On (very) misguided Anti-NWO analysts who think Trump “works for the jews”…

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Social media is aflame right now. Of course there are the brainwashed masses who do not understand who owns the media and who believe its disingenuous propaganda. There is no accounting for these fools, this goes without saying.

But then within the supposedly “awakened” truth movement, there are many who lack any basic semblance of understanding of how political strategy works. “Trump has jewish in-laws,” they cry. “Trump said such-and-such a thing!” they wail. “Trump appointed so-and-so! I knew he worked for the jews! I told you all, he’s a shill! How could you be so stupid?!?” goes the mania.

PLEASE. People. Simmer down now. Don’t you understand anything at all?

Perhaps if you watched a couple of episodes of shows like, “House of Cards” or “NARCOS” (yes I know jews run Netflix) you would begin to understand the complex world of politics and all the deadlocked forces arm-wrestling against each other.


First of all, Trump is not even in office yet. Many of the things he says are most likely part of a strategy to deceive his enemies and keep them guessing. They can’t prepare for his presidency if they are in the dark about what he will actually do. He has to hold his cards close to his chest, at least until he gets sworn in. It is to his and our advantage to momentarily tone down the anti-Clinton and anti-Obama rhetoric while they are desperate and still in power.

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Next issue. We all know that “Israel” is no one’s friend. Every person that works in the intelligence community hates “Israel.” They know. The jewish entity in the Middle East is a crime base for the most dangerous global criminals the world has ever seen. Much talk of them being an “ally” is just part of the strategy to defeat them.

The banking forces behind “Israel” are much too powerful and too entrenched to approach directly. On top of that, too much of the world is brainwashed by the media to understand what a menace “Israel” is, so there is not sufficient public support for a move against the entity just this second. Still there are people who think, for instance, that the fact that Putin has not nuked the jewish state is somehow “proof” that he is on their side too. Please.

“Israel” is the kind of enemy that, in the current political climate, one must talk to as if it was a friend, then you perhaps serve them a big slice of pie with ice cream… and lace with rat poison.

You do not just announce, “Israel, I am going to punch you in the face,” and then start running at it with your fist extended. You shake hands with the devil and smile, try to gain his trust, then you stab him in the back when he turns to walk away. Hit your enemy when he is not braced properly for defensive maneuver.

And already, Trump has made a number of “Israeli” officials publicly make fools of themselves, drawing admonishment from Netanyahu.

So let’s stop using friendly-sounding rhetoric as a litmus test. It does not work.


Look at some of JFK’s statements that are dripping with embarrassing zionist sycophancy, and then look at the desperate diplomatic war he was waging against them behind the scenes, while he endeavored to end Israel’s illegal nuclear weapons production, kill the American Zionist Council, and perhaps eventually kill the mothership, the FED, when the time was ripe.

And it all culminated in a very ill-fated ride in a convertible which was rerouted at the last minute through Dealey Plaza.

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So even Kennedy, who was very clever, was apparently not clever enough. Note that.

Trump has to be smarter.

Now, regarding the people Trump is appointing.

Trump won the election. He has the upper hand against his enemies now. We all know they are a bunch of criminals. But bear in mind that when you catch a lower-level crook and have his/her testicles in a vice, all the dynamics change.

It does not do very much good to just hang them or throw them in prison.

Once they are caught and have no where to run, they become very useful. They can become assets rather than liabilities. They can be used in all sorts of ways.

In law enforcement, when a member of a crime syndicate is apprehended, he is often outfitted with a wire and then made to move among his former cronies, as an informant. His associates do not know how compromised he is. He is used to gather data, sometimes for years, until a bulletproof, airtight case can be assembled against the entire mob. Then many criminals can be taken down at once, maybe even the whole network.

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Imagine a meeting between president-elect Trump and Hillary Clinton, or Obama. Trump might say, “You now have two choices. You either work for me and exactly as I say, or you can be go on trial for your many crimes against humanity and be convicted and receive capital punishment. Which is it?”

Criminals can be used to catch other criminals.

I won’t belabor the point any further. Just use your imaginations and think of the possibilities, before jumping to false conclusions or allowing knee-jerk reactions to take over.

And stop ignoring the highest authorities. If Trump was “working for the jews” as so many people clumsily assert, then Putin, Assad, Farage, and other anti-NWO stalwarts would not be on his side, cheering.


If Trump was really “working for the jews,” relations with Russia would not already be normalizing, which they are. Trump would not be saying to leave Assad alone and go after ISIS. The EU president would not be steaming quaking in his boots. The news media, the jewish puppet-show known as Hollywood, and the political establishment would not be screaming bloody murder in the the unprecedented way they are doing. The Russians would not suddenly be preparing their heavy bombers for the most intense attacks against the so-called “Syrian rebels” who are really NWO mercenaries, knowing that the US will back the Syrian government. WW III tensions would still be on the rise. These are the real concrete indicators of the sea-change that is taking place. Yes, much of politics is akin to pro wrestling, but it is crucial to recognize when it suddenly becomes real right in front of you. If bones are being broken and blood spilled before your eyes, it is no longer just for show. This should all be readily apparent, but still there are an astonishing number of truth activists who don’t see it.


Another important point: Netanyahu would not be pleading with jewish state officials to “stop publicly speculating about Trump’s policies.” If Trump was really a Netanyahu supporter, and not just playing one for the public, Netanyahu would not be so skittish and unsure right now. Friends don’t leave friends humiliated and in the dark like Trump is apparently doing to Netanyahu. When Trump said, “we are going to support Israel 1000%,” the statement clearly reeks of deceptive hyperbole. Yes, you REALLLLLLLLY love Israel, I am so sure. [sarcasm]


Conclusion: In order to become a good analyst who makes accurate statements, you have to begin to look beneath the surface and think long and hard about alternate interpretations. Pay attention first and foremost to the big indicators, like the YUUUGE foreign policy shifts that are really happening, and stop worrying about every ostensible “zionist connection” you see. Politics means swimming with sharks, that just comes with the territory. Things are far more complex than the average arm-chair analyst takes into account.

If Trump was “one of them,” (((they))) would not be so terrified. And they ARE terrified. They are screeching, but people are being willfully deaf to it if they think otherwise.

ADDITIONAL TIP: The Reddit page “The_Donald” is the hub for Trump supporters. We should focus our truth activists on that, we can inject deeper truth into his constituency and empower him to act on our will.

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  1. If the Jew community were truly anti-Drumpf, he would never have been allowed candidacy. As the title of the above video suggests, they think all you goyim are stupid. History proves their assessment has been entirely accurate.

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