Is the current generation of Europeans guilty forever for the destruction of Europe?


Recent scientific studies show that the land of Europe hosted the European race since 36 000 years, moreover this race inhabited the Mediterranean region in Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, North Africa where blue eyes blonde hair mommies are found. The European culture is created during several generations in Europe. In general, cultures are formed by old generations, current generations and are transmitted to future generations. Every person on earth is responsible for transmitting the culture and the country where he is born and raised to the next generation. Countries don’t belong to the people of today; they belong to all generations of that people.

What will future European generations inherit? They will inherit completely different countries and very different countries than those that several older generations knew. They will be living in countries where the people of their race and culture are minority. Yes minority, this will happen in the next 30 years when most Europeans of today will die. In every European country, almost 50% of Europeans are above 50 years old while the fertility rate of native Europeans is between 1 and 1.5. This means the number of Europeans born today cannot replace the number of Europeans who die.

The low fertility rate alone is not really a catastrophe and can be solved when immigration does not exist. Immigration is a Jewish plan to cover the low fertility rate that the Jews imposed on native Europeans. This is why the population of western countries is stable, the Muslim population is exploding while the native population is dying, and this is the Jewish plan for the genocide of the White race happening all over the world in all Western countries. If immigration does not exist, the European people will be forced to open their eyes and see that their government is doing nothing to increase the birth rate, nothing to repopulate cities, schools and companies. Even supposing that the Jewish controlled governments do nothing to increase the birth rate, then where is the problem if France, Germany, Britain, loose few millions in the number of population? But replacing the people of Europe by Muslims and Arabs is far worse and its damage on the long term is irreparable. This means Europe will become forever an Arab and Muslim land and nothing can be done to take it back except a mass expulsion, civil war, or racist laws that favor increasing the birth rate of whites only.

If the Jews are not removed from powerful positions in Europe, then Europe will become majority Muslim and the White race will die even without wars but by racial genocide resulted from low fertility rate and race mixing or miscegenation with Arabs and Blacks.

In fact Jews would prefer this option, a peaceful quite death of the European people, and cooperation from the Muslims and all non-White immigrants. What the Jews fear the most is the use of violence, a patriotic revolt of native Europeans who will invade the Jewish run government, media and the EU and establish a nationalistic government while kicking the Jewish filth out of European media. Muslims then can stay in Europe, but they will not be given the welfare that Jews were giving them. In that case only useful Muslims who are engineers and skilled workers can find jobs and survive in Europe instead of having the millions of Muslims who take our tax money and transform it to multi-children.

A nationalist government is a government that will favor the native people of the land, it will finance a program to repopulate our lands with White children, it will ban the Jewish filth of homosexuality on the media and education, it will stop the Jewish brainwashing about female power and feminism, it will install a family oriented culture and revive the Christian roots of our civilization. Muslims are the tools of the Jews, but Jews want us to hate them and want them to hate us, they want to destroy Europe so they can rule the world more easily. Their plans are always long term plans, but who can see and understand the Jews?

Jewish hand behind Islamization of the West

 The Jews are Islamizing Europe, and those who deny it are either hypocrites haters or ignorant. What will happen in the next few years when the European people will become minority in their land?

This will inevitably lead to a civil war because Europeans and Muslims are completely different cultures, the Muslims are preserving their identity and didn’t fell is the Jewish propaganda of “Equality”. Muslims don’t consider that cultures are equals; they instead consider that Islam is superior. They know that their duty is to promote Islam and try to do what is necessary to increase Islamic power.

Europeans are not like that, they lost this natural behavior and sense of identity. They have been indoctrinated by the Jews since childhood about “Equality” and “Universalism”. They really believe that all cultures are equals and all people coming to Europe will become and behave like Europeans. This is false; cultures are not equals, races as well. The strong sense of identity of Muslims and Arabs is natural and healthy.

France is Demolishing Thousands of Churches, Building Mosques


Deal of the Century: Germany’s “Migrants” will Only Cost 30 Billion Euros Per Year

There will be clash of civilization which will lead to a civil war across all Western Europe. This is inevitable whether Jews will be ruling or not at the time when it will happen. Rivers of blood will be shed again on the European soil and Europe will be destroyed.

Humans cannot counter the nature, humans cannot become non-tribal. It is a human need and nature to be tribal. Every person knows well that he / she feels well or better when being with people who have the same culture, language, religion and race. This obvious truth cannot be hidden when the person acts freely without being observed or judged by the Marxist society of today. Look at clubs and associations; when a White, Black, Arab, Muslim, Christian person is given the chance to choose freely the group he / she wants to associate with, then they chose naturally those of their kind.

This natural behavior will cause wars and tensions in Europe, especially in the next 20 or 30 years when more Europeans will open their eyes and realize that they have been replaced in their own lands and nothing was done to increase their birth rate today in order to maintain homogeneity and peace in Europe. Muslims will grow in number and reach 30, 40, 50% of the citizens and will realize that many things in the country are not Islamic, especially the system of governance or the freedom of expression.

They will definitively ask more changes of the system and culture, and this will be seen by the native Europeans as a loss of power. Jews planned this and their plans are put in place now and since few decades because they decided to Islamize Europe by massive immigration and chain immigration, means every immigrant will bring in average 10 more immigrants after him who will also bring 10. This is how Europe is becoming more and more Muslim. It is not because of “conversions” or “preaching” but because of race replacement of native Europeans by Arabs and other Muslims.

Honest Muslim how to spread Islam

The Day Is Coming When Islam Will Rule the World Again

The Jews are working hard to ban free speech about Islam, Muslims and the Islamization of Europe. The Muslims are simply working with the Jews unconsciously and consciously to support this ban of free speech.


Muslims and the Jewish rulers call any person “Islamophobic” when he tries to say “There are too much immigrants in my city that it became unrecognizable” or “the school of my city is now majority Muslim” or “White people should have a land for themselves” The Jewish propaganda about “Universalism” is so strong, this matches perfectly the ideology of Islam wish is in fact Communism. Islam is really Communism or Universalism, it is even called “Ummah in Arabic, Muslims see themselves first as Muslims then as belonging to a certain nationality, language or race. We can say Muslims are the most anti-Nationalism people in the world; this is really a Jewel for the Jews who are building a New World order without the concept of Nations and borders. Jews succeed because they run and supervise every education material in Europe, every media news and entertainment, they even supervise and control alternative media (social media) and block activists from spreading the truth.

What if the same happens to any Muslim country? What if the Jews rule Muslim countries media and education, then make a long term plan to brainwash the Muslim people about “Equality” and tolerance, then bring during decades massive African Christian immigration, then censor free speech and demonize those who oppose this change of demography? What if the Africans have far higher birth rate and are more likely to not find a decent job and are financed by generous welfare system that the Jews ruling those Muslim countries created? What if Jews teach children that their own civilization and history is evil, then there is “no such thing as Arab race” and that all Arabs are responsible for all the miseries of the world? What if Jews create revolutions such as the French revolution and program during decades that religion should be separated from governance and that all religions are equals? What if Jews allow foreign money to build thousands of churches to give the “new citizens” their religious rights?

The answer is Muslims will not accept any such situation, and they are right, they should not accept the genocide of their civilization! Moreover any honest non-Muslim should not accept that this happens to that Muslim country. But the Muslims of Europe accept and promote the opposite of what they don’t accept for their origin countries. Where are the Muslims who oppose the illegal mass Muslim immigration? Where are those who support any nationalistic political party who wants to reduce immigration? They are inexistent, this is because they are Muslims and they see that Islam should conquer the world and be spread in all the lands of the planet. This is why they close their eyes and support the Islamization of Europe whatever the method is. Are the Muslims haters? The answer is up to you, if a European person supports that a Muslim country becomes majority European or face a civil war with European immigrants, then this person is hater. So the answer is, yes Muslims are haters and supremacists. Jews know that perfectly and they know that Muslim immigration and Islamization of Europe will lead to its destruction.

The Jewish empire will rise to replace western civilization that is destroyed by the Jews and Muslims. Jews will wage a tremendous war on the Middle East and enslave the Muslims, while the other Muslims of Europe are busy fighting the Europeans who will hate all Muslims and will not oppose the wars in the Middle East. Jews will win and will destroy the most beautiful civilization Humanity has ever known which is the European civilization that created and built the wonders of Europe and the new world and most scientific and industrial innovations of our current times. Humanity will sink into eternal darkness because the West will be destroyed and there will be no more civilization able to create, innovate and produce except the Jewish civilization of the future Jewish empire who is already now holding the grip on most IT and scientific innovations.

Europeans of today are guilty and are the most criminal generation of all European history because they let the Jews Islamize Europe, create civil wars and transform the European race to a minority in its native land. In 2100 probably, the native Europeans will be around 20% of Europe, they will be a persecuted silenced hated minority by the Blacks and Muslims same as it is happening in South Africa and Egypt who will blame them on all miseries of the 3rd world. Already now the Muslims blame the European people on the creation of Israel or the division of the Ottoman Empire and the western wars all planned and pushed by the Jews.

Life in Europe will be a hell, clashes and racism against the Whites, demonization and huge number of rapes due to the uniqueness and attractiveness of the European race compared to other races who all wish to interbreed with it. At some point the European race especially the Nordic blonde blue eyes will completely disappear from Europe leaving the place for Blacks, Brown, Arab races who will even hate themselves because they live in a land where they don’t reflect and represent its native people and History.

How the Crusades Saved Europe

The entire planet will be filled with hate and clashes and transformed into a 3rd world unless Europeans and Muslims of today will open their eyes and foresee the future. This will probably not happen due the nature of Islam and the deep brainwashing of the Europeans. God only can save Europe by sending a leader who will revive nationalism and stop this change of demography and the future civil wars. And Russia? When will Russia expose the Islamization of Europe? Europe is the close economic and cultural partner and the extension of Russian history. It is the land of Christianity, Western Christianity;

Will Russia becomes better when Europe becomes Arab and Muslim? Russia has tremendous work to do to stop the Jewish World Order. It was when Russia decided to destroy the Jewish made ISIS that the Jews of Europe ordered Merkel in 2015 to open the gates for unlimited mass Muslim immigration to the European continent. That was a reply from the Jews to Putin, a reply that Europe will become Muslim and Russia will have to face in the future a Muslim continent of Europe ruled by the Jews. Will the Jews mobilize the future Muslim Europe against the Christian empire of Russia? Will the Jews trigger the Islamic sick ideologies of conquests that these Muslims were doing during centuries on Christian civilizations? Muslims even confess that most Islamic lands were conquered by force!

Muslim Imam. Islam Was spread by the Sword. So what?

The Truth About the Arab Conquest of Spain (711-788)

Arab Conquest of Spain, 711-715: Full Documentary

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Muslim Conquest of Persian Mesopotamia and the Occupation of Christian Syria, 635-642

Egyptian Poet Fatima Naoot: Egypt Was Conquered by the Arabs, Coptic Language Changed By Force

Muslim Conquest of Christian Egypt, 639-646

God only can save Europe; by saving Europe humanity can be saved. If Europe falls, means the European race became a tiny minority unable to reproduce, prosper and innovate, then humanity will sink into eternal darkness.

It is a war on the White race waged worldwide by the Jews, a silent war to genocide this race without even bombs. This race and Christianity will disappear peacefully without its knowledge and without its consent. Western civilization needs a new Adolf Hitler to save us, someone like Vladimir Putin who places Christianity and the revival of the Russian White people in the center of his agenda. No wonder why the Jews hate him so much and wish today before tomorrow that a WW3 happens between White civilizations of the North Globe. Such a war will elevate the Jews hidden in their bunkers to the class of the rulers of the world who will enslave eternally the Africans and the Muslims till the day Jesus comes back and destroy these Satan Chosen people.

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