMER Chuck Todd was a Jew, I thought to myself “that makes sense, let me check into it.” Yep, he is indeed a Jew. His mother was Jewish, making him one, too. He can freely immigrate to the Motherland. Hell, when he got off the El Al plane in Tel Aviv, they’d probably hand him some kind of special Jew award for political brainwashing of the American Goyim masses.

And I just thought Todd was another cucked White liberal. You know, the kind of blubbering punk who pushes PC bull caca on the rest of us because he sees himself as a “caring Global citizen” and all that jazz. Believe it or not I was indeed a bit “gobsmacked” as they say in jolly old England (I love that word) when I found out. Yeah, I still get surprised by all the filthy Jews out there in the lamestream media, screwing with White people’s brains — when it’s about time I shouldn’t.

Jews are like a nefarious alien race silently infiltrating our planet while trying to keep the indigenous population oblivious before it’s too late. Like that movie “The Arrival” (about aliens secretly terraforming Earth) with Charlie Sheen. Contrary to popular belief caused by the brouhaha over “Two and a Half Men” Jew producer, Chuck Lorre (Levine), Sheen isn’t a sheenie. A roguish HIV-infected dirtbag, sure.

David Gregory – the Jew host of ‘meet the press’ before Jew Chuck Todd took over.

In the INFO STORMER article, Todd is telling us hoi polloi out here that questioning the sacred media is un-American. Right, Jew boy. Indeed, a Jew would think that. Jew media wants you to believe everything they say, even when anyone can now see right through the tiresome lefty slant — long busy turning America into a racial crap hole. This is what’s really behind the new “FAKE NEWS” line of bull.

In my defense, I did know the monkey-faced guy before him at “Meet the Press” (David Gregory) was a Jew punk. He went over to CNN to help out in the Jewing of America over there. If you pay attention, all these Jews jump from one TV channel to the next with ease, even if they get busted for practically anything. That’s because it’s all really one team in the end — the Jew team. They just have different groups to keep us confused and the ad revenue coming in.

These filthy Jews are everywhere. Basically, TV news is really just Jews and Affirmative Action blacks who can speak understandable English, along with a few token White Gentile Goyim (mostly idiot liberals). However, Jews such as Todd are usually thought of as just another White person by the unaware. That’s why having a Goyim-sounding name and Goyim looks is a sure-fire ticket to Jew success in just about any field — especially politics and media, where they are sure you’re liberal and not going to be an evil fascist.

This is how subversive Jewry has now pretty much turned America into seething cauldron of angry races pitted against each other (diversity) and squandered our wealth destabilizing the Mideast to advance Zionist Israel’s regional hegemony. Stand back and you’ll see that’s exactly what’s been going on.

These Jews really do belong to a giant International “insider club” — well-known for financial networking, social subversions, pro immigration and a general lefty, liberal agenda — while at the same time protecting Jewry and sacred Israel, of course.

Most of them are major league Trump haters. This is “the why” the media had non-stop manufactured anti-Putin outrage, forcing Michael Flynn out as Trump’s National Security Advisor because his minor, inconsequential phone conversations to the Russian ambassador were leaked to the press by anti-Trump Obama people (probably more embedded Jews); at the NSA, FBI or 15 government agencies suddenly green-lighted to receive surveillance data by Obama only 17 days before Trump’s inauguration. Totally illegal for them to secretly release to the media, I might add.

Something similar happened to Commiefornia congress democrap Jewess, Jane Harman (right), but not a word was breathed by the Jew-protecting media back then or even now.

Yep, corrupt Harman was recorded by the FBI in a court-approved wiretap talking to fellow Jew rats at AIPAC (American Israel Political Affairs Committee), saying she would get two of their Israel Firster Jew spies freed if they finagled her the top dog job as House Intelligence Committee chairman. Seems she had a big hard on for the job, because that would make her just too cool for school among all the Zionist backstabbing traitors in Washington, DC.

She ended the phone call by telling the AIPAC people “this conversation doesn’t exist.”

You can sometimes see this Harman creep on HBO’s Bill Maher lefty show like she’s the paragon of female liberal intellectualism. She’s really just a Jew liberal harpie. Contrast her with Kellyanne Conway — a true American female hero.

Although I don’t get HBO anymore, I remember watching Harman Jew Spew away, like she was so great. I saw this one show where her and that heavily promoted Jew pollster, Nate Silver, was on talking about politics (certainly trashing conservatives). Silver was so totally flummoxed the night Trump won the election, his toupee was literally falling off his head when George Stephanopoulis* did a quick video cut to him so he could explain why beloved Hillary was starting to have problems (around 9pm).

The moment was priceless considering how he had been saying for weeks Hillary was going to win (go HERE to see my hilarious “gone viral” screen capture of Silver and my article on Trump winning). The homosexual Jew really screwed the pooch that night. Maybe even literally when he got home that night.

Speaking of the election, on that day I was working as a unpaid volunteer for the Trump ground campaign (driving old people from retirement homes to the polls so they could vote) when we heard in the early afternoon that Hillary cancelled the fireworks display for later that night at the Jew Jacob Javits center. A sure sign her people were starting to have serious doubts and didn’t want to spend anymore of the 1.3 billion she already spent of Jew donations.

Once you realize how many Jews are in front of the camera like Chuck Todd and behind the camera, everything going wrong with America suddenly makes perfect sense. Not perfect as in good, of course, but as in logical cause and effect.

Television and hollywood are just a jewish mind control operations

There’s a saying “the truth will set you free.” It surely does. Once you get “the big picture” when it comes to the hidden hand of the Jew within White countries of the West (including Britain, Ireland, Europe and Scandinavia). Once you “get it” you will not suffer the day-to-day confusion and angst like so many of the brainwashed idiots out there wondering WTF is going on.

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endnote from incogman

*Have you seen those ridiculously stupid commercials for ABC’s “Good Morning America” with George Stephanopoulis? They have all these smiling camera shots filled with that black football guy, Michael Strahan, and that ugly black chick, Robin Roberts, whom they acted like she was some kind of super media goddess, simply because she got cancer a couple of years ago. In the background they play black Jazz music. Talk about idiotic race pandering!

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