Happy George Lincoln Rockwell Day (3/09/1918)

by Zeiger from the Daily Stormer

above – Commander Rockwell: the original Nazi troll.

Today, the 9th of March, is the 99th birthday of commander George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party. This is a figure that everyone on the right should be familiar with, and draw inspiration from.

While there’s much to be learned from the lives of Hitler or Mussolini, they lived in a very different world than what we have today; their societies weren’t completely Jewed in the way America is. They still had strong men and national pride.

In that sense, Rockwell’s life speaks to modern people much more directly than former great men who fought for Western civilization. He faced many of the same issues we face today, and fought the same forces that oppose us as well.

For this occasion, I’ve made a modern, readable version of his classic autobiography “This Time, the World” available to everyone.

Download here3. Cover by Alexander Slavros.
This is a book I would actually recommend over Mein Kampf to anyone wanting to learn about the struggle. Rockwell did some incredible things in his day, including starting popular magazines, publishing comic books, meeting with high level government officials and military leaders, and even opening communications with black nationalists who desired to separate from White America.

The American Nazi Party was the origin point for a lot of the movements and organizations that upheld the torch of radical nationalism in America. William Pierce of the National Alliance, Joseph Tomassi of the NSLF and James Mason of Universal Order were all members of Rockwell’s group at some point or other.

His studies in marketing gave him a keen understanding of human psychology and the use of propaganda to affect the masses. He used this understanding to great effect, taking the American media by storm in much the same way that Nazi trolls are doing today.

It’s important to remember our roots and learn from our past heroes.

So let’s declare this George Lincoln Rockwell day!

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Found an old Playboy from 1966 with a huge Rockwell interview/ pictures etc. it’s worth looking for if you’re in an antique shop. The people behind his assassination knew that once he was gone, the movement would fragment and it did, it became a joke full of uniform freaks etc.. We were lost when we lost him. He had what the system fears the most: the ability to persuade and organize people.

I can’t help but think that the blacks have been jewed over and turned feral through the decades. They had a lot more self respect then. Imagine someone like GLR trying to open dialog and red pilling the blacks in the current year?

Maybe we should draw inspiration from him and try to tell these blacks who the real enemy is.

Also I Invite peoples here to listen this Legendary Speech.[for those that have not listen to it just yet, enjoy]

Commander George Lincoln Rockwell 1966 Speech at Brown University

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Excellent video featuring words from George Lincoln Rockwell commenting on the core beliefs of National Socialism. It is interesting to hear words from the Commander that were recorded roughly 50 years ago amid the Cultural Marxist cesspool we are dealing with today. National Socialism is the antithesis of Jewish Marxism and forms the ideological basis of what we need to resolve the problems that we face today.

George Lincoln Rockwell: Are Jews A Race? – YouTube

Chapter 5 – The Ship Wreckers – George Lincoln Rockwell

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George Lincoln Rockwell: Death Rattle

this time the world – pdf book by george lincoln rockwell

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