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 US Vice President Joe Biden has called Russia the “greatest threat” to the international order, warning of a looming clash between the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the West.

The outgoing vice president made the remarks at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday, two days before the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump, who has taken a rather conciliatory line towards Moscow.

“Under President Putin, Russia is working with every tool available to them to whittle away at the edges of the European project, test the fault lines of Western nations and return to a politics defined by spheres of influence,” Biden said.

He further warned that Russia was planning to intervene in “the democratic process” of European countries, repeating Washington’s claims that Moscow meddled in the 2016 US presidential election that led to Trump’s victory in November.

“With many countries in Europe slated to hold elections this year, we should expect further attempts by Russia to meddle in the democratic process. It will occur again, I promise you. And again the purpose is clear: to collapse the liberal international order,” Biden added.

Despite reluctantly confirming US intelligence reports that accuse Putin of personally ordering cyber attacks to change the outcome of last year’s vote, Trump keeps showing strong willingness to work with the Russian head of state.

Speaking to hundreds of world leaders, CEOs and (((bankers))) gathered in the Swiss Alps resort town, Biden warned of a “dangerous willingness to revert to political small-mindedness” in politics.

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He took another jab at the Republican president-elect by hailing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (((NATO))), describing as “a sacred obligation” the Article 5 of the NATO Treaty, which views an attack on a member as an attack on all.
“Defending the liberal international order requires that we resist the forces of European disintegration and maintain our longstanding insistence on a Europe, whole, free and peaceful,” Biden stated.
“It means fighting for the European Union, one of the most vibrant and consequential institutions on earth,” he added.

This is while Trump has criticized the US-led alliance as “obsolete,” arguing that member states should either pay for Washington’s military support or stand on their own.

Since cutting ties with Russia over the Ukraine conflict in 2014, NATO has been amassing troops and heavy weaponry on the country’s Western borders in the Baltic region in order to curb what it calls “Russia’s aggression.”

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note – the lights went down during this speech biden gave basically admitting that putin’s russia is stopping the jewish world order. Is this a sign from Christ Almighty that he has had enough of Satan’s chosen ones and their emissaries ? 

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note – Assad didn’t gas his own people, Russia didn’t hack the DNC and Crimea voted to unite with Russia. Russia is in Syria by invitation. Iran has no nuclear bomb program. Lindsey, If you want to work for Israel then move there and run for the Knesset.

Tucker Carlson interviews the Zionist traitor Lindsey Graham and asks him why he doesn’t show concern over Israeli influence in American politics. Carlson exposes the hypocrisy of his position towards Russia versus his position on Israel. Obviously Israeli influence over American politics is a far more larger problem than anything Russia is doing.

dailystormer notes –

It’s hard to imagine what kind of senile Myrtle Beach retirees keep voting for Lindsay “Light in the Loafers” Graham, since one look at his legislative behavior reveals a spineless wretch who goes against what the majority of Americans want.

The South Carolina GOP Senator is wrong on almost everything: he wants unlimited immigration and amnesty, supports reducing free speech, supports every foreign intervention Jew quacks put on the table and believes risking an escalating conflict with Russia over conspiracy theories about John Podesta’s emails is a smart revenge maneuver.

Nobody can hold so many bad positions without being bribed or compromised.

It’s not a matter of “principle,” and it definitely isn’t to look macho (Lindsay is John McCain’s bottom). Watch when Tucker Carlson brings up that Israel meddles in US affairs and even spies on us. Lindsay Graham just acts like he didn’t hear him and goes back to raving about punishing Russia.

The 61-year-old bachelor with the twinkling baby blues has no children to support or trophy wife divorce settlement to pay off, so it can’t be Jewish money alone motivating him. Maybe Mr. Graham’s in a tighter vice; perhaps (((someone, somewhere))) has got a picture of Graham with a mouthful of Comet Pizza?

Mr. Trump ought to send his snoops to check and bring it out to light. This yapping lap dog needs to be deported to Fire Island .

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