America doesn’t need a puppet, America needs a leader

by donald j. trump

below is a awesome email that was sent out by Trump on October 20th to all those who are signed up to receive updates on his campaign. So you don’t miss out on any other newsletters and the most up-to-date Team Trump news and announcements, sign up here 

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Friend, you heard me say it last night, Hillary Clinton is a puppet.During her whole career, one thing that stands out is she always pushes the agenda of the elite liberal donor class.trumphillaryjewpuppetquotememe

She has no principles of her own, and she has never – not even once – put your interests ahead of the Wall Street billionaires and Hollywood liberals who stuff her pockets.

America needs an independent thinker, a leader free of the corrupt insiders who use their money to rig things against you.

I have spent my whole campaign with one goal in mind, putting someone who will work for the American people back in the White House.

Friend, I’m asking you today to make a contribution of $250, $100, $75, $50 or $25 to our movement because we must fight to Make America Great Again!

After last night’s final debate, it is clear I am the qualified choice for President of the United States.

Your urgent support is critical today, because if Crooked Hillary gets in the White House she will continue doing the bidding of globalist campaign donors who do not care about the American people.

When her donors want open borders, Hillary wants open borders.
When her donors want job-killing “free” trade agreements (like TPP), Hillary helps to draft those agreements (and then pretends to oppose them on the campaign trail).Image result for infostormer trump gif

When her donors want a 500% increase in Syrian refugees, Hillary falls in line and demands that your neighborhood (but not hers) swing open your doors for un-vetted people from nations filled with terrorists.

If you look closely enough during her debates and campaign events, you might even be able to see strings coming up from Crooked Hillary’s arms!

America doesn’t need a puppet, America needs a leader.

It’s time to cut the cord!  Help me put Americans like you first with a pro-jobs, pro-borders, pro-law and order agenda in the White House.

Make one donation of $250, $100, $75, $50 or $25 to end Crooked Hillary’s disastrous puppet show in DC.

Thank you!

Donald J. Trump

note – the rotten kike writer from the la times joel stein, who in a a 2008 column bragged about his jewish tribe’s domination over america, was upset with this trump letter…hmmm….could it be because the “elite liberal donor class” trump is referring to is in actuality stein’s filthy jewish tribe ? me thinks so ! keep outing yourself kikes…you’re only waking up more goyim. you can tweet this diseased organism at @thejoelstein


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