Obama finally does something right – Netanyahu throws bitch fit

Netanyahu Throws Bitch Fit Over UN Resolution Denouncing Israeli Settlements

by Ben Richards from the Daily Stormer

The diabolical Jew bastard Benjamin Netanyahu has been foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.

The United Nations Security Council recently voted to condemn Israel for their continued settlement expansion into Palestinian lands. Since that resolution was passed, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been throwing a bitch fit.

Netanyahu’s reaction to the news has been hysterical and idiotic. The resolution wasn’t even binding but that hasn’t stopped him from behaving like a rabid dog.

Let’s review what he’s done so far.

He’s recalled Israel’s ambassador from New Zealand and Senegal the two countries that co-sponsored the resolution.


Israel refused to recognise resolution 2334. Ofir Gendelman, a spokesman for the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, tweeted that their ambassadors to New Zealand and Senegal were to return to Israel immediately. Israel does not diplomatic relations with Malaysia and Venezuela.

He’s apparently ordered a reduction in diplomatic relations with 12 countries on the UN Security Council.

The Hill:

Israel is reducing diplomatic working relationships with 12 countries on the United Nations Security Council, after the body voted to condemn Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory last week, according to reports.

He’s even gone so far as to cancel an upcoming meeting with the UK’s Prime Minister over it.


Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has apparently snubbed Theresa May over the UK’s support of a highly critical UN resolution condemning Israeli settlement building.

The move is the latest in a series of diplomatic retaliations by Israel against the countries that supported a UN security council resolution describing Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories as a “flagrant violation” of international law and an obstacle to peace.

He’s also delivered some incredibly stupid remarks. Here’s an RT report covering his whining about the resolution.

Netanyahu’s spokesman was also on Fox News crying about how Barack Obama refused to veto the resolution.

Netanyahu further moaned about how friends don’t take friends to the security council. He actually thinks that people believe him when he falsely claims that the Israelis simply want to be friends with the dumb goyim.

Hey Kikenyahu, Friends don’t attack other friends ships, friends don;t steal friends nuclear triggers,friends don’t steal US technology and sell them to her enemies friends don’t bomb US embassies. friends don”t steal Uranium from US mines, etc.

It is clear that his actions have further isolated Israel within the world community. This is a fact not lost on his domestic political opposition. Even his fellow Jews are realizing that his efforts are stupid and counterproductive. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz blasted him in an op-ed over his handling of the situation. The Jew run media outlet Bloomberg also ran a story covering how his political opponents are not happy with his reaction.

Netanyahu’s behavior represents a key weakness of the Jew. They are largely incapable of admitting wrong and will go too far with their Jewing. The entire world thinks Israel’s continued expansion into the West Bank is wrong. Netanyahu views it the other way around and thinks that the problem is not with the Jews but with all the stupid goyim he’s forced to deal with.

The Golem monster grows more gargantuan with each passing day, terrifying and threatening not only any would-be rivals in the Middle East, but the whole world with devastating nuclear destruction. No wonder God warned that Israel, in bondage to Satan, would be a “Wild Man” wreaking death and havoc through war and conflict (Galatians 4:22-31; Genesis 21: 9-21 and 16:10-12).

These Jews always go too far. It is why they have been kicked out of nation after nation throughout the centuries. They are not able to stop their insane behavior even when it goes against their interests. Hopefully Netanyahu continues overreacting to the resolution. It will only further expose Israel and the Jews as a global problem that needs to be solved. Until the Jewish tribe is properly dealt with, they will continue creating mayhem and disorder throughout the world. What’s happening now is simply more proof of that very fact.

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