Jews Organize ‘National Day Of Jewish Action’ To Protest Trump

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The organized Jewish community, led by organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League and HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), is planning a large-scale “National Day of Jewish Action” to protest President Trump’s righteous, commonsense immigration proposals and executive orders pertaining to “refugees” and other hostile, non-White immigrants from the Third World.

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The Jews are essentially demanding that America accept unlimited “refugees” and immigrants from the Third World as a moral imperative because of the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative they have institutionalized in the Western world. Of course, the Jewish state of Israel will not be accepting “refugees” or immigrants from the Third World – only America, Europe and other historically White Western nations are required to accept and resettle unskilled, uneducated, unassimilable Third World parasites, all at the expense of the productive American or European taxpayer.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

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The Jewish resettlement agency HIAS is planning a national day of Jewish action on refugees with rallies planned in nearly a dozen states.

Rallies are scheduled to be held in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver and San Francisco, among others. The New York rally will be held in Battery Park, in view of the Statue of Liberty.

Sunday’s actions are being co-sponsored by a number of national Jewish groups, including the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish World Service, the National Council of Jewish Women, and the rabbinical associations of the Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist movements.

“We – our local community, and the Jewish community writ large – are going to fight this, together,” says a planning document HIAS created to promote the Sunday action. “Our history and our values as Jews and Americans compel us to do so. We are a powerful force and will raise our voices together about what is right and just, and hold our elected officials and our government accountable.”

HIAS, formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, has emerged as one of the Jewish community’s most vocal opponents of Trump’s executive order on immigration, which halted the U.S. refugee resettlement program for 120 days and suspended refugee resettlement for Syrian refugees indefinitely.

On Tuesday, lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union filed a complaint in federal district court on the refugee agency’s behalf alleging that the order is unconstitutional because it gives preference to persecuted religious minorities once the refugee resettlement program is resumed.

“As an organization that has long partnered with the U.S. government, litigation is unprecedented for HIAS, but we feel we have no other choice,” HIAS President Mark Hetfield said in a statement. “We cannot remain silent as Muslim refugees are turned away just for being Muslim, just as we could not stand idly by when the U.S. turned away Jewish refugees fleeing Germany during the 1930s and 40s. Our history and our values, as Jews and as Americans, require us to fight this illegal and immoral new policy with every tool at our disposal — including litigation.”

The organized Jewish community, driven by a fanatical, innate hatred of the White race, has historically been at the vanguard of transforming the White Western world into a multicultural, multiracial cesspool of degeneracy and corruption. Through subversive propaganda and outright extortion, largely centered around the weaponized (and entirely false) “Holocaust” narrative, the organized Jewish community has been successful in opening America’s (and Europe’s) borders to the Third World and of creating an atmosphere where any opposition to massive non-White immigration and multiculturalism generally is viewed as a form of pathological hatred and insanity.

The entire left-wing opposition to Trump’s rational executive orders and other attempts to halt or otherwise restrict immigration from hostile non-White nations is fundamentally a product of Jewish propaganda, organizing, and advocacy, whether the dupes on the streets know it or not. The Jews want White genocide, and unrestricted, unregulated immigration and “refugee” resettlement into America and the Western world are at the heart of this evil agenda.

Sadly, my guess is that Trump and his inner circle will continue to fail to recognize the explicitly Jewish nature of all the opposition, hostility, protests and outright sabotage being leveled against him and his entirely commonsense and straightforward agenda. He needs to get serious and shut down these anti-White genocidal criminals with a quickness.

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There’s no such thing as ‘judeo-christianity’ – but there is a very real Judeo-Islamic alliance

note from reader

You know the kikes demanding the US take in refugees would be demanding Israel deport them. Hypocrites kikes bastards. Make America a kike free nation once and for all.

see also – must watch video ( Jews and White Genocide)

note from renegade tribune -Any pro-Whites that do not speak out about the jewish role in White Genocide is either lacking the proper information, which is not really an excuse in the internet age, or they are simply kosher shills. Note: the video quality is not too good, but the compilation is powerful regardless.
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