There wouldn’t be ‘anti-semitism’ if….


If Judaism didn’t teach Jews the world belongs just to them and that all gentiles should be enslaved and killed.

If Judaism didn’t teach Jews that only Jews are human and that it is perfectly okay to rob, cheat and murder gentiles because they are inferior animals who exist only to serve the Jews.

If Judaism didn’t teach Jews that all gentiles are inferior to Jews and are to be their slaves.

If Jews weren’t actively trying to destroy Christianity and the white-race throughout the world. (They are achieving this through the promotion of cultural marxism which breaks down into unlimited non-white third world immigration, race-mixing, homosexuality,transgenderism dirty entertainment, pornography and feminism inside Europe and America)

If Jews didn’t control all the banks for their benefit. (which they use to impoverish and rob blind their ‘goyim’ host countries through usury)

If Jews didn’t control the news media. (which they use to manipulate the minds of their ‘goyim’ host countries so they can hide their crimes and global control over the world)

If Jews didn’t control Hollywood and the porn industry. (which they use to corrupt the morals of the ‘goyim’ so they are easier to control)

If Jews weren’t promoting and normalizing every kind of perversion and degeneracy such as homosexuality and transgender-ism in their ‘goyim’ host countries. ( The agenda is to destroy Christianity and the white-race in order to establish a jewish world government.)

If Jews weren’t promoting unlimited non-white third world illegal immigration into their ‘goyim’ host-countries (which has resulted in European women and children getting raped, robbed and murdered by Muslims and Africans on a daily basis. Multiculturalism is a jewish strategy used to break up the unity and collective power of the white ‘goyim’ )

If Jews didn’t promote ‘feminism‘ to brainwash white women into hating strong white men in order to destroy marriage and break up white families. ( Feminism was from the beginning a Jewish creation designed to break up the unity and collective power of the white ‘goyim’ -)

If Jews didn’t engineer and start all the wars. (which they use to genocide the goyim and enrich themselves)

If Jews weren’t using false-flag terrorism against us to transform our societies into a police state so they can take more of our freedoms away.

If Jews weren’t ethnically cleansing the Palestinians and destroying Palestine.

I could go on…but I’m getting tired and am going to go to bed now.

Simply put, gentiles wouldn’t be anti-semitic if Jews weren’t anti-gentile , or anti-goy.

Obviously, ‘anti-semitsm’ – is a healthy reaction from gentiles who don’t like being robbed, enslaved, degraded, controlled and destroyed by Jews.

I’m not a big fan of the Jew Albert Einstein. It is widely suspected he was a plajorist and even a communist spy. But he did honestly admit that anti-semitism is in fact a normal social reaction form gentiles caused by the Jew’s themselves.


My friend Alicia Frischmann writes  –

Everyday I discover that there is no hope at all with the Jewish people. They are the dirtiest scum of the earth. They just invaded my profile and started commenting “Bitch”, “Slut’, Nazi’.. even girls between them. What a dirty fu**ing race they are. They filled my inbox with such dirty messages even in their satanic Hebrew language. They made me angry

I only say facts about their leaders and lobbies, I say Quotes from these Jews, even if I hate common Jews, they have no right to tell me what I should love and what should I hate. These subhumans should be isolated all from the rest of humanity, because they are so dangerous and destroyers. There is no hope at all with them. There should be some kind of psychological test to filter few of them who became free from their racist supremacist tribe. Otherwise all of them should be isolated.

Jewish elite and Jewish lobbies are not the only problem, but the Jewish common people who work like and army to defend the Jewish supremacy, Jewish lies, Jewish crimes, Jewish subversion… These common Jews are evil because they don’t stand for justice and truth

I am antisemitic and I have my reasons. I am free. Everyday I am more antisemitic because I learn more about them. These people act all in an evil way. They all act as an army. Yes there might be few Good Jews, but the majority act badly when they see facts about their tribe. Instead of fighting their elite and lobbies, they fight those who say the truth

If they were good people, they would search the truth and start exposing the evil doings of their tribe. But they don’t. This is why I hate them all. I really love the very few Jews who fight their tribe ( ex: Brother Nathanael) because after all they didn’t choose to be born Jews.

It might be me who could have been born Jew, but if I discover all the Jewish doings, then I would fight them (I guess)

I don’t want these evil people anymore. They cause too much harm to humanity. We would be living a paradise life today without them. I want them all to be separated from humanity. I am not violent. But patience has limit. If common Jews don’t fight their tribe and expose them, I fear that their end will be a real persecution. But these bastards are not concentrated in one place, they are even immigrating from Israel to Europe and America. More than half are outside shitsrael

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