JEWS against freespeech

by Alicia Frischmann 

Henry Ford the founder of Ford Motor company was a very patriotic American man, he recognized the JEWS as a parasitic corrosive group destroying every people they infiltrated and lived within. He warned the world in his most famous book called “The International Jew”.

You will never hear about Henry Ford in the JEWISH controlled American media or even Western education, because he was truth-seeker who understood the JEW a +100 years ago. His fame and respect among the American people would have made him a teacher about the JEW, this is why his book is suppressed and his quotes as well.

JEWS are a hypocrite people, they live in White nations and behave all like a foreign body: JEWS cover each others power and subversion and crimes. You rarely find any JEW exposing his tribe. This is because they are the most racist people in the world. Their Judaism comes BEFORE any nationality. They are very tribal and very supremacists. They believe that their God asked them to subjugate humanity because they are somehow a superior people, or more intelligent (chosen)

They are not more intelligent, they simply do TEAM-WORK, and they LIE. It is the only reason why they can control us, because they LIE and work in TEAM

What is the source of Power of the JEWS? It is their ability to brainwash us. This is why their top goal when they infiltrate a nation, is to control the media and the publishing. Also to control education and History books. They want us to love them and feel pity because they are “persecuted”. Meanwhile they work in team to destroy us.

They are behind every subversive and destructive movement in the Western World. The reason of “Antisemitism” is shown in this screenshot of COMMON JEWS who try to stop the truth on Facebook

They all know that their tribe is behind all problems because they can see NAMES OF JEWS, QUOTES OF JEWS, SPEECHES OF JEWS…

These are FACTS about their tribe evil doings. This is why they fear the FACTS. There is nothing they fear more than the NAMES AND QUOTES AND SPEECHES from their brothers. Yet, instead of standing for justice and peace and fight their evil brothers (elite, bankers, lobbies…), they fight those who say the truth about them.

This makes the Jewish people a very dangerous people. It was not stupid or blind hatred that the Ancestors of Europe banned the Jewish people or expelled them. It was because as a GROUP, they constituted a corrosive power.

Peace will never come to earth unless we recognize the JEWS again as the source of all problems It is a matter of death or survival for the White civilization.Don’t waste your time just fighting the Muslims and the Blacks and the Latinos. These are the programmed brought-in people to distract you, destroy you and replace you as well. Spot the JEW who hides behind this distraction.

He is the eternal enemy of the White man and all mankind

You can read Henry Ford writings about the JEWS here and here

also in the news –

report from MS KING (

Sad news to report, boys and girls.

After years of ignoring letters from various Jewish groups, Mr. Bezos has finally caved into pressure to remove books denying disproving the Holocaust TM from the webpages of Amazon. With Zionist Orange Man — a personal enemy of Bezos — Breitbart Boss Kevin Bannon, and sonny- boy Jared Kushner in the White House, Bezos has evidently seen the light. Among the titles that suddenly disappeared down the Orwellian memory hole was ‘The Bad War’ — my main best-seller and personal “bread & butter” piece that had hundreds of positive reviews. Here is the blunt E-mail received from Amazon:

We’re contacting you regarding the following book: The Bad War: The Truth NEVER Taught About World War II. During our review process, we found that this content is in violation of our content guidelines. As a result, we cannot offer this book for sale.



We will still sell the book through this website, of course, (here) and have it shipped third-party from the self-publishing service. But having lost access to Amazon’s awesome marketing and distribution machine, we expect sales to drop by at least 80%. In due time, other titles may even get bumped off, especially if the situation with Russia continues to deteriorate — a reality which may result in ‘The War Against Putin’ being removed.

On a personal level, I am concerned over the lost revenue stream, angered over the censorship, and saddened that “newbies” and young students will no longer be introduced to the truth of World War II by Amazon’s mass marketing power. Bastards!

If you appreciate and the assorted books, please help me to offset the forever-lost Amazon & Kindle book sales. What a shame it would be if your intrepid reporter here had to give up digging for truth on a full time basis. A minimum $5 per month sustaining membership or generous one-off donations would be greatly appreciated — as would continued book sales of other titles. Let’s take this lemon and make some lemonade.


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