Jewmerika is falling apart – 56,000 BRIDGES ARE STRUCTURALLY DEFICIENT


report from infostormer
note- america will continue declining into third world status as long as the jews and those who serve them remain in control of our systems.

We spent trillions of dollars to destroy the Middle East on behalf of Israel and now our nation has nearly 56,000 bridges that are structurally deficient. The stupidity of Bush 43 and Obama can mostly be blamed for this one. The nation’s infrastructure has fallen apart while monies were wasted on stupid Jew wars.

From USA Today:

Nearly 56,000 bridges nationwide, which vehicles cross 185 million times a day, are structurally deficient, a bridge construction group announced Wednesday.

The American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) list of 55,710 deficient bridges includes high-profile spans such as Throgs Neck in New York, Yankee Doodle in Connecticut and Memorial Bridge in Washington, D.C.

America pretty much has third world infrastructure and most people don’t realize it yet. If you leave the country this fact becomes more and more apparent. This needs to be fixed!

Pat’s spot on – but fails to tell you why…I think you know (((why)))

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report from infostormer

Wow! There were many who said that it was unwise to spend trillions of dollars on wars for Israel and giving non-Whites unlimited amounts of free stuff. They said that we needed to use that money to improve and maintain America’s infrastructure. Unfortunately those people were called mean spirited Nazis!

Looks like the Nazis were right. California’s Oroville Dam is in the process of crumbling. 200,000 people have been evacuated out of fears that the failure of the dam will cause widespread flooding.

Maybe if more money was spent on maintaining and improving our nation’s infrastructure this situation would not be happening. The problem here appears to be linked to issues with the emergency spillways which were already known to be crumbling. It’d be good to know why nothing was done about this when the problem was identified. Seems like an unacceptable situation that could have been prevented.

There should also be a review of who is employed to maintain our infrastructure. Time to end any and all affirmative action and diversity hiring. Only highly educated and hard working White men should be put in charge of managing our infrastructure. Nothing good comes from having non-Whites manage anything of this importance.

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