Alex Jones Apologizes for Pizzagate Coverage


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It looks like someone has definitely gotten to Alex Jones over his coverage of the Pizzagate child sex ring scandal late last year.

Yesterday, Jones uploaded a video showing him reading a prepared statement apologizing for his Pizzagate coverage. He specifically apologized to James Alefantis the owner of the creepy Comet Ping Pong pizza shop who has been at the center of this whole pederasty fiasco.

They’ve disabled up/down voting and comments on the video which is highly unusual for their channel.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with this but it looks like Jones is either being sued, blackmailed or threatened in some capacity. I can’t remember Jones ever reading a prepared statement about anything.

What’s interesting is that Media Matters jumped all over the Jones apology. Media Matters is tied in with David Brock who is the faggot boyfriend of Alefantis.

This whole situation gives us even more reason to believe that Pizzagate is real.

Does anybody really believe that this random pizza shop faggot Alefantis would have the power to shut down people like this if Pizzagate wasn’t real? I certainly don’t. Alefantis must have some powerful people backing him up that are tied into what appears to be a sadistic child rape operation.

What do you guys think about this? Comments are welcome.

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comment from Spahnranch1969 –

That fat, cowardly fuck. I’m surprised Jew Wife Jones didn’t offer to :kiss: J’aime les enfants’ ass on camera as part of his groveling apology. Yet more proof that Infotainment Wars isn’t worth a damn. No wonder Jones’ operation never gets harassed by the ADL, SPLC, FBI, IRS, etc. That Pizzagate shit is even bigger than I thought! :pizza::pizza::pizza:

comment from WhiteMakesRight

Pizzagate is the pin of the grenade. Once you discover what they’re doing now, you go back in history and realize that “blood libel” accusations were true and Jews have been our enemies for millennia. If Pizzagate goes mainstream and people realize it’s Jews behind it, it’s “110 and Never Again” time.

comment from Vitamin-KKK

He also fired one of his reporters, Joe Biggs, a couple months ago, apparently because he wouldn’t stay silent on the Pizzagate thing. Neither of them actually called it a firing and tried to pass it off as a voluntary thing, but it doesn’t seem that way. This happened around the same time (((Milo))) had promised to give a speech on Pizzagate and suddenly rescinded at the last minute.

comment from kenpachirabbit1

thats enough evidence for me. if i draw swastikas on my wall i am a ____?

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9 thoughts on “Alex Jones Apologizes for Pizzagate Coverage

  1. Sexual immorality caught on film has been a control mechanism for a long time. Many of “our leaders” are compromised by it.

    1. Part One
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      Trump will never say that Jew Israel did 911 and as such is likewise a Jew blood traitor who is leading this nation to a New Jew War III in the near term. The Rednecks are worrying about leaks and Russians and healthcare and tax reduction and are too Christian funnymentalist stupid to see that they are being lead to a Jew nuclear holocaust.

      Par 2 follows.

      1. Pat 2
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        The real solution is censor by them just like the Jews censor it.

          1. If “God” exists then he she or it is an Atheist. If you claim unity with God then you are an Atheist by DEFAULT. All religion is conman fraud. Early Christians knew about reincarnation Christianity was lifted to prominence by the Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. Constantine was a wife and child murderer. The Empress Theodora who was a licentious whore and who was married to the Emperor Justinian had all references to reincarnation stricken from the Bibles of her day by giving out new bibles without the metaphysical principals in the text in exchange for turning in the old Bibles. Thus the concept of Hellfire and damnation came to be taught for cash down to the priests which is the case today. Theodora wanted to attain to the status of goddess so she could not be held accountable to the laws of karma but rather relied on the false concept of forgiveness of sins in which God feels all sad and teary that his little boy died on a cross in a ritual of Jew blood atonement. The other concept of metaphysical significance that is true is the concept of the kundalini which Christians call the Holy Ghost and which for the most part has been reduced to just a hollow mouthing of words as in “The Father the Son and the Holy Ghost.” There is no need of religion. As one famous American said, “The world is my church and to do good my religion.” Churches separate man from his true unity with the Creator in an attempt to extract money for priests fat gut life style. Preachers get up in the pulpit on Sunday morning and sling around their Bibles which are filled with depraved Jew stories of rape and murder and their dumb and ignorant followers never ask questions but dump their money in the plate in a hollow attempt to escape damnation. All preachers who do not teach reincarnation and karma are conmen and should be arrested and sent to hard labor for life without parole. Same for anybody who commits abortion or circumcises a baby. And you sit there with your face hanging out and your thumb up your you know what. WTFU

          2. See above response. Hitler was deeply involved in Occult practices. If you are unaware of this then you are ignorant by choice. Hitler was a sexual deviate and only got orgasms from Golden Showers from women. Once when his chauffer paid attention to his golden shower girl he had the man murdered. Hitler had only one descended testicle and by no stretch was he a normal man with normal interests in women and he had no children. He only married Eva Braun in the final hours of his life to make it appear as if he were somewhat normal. The Jew blood shill you have in the White House has more Ashkenazi Jews around him than a Bar Mitzvah for Jew triplets. His JEW son-in-law has a special connection to Bibi and everything Drumpf (his real name) does goes straight to Israel. All the present commotion in DC is just a distraction as we move towards Jew WWIII. The Jews want the USA and Russia to destroy each other so that Jews can finally control the world.
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