Cosmopolitan magazine – pure jewish poison and degeneracy

cosmopolitan magazine – pure jewish poison and degeneracy

I was at the grocery store earlier today and couldn’t help but notice the outrageously filthy magazine ‘Cosmopolitian’ sticking out like a huge sore thumb on the magazine rack besides the checkout line. I immediately thought to myself that this magazine has to be run by kikes, what isn’t influenced or controlled by kikes today ! Low and behold, I was right. It turns out Helen Gurley Brown, a filthy jewish feminist whore was chief editor from 1965 to 2012 shaping what is now known today as ‘Cosmopolitan magazine’. Just take a look at this jew below, you can see the sin in her hideous face. It’s apparent that Jews are indeed cursed by God with hideous facial features for killing Christ. This is known as the ‘curse of deicide‘.

The only good news in this article is that this filthy Christ killer is now DEAD.

To paraphrase The Great One, when we “put the probing knife to the abscess” of the rotting corpse that is western civilization, we are sure to behold a bunch of bloated (((Marxist))) maggots from a certain “religious” tradition (cough cough) feasting away. The list of “usual suspects” is a long one, with some of the crime bosses being bigger and deadlier than others.

hitler was right after all ! The jews are filthy filth peddlers !

This kind of material is not safe for young girls. This kike garbage is teaching our young girls to become whores and its placed right out in the open at grocery store checkout lines! IT NEEDS BANNED ! IT IS JEWISH POISON ! Once upon a time White Christians would have demanded the removal of this JEW POISON from public spaces easily accessible to children but no ! We’ve become pacified and accept, no, not only accept but EMBRACE our own cultural, spiritual and racial destruction at the hands of the filthy stinking jews.

What’s even more disgusting is (((Cosmopolitans))) website ! They literally have dozens of articles about teaching women how to masturbate !!! These are some real evil soul-destroy kikes running ‘Cosmo’.  Boy let me tell you guys, if I was the president I would shut down all these jewish media and print operations and “LEGALLY” FORBID the Jews to have any civil authority both politically and culturally. THIS MUST BE DONE AGAIN TO SAVE OUR NATION AND THE WESTERN WORLD from the continual Judaic Destruction of Christendom.

It should be understood that ‘Feminism’ isjew feminist cartoon inset just one more element of the jews white genocidal program. It’s right up there multiculturalism, mass immigration,miscegenation, abortion and homosexuality. All jewish destructive movements used to destroy the white race and undermine our collective power. Jews promote ‘feminism’  to feminize Gentile males so as to minimize a backlash against them, to trick women into having careers instead of a family and to see white men as their adversary and oppressor. This obviously lowers the birthrate among whites and sows discord among already existing husbands and wives, thus breaking up the white family.  This sick jewish psy-op has falsely convinced the average Western female that she can find happiness by transforming themselves into a sex toy while pretending to be a man.  It’s time we ban these nation wrecking parasites out of our country ! This jewish virus plaguing western society must be remedied before it kills and destroys us all.

Thanks to the legendary activist John Alan Martinson Jr. for documenting the racial make-up of the vile Feminist movement.

Feminism, easy abortions, multiculturalism and forced integration, gay marriage, are all promoted by the jewish academic establishment to kill off the gentiles. They force us to adopt ‘liberalism’ and if we complain then we are labeled racist bigots and backward. Feminism, as promoted by the jew, has not liberated women, it has enslaved them to the jew bankers. Not all, but the majority of women just want to have children and share a loving family life together. How can this be done when both Mother and Father have to work long hours in shitty jobs just to make ends meet? The jews are destroying our innate natural instincts to reproduce ourselves. This is racial genocide.

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