Israeli Journalist Admits Alt-Right Prejudice Against Jews is Justified

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Occasionally, when the question of Jewish support for immigrationism and multiculturalism is raised, someone will dispute it or say the case for the prosecution hasn’t been proved. But look carefully and you will see Jews often boastfully acknowledge these things themselves. Here, for example, is an article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, reproduced in the American newspaper Forward.

Whatever differences American Jews may have had with Barack Obama over the Iran nuclear deal and Middle East peace, they’ve never had a president who was more in tune with their Jewish and liberal essence.

Obama was the realization of the American Jewish vision of a multicultural society, a dream come true for a generation of civil rights activists. He promoted and embodied the liberal ideals that American Jews are more attached to than any other religious group in America.

And he was more knowledgeable about American Jewish culture and Yiddishkeit than any previous president, bar none. Even when they disagreed with him, most American Jews, with the exception of the vocal minority that hated his guts, viewed Obama as a mensch.

It is probably no coincidence that during his tenure, American Jews reached a pinnacle of social and cultural acceptance. Being American Jews was hip. It was cool. It was the thing to be. From Jon Stewart to Jerry Seinfeld, from Joe Lieberman to Bernie Sanders, Jews seemed to be more entrenched than ever before in the American mainstream.

…Trump’s triumph has unleashed the pent up resentment against Jews. His reluctance to tackle manifestations of racism and white supremacism among his supporters has energized and empowered it. If he and his advisers don’t take assertive steps soon, anti-Jewish agitators will feel they have a license from the White House to do as they please. They will get bolder, grow stronger, recruit new adherents and increasingly resort to violence: we’ve seen it before.

But even if brazen anti-Semitic incidents are quelled or die down by themselves, there is no denying that Jews have transformed virtually overnight from insiders to outsiders. Not only did they vote overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, prominent conservative Jews who could have allayed their concerns are the ones who have distanced themselves from Trump over the course of the campaign and will play no role in his administration.

American Jewish liberals are bound to feel alienated from their own government in way they’ve never felt before. Most of the values, goals and policy objectives of the Trump administration, even if they turn out to be a paler and more palatable version of his campaign rhetoric, are diametrically opposed to those of most American Jews. They support immigration, pluralism, multiculturalism, social reform, government intervention, separation of church and state, gay marriage, abortion rights and on and on. It is easy to see, in fact, why so many of Trump’s radical supporters would view the Jews as their mortal enemies.


He also notes a gulf between diaspora Jews and Jews in Israel. Jews, in possession of their own country, tend to want to keep it. Jews, in possession of someone else’s country, tend to want to give it away.

As Shmuel Rosner rightly points out for the wrong reasons, Trump may ultimately divide Israeli and American Jews. But the reason for that is not limited, as Rosner asserts, to the yet to be proven assumption that American Jews will resent their Israeli counterparts for liking Trump because he is pro-Israel. It is because Trump’s core message, his reactionary, nativist, chauvinistic, anti-foreigner, anti-immigrant and mainly anti-Muslim worldview is shared by far too many, though far from all Israelis, and is embraced by its ruling coalition. And because many Israeli Jews are indifferent to right-wing anti-Semitism and indeed share right-wing disdain toward the liberalism of American Jews.


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note from professor kevin macdonald – Even though many Muslims hate Jews and Israel, Jews think that Muslims are manageable. Their main concern is the traditional White majority.

As if we needed another reason to argue for the full expulsion of foreign elements from our midst, although with many Americans it will take even more to finally push them over the edge.

To think that our lawfully-elected President, who secured victory in a manner not seen in nearly a generation, is being opposed by a motley mess of crazed enemy elements (supposedly in perpetual war with each other) shows that we have a window to push our views that is currently sitting wide open like never before.

Our job is to consistently and coherently remind the White American people that the new Administration is being opposed mainly by creatures with no ties to this nation, but are merely following an agenda to corrupt, corrode, and destroy in the name of a “Democracy” that finally turned against them.

And on that note, let us start with a cabal of vermin that includes multiple corporate executives, and one notorious Jew former Senator and Vice Presidential candidate.


From PRNewswire:

The Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council, a new national group of leading Muslim and Jewish Americans, was launched this month at a meeting convened by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). jewmassmuslimimmigrationmeme

The Council brings together recognized business, political, and religious leaders in the Jewish and Muslim American communities to jointly advocate on issues of common concern.Stanley Bergman, CEO of Henry Schein, and Farooq Kathwari, President and CEO of Ethan Allen, are the Council’s co-chairs, and the initial members are listed below.

At the group’s inaugural meeting, the Muslim and Jewish participants met for two hours to get to know one another, discuss the Council’s mission, and identify and agree on a domestic policy agenda.Among the Council’s initial action items are:

  • The Council will highlight the contributions of Muslims and Jews to American society, and aim to celebrate their contributions in the best traditions of American democracy.
  • The Council will develop a coordinated strategy to address anti-Muslim bigotry and anti-Semitism in the U.S.
  • The Council will work to protect and expand the rights of religious minorities in the U.S., as enshrined in the Constitution, so they may practice their faiths in full freedom and security.

Our two communities share much in common and should find ways, where possible, to work together for the benefit of the entire country,” said Stanley Bergman, Co-Chair of the Council.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President-elect Donald Trump have discussed the importance of “normalizing” ties between Moscow and Washington.

According to a statement released by the Kremlin on Monday, the two held their first ever talk during a phone conversation initiated by Putin, who had contacted Trump to “offer his congratulations on winning a historic election.”

The statement noted that the two had also agreed on making provisions for a “personal meeting,” and to keep in touch by phone. Both Putin and Trump had acknowledged “the extremely unsatisfactory state of Russian-US relations at present” and “declared the need for active joint work to normalize them.”

During the conversation, the Russian president also voiced his preparedness to “create a dialogue of partnership with the new administration on the basis of equality, mutual respect and non-intervention in each other’s domestic affairs.”

They also “agreed on the need to unite efforts in the struggle with the enemy number one: international terrorism and extremism,” said the statement, noting that ending the conflict in Syria was also discussed.

During Trump’s election campaign, Putin had referred to Trump as “a very outstanding person, talented without doubt.”

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