Truth Is Hate To The (((Inferior Race)))

ZaeXs0U above photo – Murdered for being free

The Jews history among the nations is one of murder. They are the most fanatical preservers of their own blood. To preserve their blood, they vigorously pursue every independent people to the death. Jews will as soon as their host people let them, impose conditions on the organic People that demand nothing but their complete extinction.

They will move onto the next host, claiming they did nothing, when in fact, they have done everything.


Their survival strategy, which they were smart enough to make their religion is based on undermining, denying the existence of, bastardising and subjugating, eventually exterminating every other group until they can rule over the ashes of nothing, all to secure their survival, in a world they contributed nothing towards.

There is a current fanatical push in Europe and America, and indeed the whole world for new laws to limit ‘free speech’ which in the 19th and early 20th centuries Jews were the most fanatical supporters of, in the free speech which benefitted them; the freedom to lie, the freedom to speak and write bullshit, the freedom to deride nations and control the press, the freedom for Jews to destroy the host. Two world wars were ‘allegedly’fought so that people would have the freedom to speak and write bullshit. We know that these wars were wars to preserve the Jewish people, and never ever benefited any European Nation.



In Europe: As the indigenous population dwindles… A new ‘framework’ of laws suggested by the European Jewish Congress ‘actively enforcing laws against incitement and anti-Semitic speech, and taking a firmer approach against those who promote hate and violence.’ The adoption of the European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance.

In the United States: As the founding American population dwindles… New laws against ‘anti equality’, ‘anti multicultural’ rhetoric or speech and anything against any group, race, origin or ‘sexual orientation’ are proposed.

In Canada: As the founding Canadian population dwindles… A new law giving Jewish government the power to block and delete websites hosted in Canada deemed to be ‘anti-Semitic’ or ‘hate speech’.


When Jews are not in power they agitate revolution and revolt, when Jews are in power they praise law-abidingness and civic obedience. Now Jews are in complete power, they aren’t interested in free speech.

Jews seek to enslave the people through enacting laws that inhibit people for telling the truth about the Jews, and laws inhibiting the people from blaming Jews for the wrongdoings that they have done. These laws will silence us as the Jews exterminate us during a period of exact tyranny. A time when they will be the only orators and writers. The people themselves won’t be allowed to even have an opinion or preference. They do this so that they can survive, for Jewry can never live alone, and it has to defile its host. It is an attempt to save the Jew by killing the people.


The persecution (usually imaginary), that the Jews deserve, protects the Jew and enables him to survive. The Jews use every instance of people not being subdued by them as examples, to further cement their tyrannical grip over the planet. As people strong enough to resist the Jew are culled, the Jew comes closer to a symbiotic parasitic relationship, on a dependant host, wholly altered from its original and natural, independent and self-preserving state, which is one of independent races, preserving their culture, in tribalism. This would dislodge the Jew, whose actions towards the Peoples is solely negative, and always results in their eventual extinctions.

Because of this push, these articles have been put together in a series.

Your Defence is the Jews Persecution

The Righteous Persecution of the Eternal Jew

Jewish Groups Lead Extermination of Nordic Race

How Jews Maintain Power

From Realising Where We Are In The World published the 1st of November 2014

It is possible that a man could publish thousands of articles one after the other. Some great things for the future have already been published. The reality of the internet age is and the format of a website is that the majority of people will only read what is recent. There is much to read here already on Nordic thought and philosophy, Jewish brainwashing (and dissected examples from the recent news), Jewish linguistics, the bacterium of Marxism, Racial Psychology and Racial Society.


The Jew is the parasite of humanity. He fulfills the role of a parasite.

The Nordic Race is the true unadulterated original creative humanity.

Mongrels are Jewish output.

Jewish ‘thought’ goes against the instincts of every people. Instincts guarantee the future of pure races, through discrimination and sexual selection, survival of the fittest.


Jewish existence and ‘Jewish life’ amounts to nothing more than a rejection of all organic concepts, and a racial conspiracy against everyone else. They have no culture of their own, no true natural state, no true environment they would create or be happy with. Their only policy is constant disruption and eventual extermination of the races of the world. They have vowed to destroy the White Race. There is no more to Jewry.


Nordicism on the other hand is the drive to create a pure Nordic society, a resurrection of everything Germanic. A Germanic humanity on its own. Nordicism does not impact on anybody else. When you look at Nordic History you see a pattern. Our race constantly trying to live freely on our own.


The Jewish mission is a mission to exterminate the pure races of the world, his significance is in the destruction of everything.

The Jew is against the preservation and the self-sufficiency of every group. There can be no ideals but his.

The survival of the Nordic Race on the other hand assures the survival of different viewpoints, different species, and true diversity.


The Regional Ethnography of the Nordic Race. A ‘humanity’ of its own.

There are no good points about the Jews. They are a problem, a problem to be overcome. The Nordic Race will only exist in the future if the Jew is overcome. He came as a wedge into Europe, and he came to kill us.

The Jews are consciously working to reverse evolution. Racial mixing is Jewish interference in the evolutionary process of mankind. This horrible Asiatic defiler should keep his snout out of human evolution.

The Jews have achieved the radical falsification of everything through the use of sophisticated, propaganda psychology and mass media.


There is no reason we should live under him, and there is no reason we should live with any other race.

If you don’t want to live under their tyranny they call you an extremist.

If you think your race is something worth preserving they call you a racist.

They are merely just a parasitic Asiatic defiler. They always have been, and everybody loves them because they suffered. Their suffering is largely fabricated atrocity stories and hate propaganda directed against their victims throughout history. The most recent example is the bitter hatred generated against the NSDAP, a party that wanted freedom for the German race.

Today we are deliberately held back and deliberately suppressed. Their only response is the Holocaust. We all know it didn’t happen. Everyone at the time said it didn’t happen, the only people saying it did happen are the Jews. They have impounded it into the public consciousness through film, tv, hollywood and media, and written it into law.


Jews destroy Germany and then say they got holocausted

The destruction and present occupation and suffocation of Germany and Germans is only just one example.

The path of the Jew throughout history has always been the same (see The Righteous Persecution of the Eternal Jew). It can be seen as a parasitic life cycle. The Jews destroy a people, the people attempt to save themselves, a people who doesn’t know about the Jews, or hasn’t experienced the Jew comes and saves the Jew. The Jew survives, the original people die and the Jew gets to talk about how evil the last people who resisted him were. This is how it has been throughout history, and how it is today.


This parasitic path will continue until the people have the strength to get rid of them. They know exactly how to get us to keep them when we could so easily have sustainable self-sufficient society for our race (see How Jews maintain power 16/10/2014). The Jew has created this matrix, this web of shit, made up of constant fabrications, and a parasitic redistribution strategy (government) to preserve himself. The Jews constantly murder the best of the Gentiles. The Jews know that there is a huge difference between the primal origin of Nordic humanity and the rest of so-called ‘humanity’. The Jews are guilty for saying there is one ‘humanity’.


What makes these two individuals the same species when they don’t reproduce the same kind?

Jews vigorously pursue and condemn every independent people. They are against the independence of every group. Their survival strategy, which they were smart enough to make their religion is based on undermining, denying the existence of, bastardising and subjugating, eventually exterminating every other group until they can rule over the ashes of nothing, all to secure their survival, in a world they contributed nothing towards.


The Jews depraved and parasitic actions against an honest people create animosity and this animosity creates ‘persecution’ which gives the Jew more sympathy and protection. He has done a good job so far at spreading every race of people everywhere in the world so they can mongrelise themselves. The answer is simple, new racial community. People think that the Jewish system is the best thing that man can come up with and that man is flawed. The Jew is flawed, the Nordic Race has an autonomous alternative until we are dead. Racism is natural, racial integration is resisted by every group with something to preserve. Instead of working for money we should be working for our race, instead of working for Jews we should be working for ourselves and with each other, instead of being under the rule of law we should all be responsible and know what has to be done to preserve our folk.

Today the entire European Peoples are condemned, to be replaced by over populated stagnated bilge, the most mongrelised, racially backward and primitive populace. The Jew has leveled everything else, our race still exists as individuals living in the world. There are no pure Nordic blood cores anywhere, the foreigners have been introduced purposefully everywhere, this is now Planet of the Apes. We will not last another generation if something is not done to secure Nordic Autonomy, a place where we can exist on our own.

Only those who want to do this are willing to become founding members of an autonomous community.

– Aidhan

How Jews maintain power 16/10/2014



A Nordic face

The Nordic Race, which lived tribally until the foreign alien Jews, a destructive Asiatic group of rootless rejected parasites, came in with their gradual systems of dependence coupled with reasons (perverse) to accept them and keep them.

The Jews boast a ‘community’ in every nation. To begin with, in every nation that they are present, they are in control. When the Jew has made his nest, nobody else has any power, or that would be quote; ‘anti-semitic‘. Any people strong enough to shake off the blight at this point would be strong enough to live free of the Jew and thus, survive. Accusations of anti-Semitism would not be enough to stop them chucking the Jews out. The Jew will mercilessly hunt down and murder any people prepared to be ‘anti-semitic’, which often means, insistence on living free of the Jew, or living for the good of your own people, exclusively. He has declared and accused every great, healthy and independent people throughout history of ‘anti-Semitism’.

1389.2 Holocaust H

An unwanted people. They could not live or evolve properly. They are currently sitting on top of the whole world, enjoying a privileged status, while they con you into hosting them through never-ending complaints about persecution and suffering

Today, at our point in time there are prominent word games the Jews are using as reasons to accept them. This will continue with this psychological warfare to the point we no longer need to be subdued. We still have the power to go back and live organically as a race. This will end as a large enough breeding group of individuals of primal Nordic racial traits becomes extinct. At that point the denomination of man descending from Cro-Magnon, will be extinct. The true race of builders and creators of history, the purest descendants of the race that gave the world all of its golden ages and great scientific and philosophical high points, its greatest developments and prosperous empires, the original developers of all creative civilisation, not the descendants of starving and useless refuge’s and their descendants, which will be the bulk of the worlds over inflated population, thanks to Jewish population engineering, will be gone.



The parasitical Jewish menace, whose actual consequences are purely negative, have great ways of hanging onto an unnerved and decayed people. The Jews can easily say that everyone else is extreme, an extremist. This slander goes away as soon as they are in power. They accuse what they deridingly call ‘nazism’ of being ‘attracted to war’, or ‘war like’, or ‘violent’ when it was them, the Jews, that drove the world to war against our Germanic people when they tried to be free. All this while they, the Jews,  constantly start war after war to ‘defend democracy’ or even to ‘defend peace’.


They simply accuse everyone who wants to strip them of their power as ‘undemocratic’. You hear and see democracy being trumpeted everywhere. What is ‘democracy’? Bad or good, it is something everyone must roll over and accept. They have this tremendous hangup of democracy, everything has got to be democratic. They can never tell you what is so good about democracy, but question it and you have broken the rules, you have been undemocratic, and the Jews pretend that this means you want more power than somebody else, and this is evil. The angry slave mob will pounce on you. It is in this way they can keep everybody powerless and under them.

There is no reason we should accept or live with the Jew, or tolerate his so-called ‘community’.

Democracy is how they maintain slavishness. They control all the parties, no one takes the accountability. When nobody likes one of them they just swap them. Democracy is for slaves. What is wrong with a strongman? The weaklings feel threatened. It is anti-evolution. Leadership is naturally and biologically determined. It is a caste.

Democracy is giving the most inept the power on purpose, because it would be ‘unfair’ to give it to who really deserves it (who don’t need ‘giving’, they take it), or anyone else. This might be what they call fascism. They can call you a ‘fascist’ to shut you up, just as you could call them a ‘democrat’!


Democracy is an artificial system, destructive to higher progress, solely maintained and defended by Jews. The individual has no power in a democracy. Democracy has allowed the Jews to fleece us and do what they want, all whilst saying ‘you voted for it’. In a democracy the race has no power to be independent.

People should think about the actual consequences of democracy, not just the positive word association game the Jews have played with it. People who realise this, who will not accept a Jewish imperative demand, will not accept democracy. People who don’t accept democracy, will not survive democracy.

This race was not created under democracy

This race was not created under democracy

When Jews rule it is called ‘freedom‘, when we rule it is called a dictatorship. When we want autonomy for ourselves they accuse us of wanting world domination, which is precisely what the Jews have achieved over all the folks of the world. When we love our people they accuse us of ‘hating’. If we are not ‘tolerant’ of what is negative and damaging, destructive or completely revolting and degenerate, we are told we need to be tolerant.


Anyone who will not accept equality is punished and persecuted by the Jew. Exporting equality to the goyim is a Jewish survival strategy. Equality is another imperative demand of the Jew. Their religious teachings remind them that this is to be the goyims lot in life. If they follow their Talmud they can dumb the goyim down, destroy their self-sufficiency and rule over them. They can continue killing the best of the gentiles if they follow their doctrine, and if no one finds out.


Better than equal

Equality is non existent. It has to be enforced by tyrannical policy, repossession and distribution from these parasitical usurpers. Everything ever done by anyone ever makes the strong stronger and the weak weaker. This is natural as those adept and good enough flourish. It has been going on for hundreds of millions of years.


Resist equality and be exterminated. The Jew slaughters the best of the gentiles. In equality the Jew can sit at the top and maintain it, persecuting any organic leadership that comes up as ‘threatening’. He will point out any instance one group is doing better than another, declare it inequality, and side with the inferior every time. This way he levels the world. Living under the Jew causes artificial selection for weakness, naivety, passiveness, unthinkingness and servileness.  The Jews contact with the nations (the races) has had a huge uplift effect on the faculties of the Jew enabling him to be a better parasite, a more consuming cancer, harder to dislodge and get rid of.

The Jew has no place among us.

– Aidhan

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