Traditional Catholicism is Pro-Fascism, Jew-Wise, and Perfect for White Nationalists

Traditional Catholicism is Pro-Fascism, Jew-Wise, and Perfect for White Nationalists

report by William Martel from the Daily Stormer

Bishop Williamson of the SSPX

Historically the Catholic Church has been very far-right, from the Spanish Inquisition to its support for Fascist governments around the WW2 era. Unfortunately the modern Catholic Church has deteriorated into liberal degeneracy after the Second Vatican Council in 1962. However, this article is not about a theoretical or ideal form of Catholicism, but a real worldwide organization that you can take part in, known as the Society of Saint Pius X or SSPX. In 1970, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre founded SSPX as a traditionalist response to the modernism of the Catholic Church.

It brought back the Traditional Latin Mass and encouraged an ultra-conservative lifestyle among its members. In keeping with the traditions of the Catholic Church, the SSPX has fully embraced far-right politics as well as the position the Catholic Church has always held on the Jews, that they are cursed for having killed God, and are no longer God’s chosen people. But don’t take my word for it, let’s look at Wikipedia. Keep in mind, the fascist Vichy government in southern France was allied with the Third Reich during WW2.

  • Support for the Vichy government (1940–1944). Lefebvre spoke approvingly of the “Catholic order of Pétain”, referring to the Vichy Premier Marshal Philippe Pétain, who was later convicted of treason and collaboration with Nazi Germany. The Society organizes pilgrimages to Pétain’s tomb, and during the 1987 pilgrimage the Archbishop referred to him as having “restored [France] spiritually and morally”. The Society’s official journal in Belgium has denounced the anti-Vichy trials conducted after World War II by the mainstream republican followers of Charles De Gaulle. The trials resulted in 791 executions and almost 50,000 forfeitures of civil rights. There have also been allegations that the SSPX had links with the Vichy functionary Paul Touvier and that Vichy songs were learned at a scout camp of the Society.
  • Support for the Front National political party and its leader, Jean-Marie le Pen, who is on the far right of the political spectrum. In 1985, Lefebvre was quoted in the French far-right periodical Présent as endorsing Le Pen, though his endorsement was made on the basis that Le Pen was the only major French politician who unambiguously condemned abortion. In 1991, the then SSPX priest Fr. Philippe Laguériecalled the Front National “the party least removed from the natural law”.
  • When former S.S. Captain Erich Priebke died in October 2013, the Diocese of Rome forbade a Requiem Mass for him. The reasons cited were Priebke’s involvement in murdering 335 Italians in the 1944 Ardeatine Massacre and his subsequent lack of remorse. SSPX offered to hold a funeral and issued a statement on their website saying, “A Christian who was baptized and received the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist, no matter what his faults and sins were, to the extent that he dies reconciled with God and the church, has a right to the celebration of the holy Mass and a funeral.”

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There you have it. Can a religion get more “redpilled” than that? Openly praising a literal fascist government, standing up for an SS officer when nobody else would, and endorsing a present-day nationalist party in France whose leader at the time, Jean-Marie le Pen, had made all kinds of controversial statements. But wait, I’m not done. Here are three articles written by ADL, SPLC, and Salon condemning SSPX, followed by quotes from leaders of SSPX on the Jews.

  • “Some Jews have converted, but there is a danger there, because it is not guaranteed that they have truly converted, or if they only do so in order to keep or facilitate their material interests or their position. It is very difficult to discern.” -Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre(Founder of SSPX), Against the Heresies, p. 200
  • Lefebvre identified the contemporary enemies of the faith as “Jews, Communists and Freemasons” in an Aug. 31, 1985, letter to Pope John Paul II.
  • In a letter that he addressed to the Catholic bishops of Germany in October 2008, Father Franz Schmidberger(Second Superior General of SSPX)rejected the description that Pope John Paul II had applied to the Jews: “our older brothers in the faith”, and declared that “for as long as they do not distance themselves from their forefathers’ guilt through the avowal of Christ’s divinity and baptism, they are complicit in the deicide”.
  • On December 28, 2012, in a radio interview aired from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chapel in New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada, Bishop Fellay(Current Superior General of SSPX) declared, “Who, during that time, was the most opposed that the Church would recognize the Society? The enemies of the Church. The Jews, the Masons, the Modernists.”

You might be saying that this sounds too good to be true. You might think that this organization is on the fringe with nearly no members or physical presence. You would be wrong. SSPX is actually the largest traditional Catholic organization in the world with 6 seminaries, 162 priories, 750 Mass centers, 2 university institutes, 100 schools, 7 retirement homes, 561 priests, 215 seminarians, and 185 nuns. They are very popular all across the US and Europe, so the chances are high of you finding a location near you. Click here to find a SSPX church in: USA, UK, Canada, or if elsewhere you’ll have to do a Google search for SSPX in your area. The “Mecca” of American SSPX parishes is in St. Marys, Kansas and has a community of over 3,000 traditional Catholics which are almost exclusively all white, including a K-12 academy and a college. Here is what the SSPX Mass looks like in Paris at the Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet chapel that the based SSPX literally conquered by walking in, kicking out the other priests, squatted there for decades, and nobody has kicked them out since.

This article isn’t meant to discount other religions, but merely to present an interesting religion you might not have heard of, that integrates with our political ideology quite well. The moral foundations the SSPX can provide to your life is worth mentioning as well. They have a very traditional outlook on morality, and having to confess sins helps to increase the likelihood that people won’t become a degenerate by instilling guilt and shame. They don’t believe in divorce or birth control, so if having a large white family is your goal, this would be a great option. The following link I found is a great Facebook page called Catholic Nationalist dedicated to promoting traditional Catholicism along with nationalism. I recommend you give them a ‘like’ so you can hear more about this concept.

Catholic Nationalist‘Like’ this Facebook page for more info.
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  1. I like most of what you expose regarding the Jews and the conciliar Church. However, there is some facts regarding SSPX and Bishop Richard Williamson that in my opinion you missed out here. Bishop Richard Williamson was kicked out, expelled, from the Society for having express a negative opinion regarding the number of victims in the holocaust. So what is the real standing of the SSPX today, if not in the same as the Novus Ordor Church, i.e., pro-Jewish?
    Nadir Martello

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