Secretary Of State Tillerson Says Future Of Assad Is Up To Syrian People

Secretary Of State Tillerson Says Future Of Assad Is Up To Syrian People

This is excellent news. Trump promised us he was not going to continue Obama’s disastrous policy of regime change in Syria. I was starting to doubt Trump on this promise the last few weeks, but after hearing his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson say, ”the future of Assad is up to the Syrian people”, my doubts have been soothed for now.  It should also be pointed out that Trump’s Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has also expressed a somewhat positive view of Assad. “Our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out,” Ambassador Nikki Haley told a small group of reporters on Thursday. This is a huge shift in policy compared to the (((Obama administration))) which unabashedly advocated for the removal of Assad. Now, I’m no big fan of Haley, she has been a dedicated Zionist her entire political career, but it seems as if she is now following Trump’s orders. If everything is at it appears to be, then hats off to her.

The bottom line is that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to remove Syrian president Assad from power. It would create a vacuum of power for crazy ISIS terrorists to fill just like what has happened in Libya and in Iraq. The only people who want this to happen are the Jews so they can continue driving Muslims out of the Middle-East and into western countries in order to racially replace the white race and destroy Christianity while simultaneously advancing their Greater Israel agenda, the Jewish ‘Yinon’ plan to create a Israeli superstate stretching from the Nile river in Egypt all the way to the Euphrates river in Iraq. Have you ever looked closely at the Israeli flag and the two blue lines at the top and bottom ? That’s what the flag symbolically represents.

Hopefully, Trump works together with Vladimir Putin to clean up this ISIS mess that was created by the Jewish controlled Obama administration and ends this stupid war in Syria. It’s time to rebuild and restore America’s infrastructure and economy and stop these insane jewish wars in the middle-east.

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The White House has said that the US must understand the “political reality” in Syria and accept the future of President Bashar al-Assad is for Syrians to decide.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters on Friday that the administration of former President Barack Obama missed an opportunity to oust Assad but current circumstances do not allow the US to take action against the Syrian president.

“There is a political reality that we have to accept in terms of where we are right now,” Spicer said.

“We had an opportunity and we need to focus now on defeating ISIS,” Spicer said using an acronym for the Daesh terrorist group.  “The United States has profound priorities in Syria and Iraq and we’ve made it clear that counterterrorism, particularly the defeat of ISIS, is foremost among those priorities.”

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10 thoughts on “Secretary Of State Tillerson Says Future Of Assad Is Up To Syrian People

  1. Part of the Greater Izrahell Plan, is to create a Kurdish state, which would be the friendly crypto-Jewish northern neighbour. The Kurds are secret Jews. Muslims would not let their women fight.
    Many Donmeh Jews fled Istanbul for the Christian crusades. They fled to the Kurdish mountains. In the 15th century, the Kurdish king converted to Judaism.
    So I think for now they leave Assad in place, but focus on the creation of a new Kurdistan, and then remove Assad later. The phrase ‘the people of Syria decide’, is like code for: ‘The Kurds will be granted their own country for their share in fighting ISIS’.

  2. Keeping Assad in power is a brilliant part of the Jew’s strategy. To have a war you need a figurehead on which to keep the hatred focused.
    Dispersing power among a bunch of warlords diffuses the energy of the hatred and results in forgetting who to hate and extend the war.

  3. Do be so Naïve as to not be cognizant of his connections to Roy Cohn and the rest of the Jews who went to their Lolita Island. There are more Jews around Trump than a Bar Mitzvah for Jew Triplets. His son-in-law has a “special” relationship with Bibi and was outed by Bibi himself on live TV. ANY government person who does not get up and say that Jew Israel did 911 with the first words out of his mouth at every speech is a GD traitor. Trump has Jew blood and his real name is Drumpf. Google Henry Makow and Donald Trump, Illuminati Jew.
    The economy is a front for the Jew war now being lined up by the Jews and Shabos Goy Trump for the fiknal solution to the White Problem.
    Hitler was a sissy regarding Jews. He let them go and di not actually eradicate them

  4. Trump/Drumpf’s repeal of Obongocare is DOA. Tax reduction is DOA. But now Trump/Drumpf has got us going into war with both N. Korea and Syria. That’s Smoloko’s Blonde Boy in action. Just remember do not look at the blinding bright flashes. Think of it this way: All you Christians are going to get to meet Jesus real soon.
    Just like the Brer Rabbit in the story of Uncle Remus and the Tar Baby, Trump is stuck. The art of the deal is to get your ass in a sling due to your big mouth.

      1. Chrissy, you need to get your head out of where the Sun don’t shine and take a look at the news.

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