Jews might assassinate Donald Trump in the next 3 months or at most in 1 year.

by Alice Frischmann


Have you ever asked why the Jews didn’t falsify the election results? And Why they didn’t assassinate Donald Trump before he got elected?

If the Jews have killed Trump weeks before the election, this might be the trigger for the mass revolution against the system, even if the people don’t know that the System is run by Jews, even if Trump has never talked about the Jews behind the “rigged system” and the “Globalists”. If this has happened, the American people would have start assuming that Trump was right about the “invisible rulers” ruling America, and was killed for saying the truth, which might lead to a real revolution that some Jew-wise might lead.

Jews fear a mass revolution against all media centers that are in fact owned and run by Jews, which Trump called “corrupt media that work for the same Global elite that run the Washington Establishment and Wall Street”, a media that was supporting Hillary Clinton as their the chosen puppet of the “Globalists” (Jews).

If the Jews have falsified the elections results, then Trump might has launched an investigation with his enormous financial resources and would have probably proved that the elections were rigged which will also mean exposing names that expose the Jewish hands behind the rigging of the system Trump would maybe has asked his millions of patriot followers to descend to streets and invade the Jewish-run media centers that Jews brainwash the American public with since decades.

Both solutions were bad for the Jews before the elections. But Jews won’t allow Trump to achieve his plans, because all of them are against Jewish interests. All Trump plans contradict the Jewish plans, including the hidden plan of Islamizing America by unlimited Muslim immigration, whether by the fake refugees and humanitarian propaganda followed by permanent residency, then allocation of American nationalities, or by the TPP that will also give freedom of circulation to millions of Muslims form the 3r world, which means flooding America by all poor Muslims wishing to live in a rich country, or fleeing the Jewish wars for greater Israel in the Middle East, or the Jewish-designed ISIS. 


The Jews are the smartest, and the most satanic criminal people that humanity has ever known. Never forget these people are behind all wars and revolutions in almost all human history. The biggest genocide of humans in 2 world wars pushed and orchestrated by Jews.

We should never underestimate the evil of the Jews and their mastery of deception. All these crimes, assassinations, deceptions, wars and crimes they have done are still covered till today to the majority of people who are totally brainwashed by the Jewish lies to believe that Jews are some kind of holy people eternal victims of some racist Anti-Semitic haters throughout History. 


Jews probably decided about Trump the same decision about Putin. They would really be glad if these two opponents of the Jew World Order just die and stop resisting the world government that requires the full destruction of the White race and Christianity, and the establishment of one world currency, one world country made of brown mixed people without borders and nationalism, one world police, one world government, one world information system. In that world the Jewish people are supposed to rule over all other races, and establish their religion on humanity, wish is Judaism, or Satanism that sees non-Jews are beasts – animals born to serve the Jewish people.

Zohar, Toldoth Noah 63b “When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.”

Sanhedrin 59a “To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

The Satanic teachings of Judaism the Talmud

The letter from the Jewish Rabbi Baruch Levy to the Jew founder of communism Karl Marx in appeared in 1928, explains that JEWS will rule the world by the dissolution of the White race and the abolition of borders. This will allow the Jews to establish a world republic where they can exercise everywhere the privilege of citizenship and be treated as superior race by all people. In a speech of Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich in Hungary in 1952, he said that the White race is the most dangerous enemy of the Jews, and it will be genocided by race mixing with dark races, when this is done, then the JEWISH people will be able to retain mastery over a world of dark people because the JEWS at that time will be the INTELLIGENT race who protected itself from race-mixing multiculturalism.

Their ultimate goal is a World Government with its headquarters in Jerusalem. All this destruction they are doing on humanity, especially on the White race aim to destroy the rulers of the World today – The Christian White Civilization, then replace them by the Jewish supper-state that is supposed to rule the planet as prophesied in the Jewish holy book of Torah that says Jews will rule the world and have slaves by the end of times when the Messiah comes to his chosen people.

The extent of supremacy of the Jews is unbelievable. It is very obvious, after connecting all these dots, that the Jews are seeking to create a world government run by them. And this requires destroying the concept of Nation-State or nationalism, and the concept of borders and competition between states and nations. Jews want all this evil for the Goyim but not for Israel who should empower and protect its Nationalism. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, said on Weekly Saturday night sermon in October 2010:


“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money…This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew… Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.”

Another Jewish devil is the PM of Israel Menachem Begin who said:


“Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

Jews have let Trump win because they were obliged to let him win. Otherwise they might face a sure defeat in America in case they killed him or falsified the election results. Now they still have a chance. They should get rid of him softly and cowardly, because it is their nature to be coward deceivers who kill any opponent and make it appear as it is an accident or a crime done by some crazy person.

I strongly believe Jews will try to kill Trump before 1 year maybe in the next 3 months. I believe they will kill Trump, which will allow the Vice president Mike Pence who is a dedicated evangelical, very pro-Israel, to bend to the Jewish orders


It was a mistake of Trump to choose Mike Pence as vice president. Mike Pence is the replacement in case the Jews assassinate Trump. Trump should clean the Jews around him, his advisors and He should remove Mike Pence (and Kushner) if he wants to remain alive. He should appoint a non-radical evangelic, and why not an anti-Jewish-establishment as vice president so if they kill him, they know this will not save them, so they won’t kill him.

Trump should absolutely stop appearing in public and never eat /drink from anyone because Jews might kill him as they killed Hugo Chavez and Michael Collins Piper with Biological weapons.

Why will the Jews kill Trump?

The Establishment (Jewish establishment running USA, Europe, Canada, Britain, Australia) is frightened and are in a panic. They can’t believe it. Donald Trump is about to overturn their New World Order applecart. If he is elected President of the United States, all the carefully drafted plans of the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Council of the Americas, the World Economic Forum, the Skull & Bones Society, the Bohemian Grove and every other traitorous conspiratorial group will be smashed.

The Jewish billionaires at the top are especially incensed and angry. How could this happen? For years they’ve wined and dined this extroverted braggadocio, Trump. They’ve groomed him and now, he is threatening their Jewish Utopia, the Plan of plans for global domination.

They Prefer Hillary Over Trump


These evil men easily prefer a criminal lesbian, Hillary Clinton, over Trump. They include in their corrupt ranks both Democrats and Republicans. Any party will do, whether led by Senator Harry Reed (D-NV) and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), or by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Their comfy little arrangement was assured both by George W. and by Barack O—both these White House idiots were but putty to the rich. These rubbery Presidents do whatever the money men say, and the rest of us—the little people—we just have to shut up and take it. We, the average citizen, are held in contempt, even derision, by the fat cats.

But along comes unconventional Donald Trump, and man, the rats are scurrying left and right. They are desperate, and they are truly angry.

They are about to lose their minds. How dare this flamboyant showman go up against their roaring New World Order dragons, the fire breathing beasts the elite have carefully cultivated for over seven decades.

What are the Jews planning for Western civilization?

>>JEWS final goal is “EQUALITY” >>>Equality between all non-JEWS >>> But supremacy of the Jews and the Jewish State:


Since the end of WW2, JEWS have been equalizing the advanced nations of the world with the 3rd world, not only they have huge shares in multinational corporations exporting Western Jobs, skills and Wealth, but they create the TAXATION LAWS of Western countries in a way to push corporations to leave White countries seeking a cheaper countries then exporting the products back to the West. JEWS created the EU union that impoverished Western Europe and made millions of Jobless Europeans, JEWS created NAFTA, TTIP & TPP that exports millions of Jobs from America, Australia and Canada to Asia & Latin America. The export and distribution of wealth, science and competency on poorer emergent nations, means the impoverishment and retardation of advanced nations, means the retardation of humanity advancements which is mainly created by the rich prosperous Whites. Nations don’t equalize, Nations compete, and this how humanity progress as in a University with many competing students. A nation historically represents the ethnicity of the people of that nation; It’s is why the JEWS open the border for massive immigration to White countries in order to change the demography and replace White people by new comers who don’t have the same productivity & abilities of the Whites. Then the JEWS create generous welfare system for non-Whites, create high taxes for Working Whites in order to feed the immigrants and make the Whites even work harder to afford raising children, which leads to low fertility rate a White Genocide. But the JEWS cover-up the decrease of population by even bringing more non-Whites immigrants which just accelerates the fall of White countries and the transfer of companies, jobs, wealth, skills to the 3rd World. THE FINAL GOAL IS TO HAVE AN EQUALIZED ETHNICALLY BROWN RACE-MIXED UPROOTED HUMANITY READY TO ACCEPT A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE CURRENCY AND ONE PLANET COUNTRY WITHOUT BORDERS RULED BY JEWS

The Pope of Vatican is the big traitor, a Jew puppet; how a representative of the Catholic religion can kiss the hands of the most evil Jewish terrorists in the world?

Pope Francis kissing the hands of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and John Rothschild:

This Jew-puppet Pope of Vatican said that Trump plans to preserve the sense of self identity, and protecting America from illegal immigration and traffic of drugs is “not Christian”. Sure he will say that when he is the same traitor in Europe welcoming the millions of Muslim invaders economic males immigrants, even kissing their legs for the invasion they have done from dozen of Muslim countries that have even no wars.

The Vatican is against Nationalism and for Globalism, it is in fact no longer a Christian establishment working for the benefit of Christianity, but a Satanic establishment working with the Jews to create a global government, a super-state like the EU union where Christianity is in-existent, all perversion are allowed, from abortion and homosexual marriage, while bringing Islam and building multimillion Mosques and financing the replacement of the European Christians by a mixed race of Brown/ Black Muslim population.

Globalism is just a code word, a beautiful word for a global government that doesn’t recognize the concept of countries, borders, patriotism and nationalism. The Jewish opposition of Nationalism was perfectly explained by Adolf Hitler at the Siemens Dynamo factory in Berlin, Germany.


Hitler warned the world about the Jews ruling the West and rigging the system, so called democracy 


TRUMP is in fact representing the echoes of Adolf Hitler in his speeches about the Globalists. Corrupt government cartel & special interests are the JEWS, But Trump doesn’t name them.

On October 13, 2016,Rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, Donald Trump declared:


“Our great civilization, here in America and across the civilized world has come upon a moment of reckoning. We’ve seen it in the United Kingdom, where they voted to liberate themselves from global government and global trade deal, and global immigration deals that have destroyed their sovereignty and have destroyed many of those nations. But, the central base of world political power is right here in America, and it is our corrupt political establishment that is the greatest power behind the efforts at radical globalization and the disenfranchisement of working people. Their financial resources are virtually unlimited, their political resources are unlimited, their media resources are unmatched, and most importantly, the depths of their immorality is absolutely unlimited. This is our moment of reckoning as a society and as a civilization itself.”

On October 22, 2016, Gettysburg USA, Donald Trump said:


“The rigging of the system is designed for one reason: to keep the corrupt establishment and the (((special interests))) in power at your expense and everybody’s expense. I have no (((special interests)))… I’ve seen the (((system))) up close and personal for many years, I have been a major part of (((it))), I know how the (((game))) works in (((Washington))) and on (((Wall Street))), and I know how (((they))) have rigged the game against every day’s Americans… The dishonest (((mainstream media))) is also part and major part of (((this))) corruption, (((they)) are corrupt; (((they))) lie and fabricate stories… Hillary Clinton is NOT running against me, she is running against )))change(((, and she is running against all of the American people… The fact that (((Washington))) and the (((Washington establishment))) has tried so hard to stop our campaign, is only more proof that )))our campaign((( represents the kind of )))change((( that only arrives once in a life time.”

On November 5, 2016, Rally in Reno, Nevada, Donald Trump said:


“At the heart of this election is one simple question: “will our country be governed by the people, or by the corrupt political class. If we win the corrupt politicians and their special interests (means JEWS) will lose, if they win, the American people will lose. It is that simple. Either we will have a government run by the donors and the special interests (means JEWS) who control everything, and control Hillary Clinton, or we will have a government run by you the American people. My contract with the American voters begins with the plan to end government corruption and take your country back from the special interests, and I used to be on the other side, I went from being an insider and I became an outside fast.” 

On , October 13, 2016, Florida, Donald Trump said:

 “We will vote to put this corrupt government cartel (means the JEWS) out of business and out of business immediately. We will vote for the special interests and say: “lots of luck but you have been voted out of power”… They betrayed our freedoms. We will save our sovereign right as a nation, we will end the politics of profit, we will end the rule of special interests… our independence day is in hands, and it arrives finally.”

Trump Speech to The World about the “Globalists special interests”:

President Trump echoed the speech of President John F. Kennedy about the secret societies running America (code-word for the JEWS). That speech was the reason why Jews decided to assassinate JFK:


JFK – The Speech That Killed Him

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined.

Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, and no secret is revealed.”

Is Trump against the JEWS?


1. Trump declares he was insider, a friend with those (JEWS) who are ruling America and rigging the system from behind the scenes, but now he turned against them:

On October 13, 2016, Rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, Donald Trump declared:

“In my former life I was in insider, as much as anybody else. And I knew what it’s like, and I still know what it’s like to be an insider. It’s not bad, it’s not bad. Now I’m being punished for leaving the special club and revealing to you the terrible things that are going on having to do with our country. Because I used to be part of the club, I’m the only one that can fix it. I’m doing this for the people and for the movement, and we will take back this country for you and we will make America great again.”

“This is our moment of reckoning as a society and as a civilization itself. I didn’t need to do this, folks, believe me — believe me. I built a great company, and I had a wonderful life. I could have enjoyed the fruits and benefits of years of successful business deals and businesses for myself and my family. Instead of going through this absolute horror show of lies, deceptions, malicious attacks — who would have thought? I’m doing it because this country has given me so much, and I feel so strongly that it’s my turn to give back to the country that I love.”

On October 22, 2016, Gettysburg, Donald Trump declared:

 “I’ve seen the (((system))) up close and personal for many years, I have been a major part of (((it))), I know how the (((game))) works in (((Washington))) and on (((Wall Street))), and I know how (((they))) have rigged the game against every day’s Americans, the rules are rigged… The rigging of the (((system))) is designed for one reason: to keep the corrupt establishment and the (((special interests))) in power at your expense and everybody’s expense. I have no (((special interests)))… Hillary Clinton is not running against me, she is running against )))change(((, and she is running against all of the American people and all of the American voters.”

On October 17, 2016, Wiskonsin, Donald Trump declares that he will fight the JEWS in the American politics:

“I am going to issue a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT. I am going to ask Congress to pass a campaign finance reform that prevents registered FOREIGN LOBBYISTS from raising money in American elections.”

2. Jewish Islamization of the West after the Jewish Secularism post Christianity in Europe and USA.


JEWS want to bring into the USA Islamic massive immigration of fake refugees and ex-fighters of ISIS. Jews created TPP wish will allow millions of Muslim foreigners to have free pass into USA. Jews promote Islam, and demonize Islamophobics on the Jewish owned media.

TRUMP wants to stop their plan but build a refugee camp & safe Zone inside Syria and stop any reason that Jews might use to bring Islam into the West. Trump is against the wars on Muslim nations that are used to bring Muslim “refugees” during years into the west while impoverishing and destroying the lives of Muslims in their homelands.

Donald Trump, on CNN, March 9, 2016 explain his views about Islam and Islamic immigration:

“I think Islam hates us, there is something there… there is a tremendous hatred there. We have to get to the bottom of it. There is an unbelievable hatred of us… we have to be very vigilant, we have to be very careful, we can’t allow  people coming to this country who have this hatred of the United states, and of people that are not Muslim. It is radical, but it is very hard to define, it is very hard to separate, because you don’t know who is who


Very few Christians grasp the fact that there’s a hidden Jewish hand behind today’s mass Muslim immigration into the western Christian nations. Nor do they grasp the fact that this hidden hand constitutes surreptitious Jewish support (and direction) of the Islamic program of conquest known as Hijrah – i.e., Muslim subjugation of foreign lands through immigration, as instructed by the Islamic prophet Muhammad in the Koran.

According to a news report,7340,L-4299673,00.html published in the Israel newspaper, Rabbi Baruch Efrati stated that :

“Even if we [Jews] are in a major war with the region’s Arabs over the Land of Israel, Islam is still much better as a gentile culture than Christianity.”

As Nathanael Kapner, an American Jew who converted to Christianity has pointed out , Jews in high positions of power in the U.S. government are some of the main supporters of Muslim immigration:

“The US State Department, with its Jew-intensive Senior Staff (Deputy Secretary: James

Steinberg; Managing Secretary: Jacob Lew; Arms Control Secretary: Ellen Tauscher) is

among the chief promoters of massive immigration into America.

The Assistant Secretary of State for Population and Migration just happens to be another Jew,

one Eric Schwartz, who recently announced a doubling of the funds designated for immigration resettlement in the US…

Various Christian leaders contend that along with Muslim resettlement comes their mosques,

and with their mosques comes a blight on the American landscape…And this is exactly what

American Jewry is striving for…American Jewry wants nothing less than the complete

annihilation of a white Christian presence in America.

Unless their persistent anti-Christian agenda is stopped, Jewish organizations will fragment

America into a multi-racial Welfare State from which moneyed-Jews will stand aloof and of which alienated Christians will stand disenfranchised.”


As a December 25, 2015 headline in The Times of Israel screamed: “Jewish Groups Decry Trump Pitch to Ban Muslim Immigration.”

The article went on to explain that Jewish groups such as the Jewish ADL (Anti-Defamation League) “reject the Republican frontrunner’s latest remarks as “deeply offensive” and “antithetical to American values.”

The Jewish ADL’s Abe Foxman stated, “It’s time for Trump to stop spreading misinformation and hatred against immigrants, legal and illegal.”

Of course, we Americans need the finger-wagging Jews to explain “American values” to us, right? After all, we Christians are kind of dense. As in Europe, all that’s really needed is a process of Jewish Lemmud, i.e., learning – which is to say, learning to get used to the new order which turns our nation’s original Christian values on their head and substitutes new, Jewish-concocted, non-Christian and completely alien multicultural values in their place, as if they were the originals.


You see, we have to learn the new way, and the finger-wagging Jews are here to teach us right from wrong. Apparently, in this new “learning,” mass Muslim immigration into the United States of America is always good, right and of great moral imperative. But of course, the irony of the situation is that mass Muslim immigration into Israel is strictly verboten.

Why aren’t the Jews who support unfettered mass Muslim immigration into America offering to take Muslim “migrants” into Israel? It’s perfectly clear. Compassion, sympathy and sheltering the oppressed are all core Jewish values – for everyone else, that is, but not for Israel.

The above-mentioned news article in The Times of Israel went on to state:

“…Jewish groups on Monday lambasted Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigration to the United States, with the Anti-Defamation League condemning the remarks as “deeply offensive.”

The article quotes an American Jewish Committee representative as saying of Trump’s comments, “…we find Mr. Trump’s call abhorrent and wrong.”

The Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism also condemned Trump’s remarks, claiming “we cannot abide religious bigotry.”

Rabbi Jack Moline, director of the Interfaith Alliance, issued a statement in which he warned, “Rooting our nation’s immigration policy in religious bigotry and discrimination will not make America great again.”

The Zionist Organization of America stated, “Many, ourselves included, think Trump’s suggestion to exclude any and all Muslims from coming to America is excessive and ill-conceived.”

The Orthodox Union stated, “Neither partisan politics nor xenophobia can have a place in that debate…” (i.e., over Obama’s proposed new influx of tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees).

These hyperbolic criticisms against Trump’s plan to temporarily halt Muslim immigration into America were preceded (November 2015) by eleven prominent Jewish groups writing an open letter to Congress calling on the U.S. to accept more Syrian refugees into the U.S.. They wrote, “To turn our back on refugees would be to betray our nation’s core values.”

As you can see, the Jews have settled on the tactic of casting any attempt at self-defense against unfettered mass Muslim immigration as a “betrayal of America’s core values.”

In reality, our “core values” are decidedly Christian. It’s the incoming Muslim hoards who seek to change our nation’s “core values” and replace them with alien spiritual and political values anathema to Christianity. But of course, the Jews behind mass Muslim immigration into the U.S. know this. And it’s exactly why they’re backing (and directing) mass Muslim immigration.

Wall-to-Wall Jewish Support

For Mass Muslim Immigration

According to numerous Jewish news media reports, among the Jewish groups pressuring Congress to ignore the clear will of U.S. taxpayers to halt Muslim immigration and instead open the doors to even greater floods of Muslim immigrants in America are:


 The Union for Reform Judaism

 The Orthodox Union

 The Rabbinical Assembly

 The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society HIAS

 The National Council of Jewish Women

 The Anti-Defamation League

 The American Jewish Committee

 The Jewish Council for Public Affairs

 The Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies

 Habonim Dror North America

 The Jewish Labor Committee

 The National Council of Jewish Women

 T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

 The Workmen’s Circle

 The Rabbinical Assembly

 Jewish World Watch

 The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

That’s pretty much representative of the whole kit-and-kaboodle of Jewry. It’s wall-to-wall Jewish support for mass Muslim immigration into the United Stated.

Imagine that. On the one hand we’re told that the Muslims are the most deadly enemies of the Jews (and humanity, as a whole). And on the other hand we’re lectured by world Jewry to embrace unfettered mass Muslim immigration into our own nation. Can you see anything wrong with this picture?

See More: The Jewish hand behind Islamization of the West 

3. The Jewish matrix of power

JEWS cover their central power in the rigged American media, Wall Street and the Washington establishment and call whistleblowers “conspiracy theorists”. This Jewish matrix of power which is a combination of powers in 3 major domains: Media, politics, finance, is what makes this power invisible. In addition this power is international. It is the same Jewish power in every European country, Australia, and Canada, which even makes impossible to any country to warn other countries.

TRUMP explained to the American public that the SAME PEOPLE, so called “special interests”, control the media, Wall Street and the American politics (Quotes)

On October 22, 2016, Gettysburg speech, Donald Trump exposed the rigged media:

“The dishonest mainstream media is also part and major part of (((this corruption))). (((They))) are corrupt; (((they))) lie and fabricate stories to make a candidate that is not their preferred choice look as bad and even dangerous as possible… The rigging of the (((system))) is designed for one reason: to keep the corrupt establishment and the (((special interests))) in power at your expense and everybody’s expense. I have no (((special interests))).” 

Donald Trump explained perfectly the Jewish matrix of power and system on October 13, 2016 Rally in West Palm Beach, Florida:

“This election will determine whether we are a free nation or whether we have only the illusion of democracy, but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system, and our system is rigged. This is reality, you know it, they know it, I know it, and pretty much the whole world knows it. The establishment and their media enablers will control over this nation through means that are very well known. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed. They will attack you, they will slander you, they will seek to destroy your career and your family, and they will seek to destroy everything about you, including your reputation. They will lie, lie, lie, and then again they will do worse than that, they will do whatever is necessary.”


One of the most important documentaries about the Jewish matrix of power is done by Dr. David Duke: CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix: 

4. World government disguised as free trade agreements and unions coupled with multiculturalism and anti-Nationalism

JEWS want a world government disguised as “free trade agreements” they do that in all western countries to dilute the concept of “Nation” and prepare a one world country without border and without ethnic and religion identities, made of brown mixed race with secular mindset, with one world government, example the EU union run in fact by the EJC – European Jewish congress from behind the scenes.


TRUMP wants to preserve Nationalism & Patriotism to keep America a sovereign nation ruled by American institutions (even if these institutions are now under JEWISH control). He opposes TPP, NAFTA, EU union… He wants to deport illegal immigrants who are used by the Jews against patriotism. He wants to deport those who refuse to show progress in learning and using English as a language in America

On April 27, 2016, Donald Trump declared:

“We will no longer surrender this country, or its people to the false song of globalism. The nation-state remains, the true foundation of peace and harmony.”

5. Wars on Muslim nations and false flag terrorist attacks

JEWS are behind the war on Iraq, 911 false flag terrorist attacks on America blamed on Muslims, the war on “terrorism”, the war on Libya, the rise of ISIS, the financing & arming the terrorist Muslims of ISIS, the massive Muslim immigration to the west.


TRUMP exposed the American unjust wars on Muslim nations, the American involvement in the rise of ISIS, he opposed the 911 official story, he wants to work with Russia to stop ISIS While the JEWS want American to start WW3 with Russia over Syria. Trump said “Do you want to know who knocked Wall trade centers? Vote for me and you will know who”

Donald Trump’s plans for his first 100 days in office are raising eyebrows around the world, but of all the items on his agenda it is the reopening of the 9/11 investigation that will provide the greatest earthquake for the establishment 

6. War on Russia

How the Jews can make their greater Israel ruler of the world? They should first destroy the rulers of the world of today, means the white civilization, it means reducing world population by at least 90% while the Jews hide in underground bunkers in Israel and USA, leaving some south Asians and Africans far from WW3 in order to be enslaved by the Jews when the war ends.

Donald Trump, October 31, 2016 said: “Hillary trapped in her (((Washington bubble))) that is blind to the lessons of the past, wants to start a shooting war in Syria in conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia, which could DRAG US INTO WORLD WAR 3. The arrogant (((political class))) never learns, they keep repeating the same mistakes, THEY KEEP TELLING the same LIES.”

How Jews started WW2 – below

7. Immigration and political correctness in USA then in Europe

While Europe is flooded by millions of brown, Black, Muslim immigrants since the end of WW2, a flood organized by organized Jewry, which will end Europe as it was during centuries and thousands of years. The recent studies show that the ethnicity of people who resided in Europe since 36 000 years is the same as the European people of today, the Aryan, Slavic and Caucasian race. Trump wants to build a wall, a 1,000-mile long wall, and police the borders. He says he will deport every last illegal alien, just as the law demands. But the global elite say they want no wall and no borders. The establishment types desire no national sovereignty and are working for the end of the U.S.A. as a separate, great nation. To which Trump responds: “No way! We will enforce the laws!” Trump acts is and will be for the preservation of Europe. His message of anti-Islam and anti-Open Borders will reach the brains of the people of Europe who might finally wake up about the genocide of their culture and start backing Nationalists or nationalist-oriented political parties.

“There are too many… in Europe, Germany in particular, cannot become an Arab country, Germany is Germany. From a moral point of view too, I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily. The goal should be that they be returned to help rebuild their countries.” ~ Dalai Lama

In France, Germany, Austria, there is a big chance that Nationalist parties take control of the government, and will finally break the Jewish-made EU union that enslaves the European people and whose final goal is the Political union, means the end of nations states while geocoding the White race by promoting all sorts of measures to reduce the fertility rate and replacing the death by massive immigration from the 3rd world  


8. Christianity:

Obama, a puppet of the JEWS, declares “We are no longer a Christian Nation” while he is promoting all anti-Christianity movements created by the Jews, homosexual marriage, abortion, anti-family, and Islamization of America by bringing hundreds of thousands of Muslims fake refugees economic immigrants and finance them to even accelerate their reproducing which is even so high in the poorest Muslim countries.


The era of Christian-hating and anti-Christian rules may be ending. Trump says he will not permit Christian bashing to continue. He says he will end the 501(c)3 scam which shuts up churches.

Goodbye Corrupt Media. “Christian faith is not the past, but the present and the future. It is the foundation of progress. And I pledge to you that if I win, we are going to end the Johnson Amendment, which takes away the voice of your pastors” ~Donald Trump, September 3, 2016


Trump most important step to revive Christianity is to repeal the “Johnson Amendment” and give power to Christianity in the American politics:

“Christians have been silenced like a child,” Trump told hundreds of faith leaders at a Pastors and Pews conference in Orlando, Florida. He says it is particularly a problem with the Obama administration.

His speech encompassed the current trials Christians have been facing in recent weeks and over the past few years in the country when it comes to freedom of speech — limitations he says have come mainly from the White House or connected to it.

His solution? Repeal the Johnson Amendment.

The 1954 legislation created by then Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson limits the free speech of pastors, essentially threatening to take away a church’s or non-profit’s tax-exempt status for endorsing or opposing a political candidate. 

Trump pledged to stand up for Christianity, as he explained in a interview:

“One of the things I learned this weekend being in Iowa, I met with a lot of national security experts and everything else, that if you’re a Christian living in Syria you can’t come into this country. Yet, if you are a Muslim living in Syria, who are not under attack, they can come in.

But we have Christians being beheaded all over the world by ISIS. In Syria and in Iraq, in particular, those Christians can’t come into this country.

You say what you want but this is really something. That’s a lack of respect for us. If you’re a Muslim, you can come into the country very easy. If you’re from Europe and you’re a Muslim, you can come in. But if you are from Europe and you’re a Christian you can’t come in…meaning it’s almost impossible.”–i-will.aspx?mobile=false 

9. Rule of Law

While the Jews like Georges Soros finance Black Lives Matter and the Hispanic terrorist organizations against the Whites, Trump demands the government actually obey the immigration laws and deport illegals. The elite care less about the law. Their goal is cheap labor. They want to end “white privilege.” Trump says, “no!” He plans to deport as many illegals as now live in the U.S. He hints he might also go on to indict the New World Order law-breakers themselves. Jews do the same in Europe, after they bring millions of Muslims and allow Saudi Arabia and Qatar to build multi-million Mosques, then allow the Muslim radicals to come up with Sharia demands, Sharia laws, and Sharia police in the streets of Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany. But ban the free expression of Christianity in public squares claiming that this is against secularism and may hurt some minorities


10. Trade:

Jews want to impoverish the western world and enrich the 3rd world.

This is their tactic in creating a world government. They equalize advanced nations with the 3rd world, so at some point in the future, all nations will be equalized and will accept a one world state, one world government and currency.

Trump calls our establishment leaders “stupid” and “incompetent.” He vows to make America great again and to shrink the trade deficit. He wants manufacturers to bring jobs and companies back to America. He is for fair trade and free trade. The big boys care less about America’s bloated trade deficit.


11. Jobs:

Jews are behind the biggest jobs theft in human history. Trump said that the trade agreements (created by the JEWS, eg: NAFTA) caused the loss of 70 000 American companies to the 3rd world.

Jobs theft is what the Jews are doing to Europe, England and America, de-industrializing these advanced nations and industrializing the 3rd world while genociding the White race by multiculturalism, which will make it impossible to the lower IQ races residing now in the Western world, to create and innovate as the White race have been doing during the last centuries when the Whites were the absolute leaders in science, arts, engineering, innovation…

Trump plans to re-employ the middle class; the companies that go overseas to make their products will be forced to pay a huge tariff, or tax. The global elite have no sympathy for the middle or working classes. I-Phones made cheaply in China, and Carrier air conditioners and Fords made in Mexico, sound just fine to these scavengers. With Trump in charge, they’ll have to pay for their lack of empathy and their greed. Trump will end the New World Order’s whack-job plans for NAFTA, the North American Union, and The Trans-Pacific Partnership.

12. Blacks and Minorities:

Jews created the Welfare system, and the Affirmative actions for the minorities in a way to help them take over the power from the White nations after they are brought by the immigration policy written by these same Jews.

The most important quote that explains the Jewish support of minorities in order to serve the Jewish interests of destroying the white majority is written by Israel Cohen in 1922, “A Racial Program for the 20th Century”:

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour to instil in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

See more at:

While serving Jewish interests, the Open Immigration Law Of 1965 was the beginning of America’s death as a unified nation. Jews were behind the law, promoting, lobbying, and “bribing” the law into existence with the fanaticism equalling the most dedicated Muslim terrorist.

Jews have continually evinced hostility toward American Christian culture in their aggressive efforts to change it. The Open Immigration Law Of 1965 is a prime example of that hostility.

Jews are a paranoid people. Wherever the Jews go they fear Anti-Semitism. (Jews have a guilt complex – and for good reason.) Jews fear a homogenous Christian culture of which they would never ascend to influential positions. Rather, in a homogenous Christian culture, Jews are looked upon, (and rightly so), as “Christ-killers.” This is why the Jews tried to get Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of Jesus Christ, removed from the silver screen.

A typical example of what characterizes the Jewish push for open immigration can be seen in the following 1948 quote by David Petegorsky, former Director of the AJCongress:

“Jewish survival can only take place within the framework of a progressive and expanding democratic society, which through its institutions and public policies gives expression to the concept of cultural pluralism.” 

Trump refuses to coddle the welfare class. He will not favor quotas and affirmative action. But he will provide equal opportunity jobs for blacks and for Mexican-Americans. The elite prefer to keep the downtrodden in crime-ridden, slave plantation, urban ghettos, on drugs, and with their hands held out pleading for bread. The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons are seeing a coming end to their race-hustling schemes. They don’t like it.

13. Climate Change:

Jews promote this hoax on their Jewish-run media and brainwash us to pay special taxes for pollution, while in fact they export our jobs to the biggest polluter of the world which is china who doesn’t have any laws that restricts the CO2 emissions or the preservation of nature. It’s been proven to be a scientific fraud. Expect a President Trump to deep-six the biggest scam in history. There are many scientific research that proves that the earth is in fact cooling and not warming, and other scientific papers that prove that CO2 levels are not related to climate change.

14. Interventionism:

Trump intends to bring the troops home and stay out of foreign wars. He’ll let Russia and Putin take out ISIS and defend Syria. No more insane wars for Israel in the Middle East. We don’t need foreign oil and will mind our own business. This is a real defeat for the Bush-era neocons and the pundit class who have never seen a foreign war they didn’t like. This alone is causing the New World Order crowd to go bananas.

15. Veterans:

Jews (Neocons) are behind the war on Iraq that Trump opposed and shown empathy to its victims the American soldiers.

The wicked cycle of bleeding young men and women in foreign conflicts, then treating them as pariahs back home may be over. Trump may close down the whole mess of VA hospitals and end the incompetency. He is a champion for veterans.

16. Entitlements:

The establishment is just aching to cut back on Social Security and Medicare. Meanwhile, they just love shoveling out billions and billions of welfare to unqualified illegal aliens. Trump has said he will not cut Social Security and Medicare. These payments are not handouts. Working men and women of America have paid in and have earned these benefits, and Trump will see that they get what they have been promised.

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  1. Mike Pence is the Zionists’ insurance policy against Drumpf. Biden served the same purpose just like LBJ did with JFK. Verdict is in; Drumpf will follow the Zionist script.

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