mussolini made italy great again

excerpt from Stephen Mitford Goodson’s book – a history of central banking and the enslavement of mankind (pp 135-136)

On October 28, 1922 Benito Mussolini and his National Fascist Party came to power. Fascism should more appropriately be described as corporatism, as it symbolized a merger of state and corporate power. In 1936 the Chamber of Deputies was replaced by a National Council of Corporations with 823 representatives from industry,labour and the states, who guided industry and settled labour disputes.

In the 1920s by means of deficit spending a programme of public works was instituted, which was unrivaled in modern Europe at that time. Bridges, canals, autostrada of 2,485 miles (4,000km), hospitals, schools, railway stations and orphanages were built. Forest were planted and universities were endowed. The Pontine marshes were drained and 310 square miles ( were reclaimed. As part of the program of national self-sufficiency or autarky, agriculture was subsidized and regulated.

Benito Mussolini inspects progress on the draining of the Pontine Marshes – one of his engineering triumphs which transformed this malarial region into a thriving agricultural area.

The State Bank of Italy

In 1926 Mussolini first intervened in the banking sector by granting the Banca d’Italia jurisdiction over the issue of bank notes and the management of minimum requirements for bank reserves, including gold. This formed part of his policy of using Italian fascism “primarily to create an autarkic state not subject to the vagaries of world trade and finance.” In 1927 Italy received a loan from JP Morgan of $100 million to meet a special emergency. Thereafter Mussolini refused “to negotiate or accept any more foreign loans”, as “he was determined to keep Italy free from financial subservience to (((foreign banking interests))).

In 1931 the State arrogated to itself the right to supervise all major banks by means of the Instituto Mobilare Italiano (Institute of Italian Securities). In 1936 the process was completed when, by means of the Atto Reforma Bancaria (Banking Reform Act), the Banca d’Italia and the major banks became state institutions.

The Banca d’Italia was now a fully fledged state bank which had the sole right to create credit out of nothing and advance it for a nominal fee to other banks. Limits on state borrowing were lifted and Italy abandoned the gold standard.

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My grandmother absolutely loved living in Mussolinis Italy, Italy was so safe people could leave their front doors unlocked and nobody would break in. Despite the ww2 propaganda hating on Hitler, to this day she still loves Mussolini and he was by far the best leader she lived under.

I hope I can live in a time to see another Mussolini leading Italy.

Benito Mussolini on Freemasonry

Benito Mussolini waged an unrelenting war on the conspiratorial, Jew-serving universalist cult of Freemasony, and succeeded for a time in freeing his beloved Italy from their poisonous presence while he was in power. Below is a passage from his autobiography My Rise, in which he speaks of this:

Let us not forget that the Masons of Italy have always represented a distortion, not only in political life, but in spiritual concepts. All the strength of Masonry was directed against the papal policies, but this struggle represented no real and profound ideal. The secret society from a practical point of view rested on an association of mutual adulation, of reciprocal aid, of pernicious nepotism and favoritism. To become powerful and to consummate its underhanded dealings, Masonry made use of the weaknesses of the Liberal governments that succeeded each other in Italy after 1870 to extend its machinations in the bureaucracy, in the magistracy, in the field of education, and also in the army, so that it could dominate the vital ganglions of the whole nation. Its secret character throughout the twentieth century, its mysterious meetings, abhorrent to our beautiful communities with their sunlight and their love of truth, gave to the sect the character of corruption, a crooked concept of life, without programme, without soul, without moral value.

My antipathy for that disgusting form of secret association goes back to my youth. Long before, at the Socialist congress of Ancona in 1914, I had presented to my comrades the dilemma: Socialists or Masons? That point of view had won a complete triumph, in spite of the strong opposition of the Mason-socialists.

Later, in Fascism, I made the same gesture of strength. It took courage. I obeyed the positive command of my conscience, and not any opportunism. My attitude had nothing in common with the anti-Masonic spirit of the Jesuits. They acted for reasons of defense. After all, their inner organization as a religious society is almost completely unknown.

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For my direct, methodical and consistent course of policy the hate of the Masonic sect persecutes me even now. Masonry of that type has been beaten in Italy, but it operates and conspires behind mask of the international anti-Fascism. It utterly fails to defeat me. It tries to throw mud at me, but the insult does not reach its mark. It machinates plots and crimes, but the hired assassins do not control my destiny. It goes gossiping about my weaknesses, and the supposed organic afflictions of my body, but I am more alive and stronger than ever

This is a war without quarter, a war of which I am a veteran. Every time that I have wanted to cauterize difficult situations in Kalian political life, every time that I have wanted to give a sincere, frank and loyal moral rectitude to the personnel in politics, I have always had against me our Masonry! But that organization, which in other times was very powerful, has been beaten by me. Against me it did not and cannot win. Italians won this battle for me. They found the cure for this leprosy.

To-day in Italy we breathe the open air; life is exposed to the light of day.


Freemasons are useful idiots at best, deliberate traitors in the hands of our enemies at worst.


Mussolini on the Jewish Role in Communism

report from Daily Stormer

[Translator’s Note: I was unable to translate this entire article because it is long, but here are the best parts of an early and very important article by Benito Mussolini titled ‘The Accomplices‘, published in Il Popolo d’Italia on June 4, 1919. In the article the soon-to-be Duce speaks of how Leninist Communism is a negation of true socialism, and also discusses the role of western Jews in the Russian Revolution. The article was very significant for its time, as very few people had the insight and courage to address these issues in western Europe at that date. To put things in perspective, The Protocols of Zion were not published in English, German, or French until 1920, a year after this article was published.

Mussolini, pictured with Hitler, claimed that to be aroused he had to imagine that the woman sharing his bed was a prostitute

The Duce also makes two correct prophecies in this article; first when he speaks of Jews making use of Communism only to prepare the way for capitalism; and second when he speaks of Communism coming to an end whenever the Jews decide to end it, as they are the ones who fund and control it. This is precisely what happened 25 years ago when, one by one, each Communist country in Europe suddenly collapsed (as if by design) and anti-communist forces ‘miraculously’ managed to take control, paving the way for new democracy and international capitalism.]

The Accomplices

By Benito Mussolini

The developed and conscious proletariat is shouting “Long live Lenin!“, thinking that they are shouting “Long live socialism!“. They do not realize that they are actually crying “Down with socialism!“. The false shepherds are deceiving the masses, who are ready to swear by and die for the new and distant ideals, believing that what has been established in Russia is socialism. This is a colossal lie! The government which has been established in Russia is only a fraction of the socialist party. The proletariat in Russia is labouring just as before, and they are being exploited just as before… We understand perfectly well that some writers coming from bourgeois circles have sympathy for Communism. In Russia there is a State, a Government, an order, a bureaucracy, a police force, militarism, and hierarchies. But socialism is not to be found. There is not even the beginnings of socialism; there is nothing resembling a socialist regime. Leninism is the perfect negation of socialism. It is the government of a new caste of politicians. That is why it is very difficult to find apologists of Leninism among the talking heads of Russian and Western socialism. The most violent reactions against Leninism did not come from the bourgeois, but from the very men who fought and suffered for the redemption of the working masses. These men are Plekhanov, the master of the Russian Marxists, and Kropotkin, the apostle of anarchy.


We reaffirm that Leninism has nothing to do with socialism, yet the official Italian socialists, with threatening shouts, are calling for aid to save Russia. But Russia does not need to be saved, because it is no danger whatsoever.


If Petrograd (St. Petersburg) does not fall, if Denikin marks time, it is because the great Jewish bankers of London and New York so desire, linked up as they are by racial ties with the Jews who, in Moscow as in Budapest are taking revenge on the Aryan race which has condemned them to dispersion for so many centuries. In Russia 80% of the Soviet leaders are Jews. In Budapest 17 out of the 22 people’s commissars are Jews. Might it not be that Bolshevism is the vendetta of Judaism against Christianity? It is a subject certainly worth pondering. It is entirely possible that Bolshevism will drown in the blood of a pogrom of catastrophic proportions. World finance is in the hands of the Jews. Whoever possesses the nations vaults controls their politics. Behind the puppets of Paris stand the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Schiffs, the Guggenheims, who are of the same blood as the masters of St. Petersburg and Budapest. Race does not betray race. Bolshevism is defended by international plutocracy. That is the essential truth. International plutocracy, dominated and controlled by the Jews, has a supreme interest in hastening all of Russian life through its process of molecular disintegration to the point of paroxysm. A paralyzed Russia, disorganized and hungry, will tomorrow be the place where the bourgeoisie—yes the bourgeoisie, my dear proletarians—will celebrate its spectacular abundance. The kings of gold believe that Bolshevism must live now, to better prepare the ground for the new business of capitalism. American capitalism has already obtained a great “concession” in Russia. But there are still mines, springs, land, workshops, which are waiting to be exploited by international capitalism.


The fate of Leninism does not depend on the proletariat of Russia or of France, much less that of Italy. Leninism will live for as long as the kings of finance so desire; it will die when the same kings of finance decide to kill it. The anti-Bolshevik armies, which from time to time are affected by a mysterious paralysis, will become simply overwhelming at a given time which will be chosen by the kings of finance. The Jews of the Soviets precede the Jews of the banks. The fate of St. Petersburg is not determined on the icy steppes of Finland, but in the banks of London, New York, and Tokyo.

To state that the international bourgeoisie now wants to destroy the Soviet Regime is to state a gross lie. If, tomorrow, the plutocratic bourgeoisie decides to destroy it, they will have no difficulty whatsoever because their “accomplices”, the Leninists, already sit and work for them in the Kremlin.

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Glorious Leader Trump Tweets Mussolini

Donald J. Trump just tweeted a Mussolini quote.

God bless this man.


Trump is Our Mussolini.

The people’s man.

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