The elections WERE hacked by a foreign enemy: Israel!

By Dr. Patrick Slattery —

This business about our “elections having been hacked by Russia” is such nonsense. Even if it turns out that Russians were involved in revealing to the American public facts like “Hillary knew she was supporting ISIS in Syria,” how does that constitute a hack? We at and many other outlets have been posting information from British newspapers, C-SPAN, and all sorts of other reputable sources saying the same thing for years. It is just that the Jewish media had been successful in covering it up, but the Wikileaks’ strategically got the information to the voters in the narrow window of opportunity afforded by their short attention spans.

And the voters decided that they don’t want a brain-damaged alcoholic lesbian president willing to start World War III to protect ISIS. I would say that was very prudent.

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But there IS a foreign enemy that routinely hacks our elections: Israel. And when I say hacked, I mean buys and sells. And when I say Israel I mean pro-Israel Zionist Jews. There are a lot of ways to prove this point, and I hope that over the coming weeks many of is do exactly that. Trump may have secured 304 electoral votes today, but they won’t be officially counted and certified until Congress opens them on January 6, and the last stand of the Never-Trump Jews is to get Congress (which is a fully owned subsidiary of AIPAC) to disqualify enough of Trump’s electoral votes to install not Hillary, but the third place finisher in today’s electoral college vote, Colin Powell.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I will present a 10,000 word essay on Israeli hacking of our past few presidential elections.

John McCain

George W. Bush

Rand Paul

Brain-damaged Alcoholic Lesbian

Joe Lieberman (and his faithful Filipino valet Kato)

Scott Walker

Chris Christie

Mitt Romney

One might ask why these presidential candidates would take time out of their busy schedules to fly half way around the world and make out with some ancient masonry. But of course, the answer is because they want to become president. And the way to become president is to demonstrate your unwavering commitment to our Jewish overlords.


That is, until Donald Trump came along. He pointedly did NOT travel to Israel as a candidate. He financed his own campaign. He used Twitter and his fortune and massive rallies in hockey arenas to do an end-run around the Jewish media.

In other words, Donald Trump hacked the elections. For decades Jews have owned our elections, and then Donald Trump came along and hacked them. And for that, we are thankful.

But, for the next two weeks the narrative is that Israel hacks our elections. And public debate over which country, Russia or Israel, exercises more influence over our elections will just red pill anyone who hears it, so this should deprive the Never Trump Jews of their last dirty trick to deprive Trump the presidency. If we let them spin this Russian hacking fairy tail, it could mean four years of President Colin Powell.

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