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note from infostormer – Bill O’Reilly should apologize to Vladimir Putin. He called him a “killer” simply because he’s Russia’s leader. Sure, Putin might not be a saint but when you compare him to what America has done there is no comparison. Millions upon millions have died as a result of American military interventions. Putin has mostly been reacting to the mess created by the activities of the Zionist occupied government in Washington DC. O’Reilly’s assessment of Putin is not objective or fair. So much for the “no spin” zone.

Each of the last former US presidents — George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama — has killed more people than Russian President Vladimir Putin “has ever been accused of by any remote measure,” an American journalist and political analyst says.  

Don DeBar made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Monday while commenting on the American mainstream media’s strong reaction after US President Donald Trump refused to endorse Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly’s allegations against Putin.

In an interview with Trump on Sunday, O’Reilly described the Russian leader as “a killer.”

Instead of agreeing with the host, President Trump said the US government has “a lot of killers” and is not “so innocent.”

After O’Reilly said he did not “know of any government leaders that are killers,” Trump turned to the Iraq War.

“Take a look at what we’ve done too. We’ve made a lot of mistakes,” he said. “I’ve been against the war in Iraq from the beginning.”

“A lot of mistakes,” he continued, “OK, but a lot of people were killed. So a lot of killers around, believe me.”

After this, the mainstream media unanimously launched blistering attacks against Trump.

DeBar said American media outlets are “treating Trump as if he committed treason this morning, as if this is some fantastic idea.”

He said that President Obama has “a body count in at least tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, in Libya alone tens of thousands, in Syria maybe a million [were killed].”

“You have President Bush [who killed] at least a million Iraqis. You have President Clinton, with (((Madeleine Albright))), with half a million dead Iraqi children from the sanctions.”

The journalist added that former President George H. W. Bush was responsible for the countless deaths in Iraq during the first Iraq war.

“All are walking free, no charges. Each of them has killed more than Putin has ever been accused of by any remote measure,” he stated.

“And yet Trump’s statement is controversial; not even controversial, it’s being universally condemned. It is beyond propaganda at this time. It’s like watching a really bad cartoon on some really bad LHD,” he concluded.

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from infostormer

In case you didn’t see it yesterday, here’s the full interview. Nothing all that noteworthy from a political standpoint except maybe what he said about Russia. It is obvious that he wants to establish a better working relationship with them as it is in everyone’s best interest to do so.

Bill O’Reilly talking about how Putin is a killer is ridiculous considering how much killing the American government has done over the past 70 years. Putin also has a domestic approval rating of over 80%. Trump did a good job shutting him down on this issue.

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  1. Drumpf alludes to the defeat of ISIS-the Isreali Secret Intelligence Service. He also includes stemming the flow of world terrorism. Total Zionist bullshit. This fucktard needs impeachment and replaced with Mickey Mouse.

  2. Putin is readying his S-400 missile launchers around Moscow with a snap drill. He knows what is coming and why Drumpf has selected so many generals for his administration. Israel is already faking rocket attacks from “ISIS” and Palestinian knife attacks in preparation for Bibi’s meeting with Drumpf on Feb 15, where Drumpf will be given his sealed orders to attack Iran and thus bring in Russia and China to initiate Jew WWIII.
    It is my suggestion to anyone living in a town of over 1 stoplight to immediately move to the hills and dig in. Russia has nukes that can take out a whole state in one strike. Blacks and Hispanics who are left alive after the initial will riot, burn, steal and rape whatever is left.
    Drumpf has Jew blood and blood to Jews is always thicker than water.
    Drump will soon show his Macho Man side and hit Iran as was outlined years ago. Drumpf is an instrument of the Jews and will always be so. Many Pro-Drumpf sites are saying Drumpf is just playing to Jews to get advantage. Jews invented this game to sucker the Goy.
    Israel will be taken out but they have already deployed their German built nuclear equipped submarines to initiate their “Sampson Option”
    In addition Israel has secreted nuclear devices in many major cities in their embassies and there will be absolutely no warning when the devices are detonated from satellites.
    Food will not grow for years until the dust settles out of the atmosphere during the ensuing nuclear winter.

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