Putin signs new law decriminalizing some forms of domestic violence

Yes !!! This is tremendous news ! Putin clearly understands that these so called ”domestic violence laws” are not about ‘’empowering women”, but ultimately designed to emasculate men and break up marriages.  Domestic violence laws in the USA enable a woman to call 911 on her husband for any reason she wants, knowing that the police will arrive, arrest and remove the husband from the home. ‘Domestic violence’ can be considered anything from yelling or just holding her arm. There doesn’t even need to be physical signs of abuse, it’s just her word against yours and if you’re the man, your word doesn’t matter.  These laws are designed to take away all authority and control men have over their families and give it to the woman who is then encouraged by the jew controlled state to destroy her own marriage and family.

thousands of men have had their lives ruined because of ‘domestic violence’ laws.

The hidden agenda behind  Domestic violence hysteria”feminism’‘ and ”no fault divorce laws” is destroy gentile marriages and families so the Jews remain the only cohesive organized group in control of their host country.  The Jews KNOW that the only power bloc that could ever potentially oppose their quest for hegemony (which they essentially now possess throughout the Western World) is a “White Christian Power Bloc.” As Dr Kevin MacDonald has stated, the Jews are well on their way to destroying any predominant, politically empowered White influence. If you look back in history, these satanic anti-family/anti-marriage laws originated under the Rothschild funded Jewish controlled Bolsheviks that overthrew Czarist Christian Russia in 1917.  Sadly, America has traded places with Russia and has now become the evil communist empire of the Jews. The Jews are now using America as a vehicle to take over the world and destroy Christianity just like they were once trying to do with the USSR. Thankfully though, President Trump is determined to free America from the evil Jewish grip and work with Putin to save western civilization and stop the Jew World Order.


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This is how healthy families deal with problems.

Just as it is axiomatic that Jews belong in the oven, so is it that women deserve to be slapped.

Women are at a physical disadvantage to men, so their evolved field-leveler is the ability to emotionally abuse men manipulating and berating him. When you remove the ability of a man to lay down the law in response to emotional abuse by women with the back of his hand, you create a situation where women have total dominance over men.

We have all seen women on rampages. What they want in that situation – what is required – is physical discipline. This is how healthy families work – women who won’t shut their mouths get their mouths shut for them.

The Jewish system has told us that it is “wrong” to hit a woman, but has never made any comment on the ways women jab and poke at men. It is a recipe for matriarchy, and I’m very happy to see Putin clearing out this bit of liberal nonsense.

Same week he banned a top porno website too, showing that Putin deeply cares about the mental and emotional health of Russian men.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that decriminalizes some forms of domestic violence, according to state-run news agency Tass.

Dubbed the “slapping law,” it decriminalizes a first offense of domestic violence that does not seriously injure the person, making it a less serious administrative offense.

More than 85% of legislators in Russia’s Duma approved the bill last month — seen as part of Putin’s drive to appease conservative pushing “traditional family values.”

The bill’s sponsors, including conservative senator Yelena Mizulina, believe the law would simply bring family law into line with reforms passed last summer that loosened punishment for other minor assaults.

Mizulina, a staunch proponent of traditional values, was also the author of Russia’s controversial “gay propaganda law,” which prohibits “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relationships.”

Yeah, she’s great.

See, in a healthy, traditional society, even women act basically normal.

The Russian Orthodox Church, with its emphasis on the traditional family, has also influenced the debate. As have the traditional rules of Russian family life, including the “domostroi,” a centuries-old manual prescribing strict rules of behavior and requiring absolute submission to the head of the family.

A member of the Russian Duma Vitaly Milonov, who supported the law, told CNN: “I don’t think that we should violate the rights of family and sometimes a man and a woman, wife and husband, have a conflict.

“Sometimes in this conflict they use, I don’t know, a frying pan, uncooked spaghetti, and so on.

“Frankly speaking what we call home violence is not home violence — it’s sort of a new picture of family relations created by liberal media.”


The (((liberal media))) at it again.

Sometimes you have conflict, sometimes you have to slap a bitch.

It’s not “abuse,” it’s just a fact of life.

Human Rights Watch had urged parliament to reject the law, calling it “dangerous and incompatible with Russia’s international human rights obligations.”

“Universally gender based crimes are under-reported but in Russia they are hugely under reported,” Yulia Gorbunova of Human Rights Watch told CNN on Tuesday.

“There is a stigma around talking about violence, physical violence at home and women do not feel that they can speak up.

“It is a very dangerous for the government to draw a line between ‘just bruises’ or serious physical violence because… the situation in Russia shows, that domestic violence very rarely ends with bruises. It usually almost always goes to the next step.”

[Citation needed]I would personally never actually harm a woman physically, and I don’t support it. However, simply slapping a woman is not harm, and it is usually necessary.

Who runs this “Human Rights Watch” anyway?

Oh, right.

Kenneth Roth.

He’s only concerned about the well-being of little goyim girlies, I’m sure.

If you believe that, I got a pair of tickets to Hamilton I wanna sell ya.

Meanwhile in Jewmerika . . .

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