social media needs nationalized and taken away from free speech hating jews

social media needs nationalized and taken away from free speech hating jews 

report from smoloko


In this past week, smoloko’s twitter and instagram accounts have been shut down and banned. There is no such thing as free speech on any of these so called social media outlets. They are all controlled from the top down by free speech hating jews that do not want the ‘goyim’ finding out about the jewish problem which is at the center of all our major problems in the world, so they ban anti-jewish truth tellers like myself and others. In response to my twitter ban, I urge all of you out there to start using Gab A.I, a new social media platform that advocates free speech and is not controlled by the jews….not yet anyways. Give it a try here.  Also I’d like to note that at the end of the video above I was cut short of finishing my sentence, which was more or less that all of the major social media companies must be taken out of the hands of free speech hating supremacist jews and put in control of a governmental body that promotes and ensures free speech.  President Trump could easily do this by simply nationalizing and seizing the assets of these companies. Let’s hope it happens.gabiaimeme

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