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January 22, 2017 was the 82th anniversary of the birth of Matt Koehl, the foremost National Socialist thinker of our time. In honor of the occasion, we republish this essay, which first appeared in NS Bulletin Number 10 (October 1967). Notes comments by James Harting follow the essay.

Just as there is a “creep” (1) appearance, so there is a contrasting National Socialist appearance. One symbolizes the decadence and degeneracy of the alien Jewish System; the other, the heroic outlook and revolutionary world view of Aryan Man.

A person’s inner attitude and philosophy tends to be reflected in his outward appearance: the way he looks, stands, walks. The creep attitude is reflected in Beatle hair, dirty whiskers, long and shaggy sideburns; effeminate and foppish clothes; in the slouch and the shuffle—the things that one finds in every “peace” march. All of these are the external symbols of decadence to which National Socialism is unalterably opposed. It is a categorical impossibility for one to be a true National Socialist, and at the same time associate oneself with these degenerate styles and fads of our time.

By contrast, the National Socialist attitude is marked by the shaven jaw and the military-type haircut; by personal cleanliness and sober dress; by erect posture and the firm step—as epitomized by the men who comprised the elite formations of NS Germany.

Every National Socialist must recognize that he is a representative of this movement. The National Socialist movement is judged by the way others see you personally. It is therefore a fundamental duty and obligation of every Party Member and every National Socialist to present the finest image to his immediate associates, as well as to the general public.

If we—as National Socialists—claim Aryan superiority, then our own lives must in themselves be proof of this claim. If we—as National Socialists—want a world of decency and discipline, then we must first prove ourselves capable of displaying decency and discipline. If we—as National Socialists—plan to build a New Order in this world, then there must first be a New Order in our own lives—of which our outward appearance will be the finest reflection.

Matt Koehl,
National Leader (2)

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Comments by James Harting: National Socialism is usually discussed in terms of its ideological, political, spiritual, social or economic content; or in the collective practice of these aspects of it. In this short essay, Commander Koehl extends the reach of the NS worldview into the realm of the personal appearance and conduct of individual NS adherents.

It was a tenet of Koehl’s understanding of National Socialism that, to be a true National Socialist, one must “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk.” To be an authentic National-Socialist requires one to behave and comport oneself in keeping with the National Socialist worldview; it is not sufficient merely to give the NS worldview one’s intellectual endorsement.

Along these lines, allow me to cite one of the first pieces of NS literature I received as a teenager in 1966. It was an introductory letter to the National Socialist Youth Movement, which was the young people’s formation of the American Nazi Party. (3) It included this paragraph written by Matt Koehl:

We seek the formation of a youth which will carry on in the finest traditions of the Hitler Youth—a youth which, in the words of the Fuehrer, is “swift as greyhounds, tough as leather and hard as Krupp steel”; (4) a youth which is upright, loyal and disciplined; a youth which is healthy, strong and proud; an idealistic, moral, responsible youth willing to sacrifice; a youth which demands excellence and rejects all forms of pettiness and decadence, whether it be n#gger “music”, beatle hair, foppish clothes, vulgar talk, LSD, cigarettes, alcholic poisoning, Coca-Cola “culture”, effeminacy or punkism, a youth in revolt against every manifestation of democratic degeneracy, materialism and ugliness.

Some of the language here, as in the preceding essay, is a reflection of its times: the “Beatle haircut” is no longer a matter of pressing social concern to the Movement. But Matt Koehl is dead-on in his core message: each National-Socialist should be a living manifestation of the New Order that he (or she) seeks to build—and not a reflection of the sick values of the dying civilization that is threatening to pull our entire Race with it into its looming grave!


(1) “Creep” as used here is a shortened form of “peace creep,” which was a derogatory term used to describe leftwing, pro-communist opponents to the Vietnam War.

(2) Matt Koehl immediately took the reins of the National Socialist White People’s Party following the assassination of its commander, George Lincoln Rockwell, but he did not assume the rank or title of “Commander” until two years later. During this period he was known as “National Leader.”

(3) “Dear White Youth,” undated form letter, probably issued in 1965 or 1966.

(4) The words cited are from Mein Kampf, Vol. I, Chap. 12, p. 356 (Manheim).

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