This Time (((We))) Really Mean It: Donald J. Trump is Literally Hitler™

report from Atlantic Centurion


I’ve covered a number of Trump speeches (1, 2, 3, 4), but this was undoubtedly the most radical. Watch it. The speech is being reported as his “response” to sexual assault allegations, but it is so much more than that. Trump’s West Palm Beach speech mixes his own brand of civic nationalism with the A-B tested and winning rhetoric of his new ally, UKIP’s Nigel Farage, who led the anti-EU Brexit campaign and has spoken at Trump rallies. If it weren’t for the DR3ing at the end, it would be a national socialist speech, and I mean that unironically. Yet somehow Trump manages to channel Goebbels and “Detroit Republicanism” all at the same time. The absolute madman.

I’m going to just bloc quote the most important pieces from the transcript here, because it’s almost unprecedented in its militancy and vitriol for the luegenpresse and the brahmins:

This election will determine whether we are a free nation or whether we have only the illusion of democracy, but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system, and our system is rigged. This is reality, you know it, they know it, I know it, and pretty much the whole world knows it. The establishment and their media enablers will control over this nation through means that are very well known. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed.

They will attack you, they will slander you, they will seek to destroy your career and your family, they will seek to destroy everything about you, including your reputation. They will lie, lie, lie, and then again they will do worse than that, they will do whatever is necessary. The Clintons are criminals, remember that. They’re criminals.

This man is 88% woke.

Here, have more:


I’ve seen first hand the corruption and the sickness that has taken over our politics. You’ve seen it and I’ve seen it and we’re all watching together.

They knew they would throw every lie they could at me and my family and my loved ones. They knew they would stop at nothing to try to stop me. But I never knew, as bad as it would be, I never knew it would be this vile, that it would be this bad, that it would be this vicious.

Nevertheless, I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you. I take them for our movement so that we can have our country back.


Our great civilization, here in America and across the civilized world has come upon a moment of reckoning. We’ve seen it in the United Kingdom, where they voted to liberate themselves from global government and global trade deal, and global immigration deals that have destroyed their sovereignty and have destroyed many of those nations. But, the central base of world political power is right here in America, and it is our corrupt political establishment that is the greatest power behind the efforts at radical globalization and the disenfranchisement of working people. Their financial resources are virtually unlimited, their political resources are unlimited, their media resources are unmatched, and most importantly, the depths of their immorality is absolutely unlimited.

Can you picture the shvitzing that must be going on in some circles right now? I can, and it’s glorious. There is nothing more dangerous to world Skypery than a nationalist US-UK Axis. Maybe add France for good measure.

Even more:


This is our moment of reckoning as a society and as a civilization itself. I didn’t need to do this, folks, believe me — believe me. I built a great company, and I had a wonderful life. I could have enjoyed the fruits and benefits of years of successful business deals and businesses for myself and my family. Instead of going through this absolute horror show of lies, deceptions, malicious attacks — who would have thought? I’m doing it because this country has given me so much, and I feel so strongly that it’s my turn to give back to the country that I love.

Many of my friends and many political experts warned me that this campaign would be a journey to hell. Said that. But they’re wrong. It will be a journey to heaven, because we will help so many people that are so desperately in need of help.


In my former life I was in insider, as much as anybody else. And I knew what it’s like, and I still know what it’s like to be an insider. It’s not bad, it’s not bad. Now I’m being punished for leaving the special club and revealing to you the terrible things that are going on having to do with our country. Because I used to be part of the club, I’m the only one that can fix it. I’m doing this for the people and for the movement, and we will take back this country for you and we will make America great again.

The corrupt establishment knows that we are a great threat to their criminal enterprise. They know that if we win their power is gone, and it’s returned to you, the people, will be. The dark clouds hanging over our government can be lifted and replaced with a bright future. But, it all depends on whether we let the corrupt media decide our future, or whether we let the American people decide our future.


We’re hitting levels of Lightning and Sun that shouldn’t even be possible.

The speech ends on a thunderous note:

This election is about every man, woman and child in our country who deserves to live in safety, prosperity and peace, so true. We will rise above the lies, the smears, the ludicrous slanders from ludicrous and very, very dishonest reporters.

We will vote for the country we want; we will vote for the future we want; we will vote for the politics we want; and we will vote to put this corrupt government cartel out of business and out of business immediately.

We will vote for the special interests and say lots of luck but, you’re being voted out of power. They’ve betrayed our workers, they’ve betrayed our borders and, most of all, they’ve betrayed our freedoms. We will save our sovereign rights as a nation. We will end the politics of profit; we will end the rule of special interests; we will end the raiding of our jobs by other countries; we will end the total disenfranchisement of the American voter and the American worker. Our Independence Day is at hand, and it arrives finally on November 8th.

Join me in taking back our country and creating a bright, glorious, and prosperous new future for our people. We will make America great again, and it will happen quickly.memecenter_1476513044295_608

This is it. We’ve known since Trump’s performance in the second debate that he was going for the nuclear option. He doesn’t view the Clintons or the media or the establishment as sparring partners, but enemies of civilization. Moreover, he’s built upon his previous messianic rhetoric and combined it with UKIP-style populism, which has a proven electoral track record.

Trump has dialed his aggression to 11. Perhaps he really is become Death, the destroyer of worlds. The shitlib kvetching about Trump’s dangerous rhetoric and war has finally been memed into reality. I believe there is finally a grain of truth to that narrative. And I don’t mean war with Russia, I mean war here. Listen to his narrative and then imagine how his millions of supporters, entire regions of the country, will feel if he loses.

Don’t write it off as implausible. Maybe it’s time for another Bronze Age Collapse. No civilization is eternal, but the destruction layer will be remembered for millennia. The ancients had hubris; certainly the digitals do.

Remember, most people in power right now are fratricidal lunatics. The hills they pick to die on are not rational. Or rather, they rationalize them based on an irrational ideology rooted in false consciousness. Same difference really.

Risking global human annihilation to save Aleppo is unhinged, irrational behavior. Just one example of completely unjustifiable priorities. Mass migration is another one. So is White Genocide.

Trump is combining NS narratives about international financial capitalism with the modern language of Nigel Farage and UKIP. Farage has winning rhetoric. He delivered Brexit, and beat the odds. It was an international upset. The (((usual suspects))) were livid.

The stuff Trump is saying must be setting off alarms. He is a bull in a judaica shop.And I would not be surprised if he knows a lot more than he lets on. I think we are a lot closer to getting a nationalist deep state than I originally imagined. Trump won’t go this hard to win and then roll the dice on democracy in 4-8 years. Not going to happen, folks.

“This is a struggle for the survival of our nation. And this will be our last chance to save it on, on November 8th, remember that.”

Trump cannot walk back his anti-globalism. This is him going nuclear on the enemy, which he has named in all but (((ethnicity))). We are going to have to get very tough and very smart folks. Believe me. Casting a vote for Trump is now a vote for a political revolution. This isn’t a friendly joust any more. He’s setting the stage for himself to be the leader of the resistance if he loses. Trump doesn’t go away in November. His base doesn’t go away in November. At least 40% of the electorate will have cast their ballot for him.

If he wins, the leftist chimping will be the precursor for crackdowns and possibly state of emergencies.

Trump doesn’t view the Clintons or the media or the establishment as sparring partners, but enemies of civilization. The stakes haven’t been this high since 1860.

Pay attention to the Jewish press the next couple of days. Or just ordinary news really. These people will come out of the woodwork to tell us that this time, this time they really mean it, they really really mean, that Donald J. Trump is Literally Hitler.

And how do (((we))) know?

Well he said a lot of bad things about globalism, the media, the banks, and lobbyists; and those are all very J—



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